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RiskIQ: World Leader in attack surface management

RiskIQ: World Leader in attack surface management

The threat landscape on the cyber medium is rife with ransomware, phishing, and malware to rogue mobile apps, and malvertising. All of these threats place an enormous burden on information security of organizations all over the world. RiskIQ based out of San Francisco, California addresses the questions posed by the threats.

Founded by the brilliant trio of founders – Elias Manousos, Chris Kiernan and David Pon – in 2009, RiskIQ helps hundreds of brands and security enterprises and over 40,000 security analysts around the world by tackling the digital threat challenges.

It is believed that over 75% of the attacks today originate outside the perimeter of the firewall. So how do you protect yourself in such a scenario? RiskIQ has the answer. RiskIQ’s solutions allow enterprises a unified insight and control which limits the web, social media, and mobile exposures. These solutions have been seen to help professionals mitigate the risk by a great margin.

To make this happen, the company scans a mammoth 730 billion plus web pages each year in addition to over ten years of time-based data. The company also leverages its advanced data reconnaissance to provide mobile app telemetry of over 300 million mobile devices, 16 million mobile apps and 150 global app stores.

Backed by Summit Partners, Georgian Partners, Battery Ventures, and MassMutual Ventures, RiskIQ is one of the world’s premier security institutions. RiskIQ also partners with the likes of Google, Microsoft, Cloudflare, Accenture, McAfee, Raytheon, Rapid7, Slack, and many more to deliver the best security service in the world.

RiskIQ helps Facebook detect and block threats planted in third-party ads that violate our policies and can put people at risk. The additional insight they provide helps us protect the integrity of our global network and create a trusted environment for the people on our platform.”- Jennifer Henley, Director of Security Operations, Facebook

The company’s customer portfolio has 17 of the largest banks in North America, 8 of the 15 global brands (including Facebook!), 3 of the 10 largest global insurers, and 3 of the 15 largest U.S. retailers. And the customers keep coming.

Meet the extraordinary leader

Elias Manousos, CEO and Founder

Mr. Manousos has been in the security industry for more than 15 years. He is a widely recognized expert in Internet security and fraud prevention who has been delivering enterprise protection technologies for more than 15 years. Prior to RiskIQ, he was VP of R&D at Securant Technologies. He played an important role in creating technologies for single sign-on (SSO) security at Securant.

He is also the co-chair of the Online Trust Alliance (OTA) Anti-Malvertising Working Group.

Standard Bank Case Study

Going by assets, Standard Bank is the largest bank in Africa. Its full range of banking and financial services is provided to 20 countries in the continent of Africa. But the bank has been undergoing a transformation as it has increased its online presence across the web, mobile, and social channels. But the 150 years old financial institution struggled to bring all its assets under the scope of their security program. For instance, the team in-charge of security was not able to get an insight into the legitimate mobile applications published in the primary app stores. Some of these apps could have been copied and distributed in app stores after being modified to behave in a malicious way. This could have impacted Standard Bank’s and customer brand on the long run.

The threat landscape is simply enormous. So the bank turned to RiskIQ for help. The company chose RiskIQ as the digital threat management partner to automate the discovery and threat analysis of the bank’s full digital presence. The bank leveraged the power of both RiskIQ Digital FootprintTM and RiskIQ External ThreatsTM solutions.

Standard Bank saw the results as soon as the solutions by RiskIQ were implemented. The bank gained central visibility of all its digital assets and could monitor suspicious domains. On top of this, the bank’s digital presence got enhanced with automatic discovery and analysis of new and changed online assets.

The intelligence provided by RiskIQ has enabled visibility and collaboration between our central and decentralized teams to continually improve our security posture and protect the bank and our customers from cyber threats.” - Robin Barnwell, Head: PBB IT Security, Standard Bank

The Trophy Cabinet

-RiskIQ was the Silver Winner for Best Cybersecurity Startup 2019 at the Cybersecurity Excellence Awards

- Gold Winner for Best IT Company of the Year (Services) 2018 at IT World Awards

- Overall Web Security Solution Provider of the Year 2018 at Cyber Defense Magazine

- Gold Winner for Social Media Security 2018 at Cybersecurity Excellence Awards

- Gold Winner for Threat Hunting, 2018 at Cybersecurity Excellence Awards

“RiskIQ empowers CISOs to continuously visualize and defend their ever-changing attack surface. Proactively protect your company, brand, people, and data.”

“Our proprietary intelligence-collection network monitors all digital channels – open, deep and dark web, mobile and social.”

“RiskIQ data powers fellow industry leaders to provide the widest breadth of digital risk management.”

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