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Rittenhouse: Your Partner for Smarter, Safer, Connected Buildings

Rittenhouse: Your Partner for Smarter, Safer, Connected Buildings

Rittenhouse Communications Group (RCG) provides their clients with comprehensive solutions for integrated PropTech hardware and software through their discovery, design and deploy process. From the initial discovery session to the design, proposal, and implementation, approach is efficient and ensures the client’s needs are met. For the technology needs of today’s connected buildings, RCG truly is a one-stop shop. They provide their clients with low voltage cabling and infrastructure, network build-out, and all IP endpoints, such as access control, IP cameras, Wi-Fi, and audio/visual.

Sean Edwards, President, will walk us through the journey of RCG

Q, How did you get your idea or concept for the business?

After a decade in the unified communications industry Sean Edwards saw an opportunity to streamline technology solutions to the multi-family and hospitality verticals by becoming a one stop shop for design, installation, and support of all connected building systems, “Parts and smarts for sticks and bricks.”

Over a decade later, Rittenhouse Communications Group, a certified MBE is executing exemplary prop tech solutions for high profile multifamily, commercial and hospitality projects nationally. “I saw a need to unify the multiple platforms being deployed within these new developments so I built a team of subject matter experts that could make the systems work together, not against each other,” says Edwards.

“It’s all about making buildings future ready. The team at Rittenhouse collaborates with the leading international hardware manufacturers and software developers to curate Integrated solutions for our clients,” he continues. RCG partners with the leaders in access control, IP surveillance and IoT for

best-in-class results. Discovery, design, and installation is a bespoke process for each project and the company is ever evolving to exceed client needs. Rittenhouse has become the one-stop-shop for all things technology making your building “Safer, smarter, connected.” The trademark tagline came about after distilling the three most sought after solutions from developers and property owners.

Q, What could possibly be the characteristics of a successful company?

First and foremost, listening to the client’s needs and reverse engineering a solution. Too many companies try to fit a square peg in a round hole and it is not in the best interest of the client. Second is understating how the client’s business operations and ensuring that the installed solution meets that need after installation and grows with their ever-changing needs.

Q, How are you driven by both innovations in technology and effective brand strategy?

My team and I are technologists, we use the technology that we deploy day in and day out, and we are the end users that we design systems for!

Q, How is Rittenhouse unique in every way?

Our goal is not to do everything for everyone. We stick to the vertices that we specialize in.  You don’t go to an automotive mechanic to fix your yacht. That is how we look at our clients’ assets versus other client’s needs. We do not design an apartment building with the technology for a hospital.

Q, What is the strength of the company and how did you utilize it for the best?

Our strength is in our people. We have no salespeople, only engineers, project managers, account managers and technicians. As we continue to grow and adapt to the needs and desires of the multifamily and hospitality industries, our clients come to us for new solutions and the trusted partnership. It’s a value we bring to every new business relationship as there needs to be trust throughout the process of implementing new technologies.

Q, How consistent are you in creating innovative and competitive products of the highest quality?

Sean Edwards and the Team at Rittenhouse Communications Group pride themselves on being industry leaders in PropTech by listening to needs and challenges that our clients face and constantly adapting and growing our product line to meet said needs. “All of the hardware and software that we deploy at client sites we have deployed at our innovation center and the team lives and breathes it daily,” says Edwards.

Q, What makes Rittenhouse different from the crowd?

What makes us different is that we are only focused on designing smarter, safer, and connected multi-family assets. There are companies much larger and well suited to working with other verticals. We are the subject matter experts in multi-family PropTech.

Short bio of Sean Edwards

Sean Edwards and the team at Rittenhouse Communications Group design custom solutions for their clients in multi-family and hospitality verticals. The company has grown into a design build integrator over the past decade serving the mid-Atlantic and national clients. RCG is also a registered MBE!

“RCG designs, deploys and supports hardware and software to ensure that your building is Safer, Smarter and Connected now and into the future.”

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