Alexa RKL eSolutions – Providing Business Software and Networking Solutions for Businesses across the US
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December Edition 2021

RKL eSolutions – Providing Business Software and Networking Solutions for Businesses across the US

RKL eSolutions – Providing Business Software and Networking Solutions for Businesses across the US

Networking solutions are now the requirement of nearly every home or businesses that have set up a network system. Network technology has connected nearly the entire world together by using networking devices. People are shifting over to networking solutions in their home or business for different purposes; they are using it for sharing of various resources such as communication, data storage, computer networking, Software, connecting a printer or other hardware devices on network and internet connections. Networking solution providers take the benefit of the doubt and provide businesses with professional and reliable solutions to setup networking systems with proper documentation and design which will be scalable for changes in the future and will save costs on using extra equipment’s. They will provide the best services and a cutting edge solution to your business and ensure your network will perform at its peak without any issues and will provide you services that your network also remains secure against internal and external threats as the network are susceptible to various attacks which might impose a threat to your personal data.

RKL eSolutions is one such company that provides business software and IT/Networking solutions for its clients. The company represents a portfolio of Sage software solutions including Sage ERP Support services for Sage 100, Sage 500, Sage X3, Sage Intacct, and complimentary products like Sage CRM, Sage Fixed Assets, Intelligence & Reporting tools, and Sage Inventory Advisor.  As a leading provider for Sage, the company completes annual certifications to maintain its status and ability to sell, implement, and support Sage solutions locally. Its team has a deep understanding of many different systems and architectures to implement a comprehensive solution, not just a product. Technology expertise includes: Microsoft solutions, Virtualization, CISCO products, SANs, and Backup Solutions.

Industry-Leading Sage Networking Solutions and Products Offered

Sage Intacct: It is the first and last cloud financial solution your business will ever need. Recognized as the number one cloud accounting software based on customer satisfaction, Sage Intacct accounting software delivers incredible value and deep functionality that automates complex processes and delivers rich financial and operational insights to help companies grow. Intacct also offers an easy path to extend your cloud ERP solution by seamlessly connecting with other best-in-class applications that businesses rely on like SalesForce, ADP, and so many others. Sage Intacct is a true, multi-tenant cloud application that guarantees 99.8 percent uptime.  Not only do you get top-notch security with total financial control, you also eliminate IT hassles. Sage Intacct deploys new features and enhancements four times per year, keeping you up to date with the complex, changing world of finance. You get seamless, rapid fire innovation without the headache of managing software upgrades and server maintenance.

Sage X3: It is ideal for mid-sized companies – particularly manufacturers and distributors – that want big business ERP functionality without all the cost and complexity. This wildly-popular ERP system manages Sales, Finance, Inventory, Purchasing, CRM and Manufacturing in one integrated ERP software solution. Sage X3's pricing depends on a number of business and service requirements. If you're interested in learning to see whether a comprehensive ERP solution like Sage X3 would be a good fit for your company, contact us using the form on the right. age X3 offers a wide range of standard features included in the initial price point that are hard to find in competitive products, making it one of the most cost-effective ERP solutions on the market. Your business is fluid and ever-changing, so Sage X3 is designed to support both your current and future needs.  You simply start with the features you need today, then scale up and “turn on” new features and leverage the open architecture to easily reconfigure process flows as your needs change. Because Sage X3 is web-native, you get the exact same system whether you access it locally (client/server) or over the web – something few other ERP systems can offer. With an open design and top-notch technology, Sage X3 works equally well with Oracle and Microsoft SQL databases and Windows, Unix, or Linux operating systems – providing you with technological “freedom of choice.”

Sage CRM: CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. It’s a way of managing interactions with prospects, leads and customers as they move through your sales cycle. CRM software helps you improve customer relationships with tools to manage all communications across sales, marketing, and customer service.  It's fully integrated with other Sage Software solutions.  Sage CRM is top-rated CRM software that’s used by successful, growing companies looking to organize customer data, improve relationships, take control of the sales cycle, and close more deals. Sage CRM provides the tools to organize and manage your sales process so you can focus on the most profitable and winnable deals. It also helps you automate key parts of the sale process so you can more quickly move from lead to close.

Sage 500 ERP: Sage 500 ERP (formerly “MAS 500”) is an integrated suite of robust business modules that work in synergy to help you maximize operational efficiency and increase productivity and profitability across every aspect of your enterprise. The scalable modules of Sage 500 ERP feature advanced capabilities that address many of the daily operational challenges you face, while providing the big picture management insights you need to secure your company’s successful future. Streamlined automation, exceptional functionality, extensive customization capabilities, and easy integration with popular desktop productivity tools and the Internet are just a few of its strengths. Now you can leverage the power of one software company to meet all your software needs. Plus you have the added convenience and peace of mind that comes with knowing you can count on the superior quality, reliability, and award-winning customer support services of Sage.

Sage HRMS: On average, over half of your HR team’s time is spent on processing data and answering questions; from resumes to employee information, benefits questions and more, your team is swamped with day-to-day logistics, leaving less time to focus strategic initiatives. With Sage HRMS, you’ll be able to manage and automate the entire employee lifecycle in one centralized system, freeing your team to focus on finding and hiring the right people to drive your company’s growth.  Sage HRMS is fully customizable with modules that allow you to tailor the system to best suit your needs and human resource goals. Having Sage HRMS at the center of your HR is all about efficiency. It becomes the “single-point-of-truth,” keeping your employee data in one place, accessible and easily pulled to populate form fields, update third-party entities with real-time information, and provides information for valuable reports. From recruiting and onboarding to payroll and benefits, from employee self-service to time and attendance, Sage HRMS integrates HR processes from beginning to end.

Sage Fixed Assets: For many companies, their largest capital investment is in fixed assets like property, plant, and equipment. With complex tax rules, changing compliance requirements and assets coming in and out of service all the time, managing these assets manually can cause a real strain on your business, resulting in inaccurate depreciation expense entries and unnecessary tax over-payments. Sage Fixed Assets automates every step of the fixed asset lifecycle – from acquisition to disposal. Not only does it save time and improve accuracy, Sage Fixed Assets also keeps you compliant with industry regulations and can help you recover from a disaster. For more than 25 years, Sage Software and Sage Fixed Assets has been a leader in providing quality fixed asset accounting solutions. Easy to install, customize, and use, this comprehensive fixed asset management software is perfectly suited for businesses and organizations of any size.

The Formidable Leader

Joe Noll serves as the President of RKL eSolutions LLC.

“We leverage our relationship to deliver a wide range of Business Consulting Services including SALT, Risk Management, Small Business Consulting, and more for our customers.”

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