Alexa Saba: Transforming Talent and Improving the Employee Experience
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Saba: Transforming Talent and Improving the Employee Experience

Saba: Transforming Talent and Improving the Employee Experience

Did you know that an average person spends nearly 100,000 hours of his life working? Having the right people or the right talent to work for you could improve your business value a lot. The right talent management platform, with its strategic human resource planning and active engagement, will certainly take you a step closer to achieving your organization’s business goals.

Here comes Saba, a talent development company that’s set on a mission to help clients create a work experience for their employees that’s more engaging, inspiring and empowering. Saba is set out to create an experience that can transform the work-life of millions. The ultimate result is creating more growth and success for every business. “With Saba, you have the power of 1,400 talent experts in your corner, solely focused on living that mission, and helping HR leaders transform their people strategy and talent experience, while delivering tangible impact to the business,” explains the CEO of Saba, Phil Saunders.

With more than 4,000 global customers, 1,400 employees, and 33 million users, Saba comes along with more than twenty years of experience. If you’re wondering the meaning of Saba, it means knowing.  And Saba knows best on how to put people first by helping companies optimize their learning and talent management systems.

Strategy that aligns with goals

Saba offers “talent management solutions built on strategy, aligned to goals and designed to put people and teams in the driver's seat of their own experience,” explains Phil. With an ongoing, interactive mobile experience from Saba, organizations can transform performance management into growth coaching. Saba offers real-time performance interactions. This includes check-ins, career development, peer assessments, feedback, milestone tracking, and goal setting.

As a company grows, its employees also grow along with it. This learning experience is made into a rewarding one with Saba. Client organizations can deliver a user-centric and high-impact learning experience for their employees. Personalized, measurable, scalable, social collaboration, content curation, continuous and self-directed learning are delivered solutions by Saba. With Saba, you can certainly go beyond the industry standard for modern, personalized and measurable employee training, compliance and certification.

By using the Saba platform, you can create the catalyst for exceptional employee engagement. The Saba Pulse platform can be accessed anytime for interaction and you can collect and analyze employee sentiment and program feedback in real-time, any time. “You'll get actionable data and insights into organizational engagement, performance, and development,” he says.

A career that transforms

The employees of Saba are dedicated to transforming the way people work. Saba is leading the way as a solid example, and that’s why companies trust Saba to help them take care of their people. Commitment to customers is the prime agenda of the company and every employee at Saba follow it faithfully. “An ongoing approach to feedback, coaching and recognition, an opportunity to connect meaningful personal goals to our company goals, a focus on team achievement and a collaborative, continuous learning experience that helps you grow in your current role and in your career,” Phil says.

While growing with the company is guaranteed, Saba also offers comprehensive healthcare benefits, excellent vacation program, and a ton of extra employee perks to deliver a competitive total rewards package that builds on an exceptional employee experience.

What the People love about Saba                                                                                                                                          

  • Living well: For Saba, team achievement, work-life balance, wellness, and total rewards are important
  • Loving what they do: “We learn and grow together, and we are committed to deliver an exceptional experience to our customers,” says the CEO
  • Working with Passion: Team interactions, community commitment, and culture are synonymous to having fun and making a difference in everything that they do for the people at Saba
  • Appreciation and Recognition: Big and small successes are celebrated along the way here

The Mastermind of Saba

Phil Saunders is CEO of Saba and serves on the Board of Directors. A passionate people and customer-focused leader, Phil is responsible for guiding Saba's vision and strategy across all products and go-to-market functions, business operations, and talent and culture initiatives. Phil joined Saba in 2015, after 20-year tenure at Gemalto (previously SafeNet), where he served in key sales and marketing leadership roles before rising to Chief Revenue Officer and board member. He has been instrumental in Saba's growth and position as a talent management leader. Phil served as president and a key member of the Saba executive team and board of directors, prior to being appointed to succeed Pervez Qureshi as CEO, following his retirement. Phil holds a Bachelor of Science in Business from the State University of New York at Albany and a Master of Business Administration from the Seton Hall University W. Paul Stillman School of Business.

“Our culture, team interactions, and community commitment mean we have fun while making a difference in everything we do.”
“A career at Saba is dedicated to transforming the way people work, and companies trust Saba to help them take care of their people because we lead by example.”
“Saba means knowing.”

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