Alexa SailPoint – Delivering an innovative approach to secure access across the enterprise with the its predictive identity platform
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SailPoint – Delivering an innovative approach to secure access across the enterprise with the its predictive identity platform

SailPoint – Delivering an innovative approach to secure access across the enterprise with the its predictive identity platform

Many organizations are faced with the challenge of providing their employees with the right level of access to the right resources at the right time. Workforces have evolved to a mobile first strategy, and supporting user access from numerous locations and devices can introduce new sets of risks if not managed appropriately. Today, organizations need to adopt governance practices and solutions to help manage these risks and address operational inefficiencies. This demand can be met by properly implementing an effective Identity and access management (IAM) systems. They add an extra layer of security over your business’s network. Managers in the company can control which groups of employees have access to which applications. IAM systems are as straightforward or complex as you want them to be with customization options for revealing certain files, documents, records and more.

SailPoint is one such firm which is the leader in identity management, securing access across the enterprise with the SailPoint Predictive Identity platform. With it, enterprises can ensure that everyone and everything has the exact access they need, exactly when they need it, intuitively and automatically. Powered by patented Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) technologies, the company’s Predictive IdentityTM platform is designed to securely accelerate the business while delivering adaptive security, continuous compliance and improved business efficiency. As an identity pioneer and market leader serving some of the world’s most prominent global companies, SailPoint consistently pushes the industry to rethink identity to the benefit of their customers’ dynamic business needs.

Industry-Leading services offered by SailPoint

SailPoint Predictive Identity™: As you digitize, move to the cloud and adopt new technologies, managing user access gets much harder. Manual processes are limiting and error-prone. SailPoint Predictive Identity tackles those challenges head on by combining IdentityNow with patented AI capabilities and cloud governance to enhance and accelerate identity related decisions and tasks, like identifying risk and analyzing security issues. The platform isn’t just about control, it’s about enablement, management, optimization, and integration of software and computer systems. With patented AI and machine learning, there’s no reason to call the helpdesk. Your workers automatically get the right access, when they need it and you can always be sure it’s safe and complies with policy.

Cloud Governance: Building your business on a cloud infrastructure like AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud Platform has enormous benefits. But without the right visibility and control, your organization could quickly become vulnerable to risk. SailPoint Cloud Governance discovers and protects all your cloud platforms and resources. Using AI and machine learning, it automatically learns monitors and secures access without slowing down your business. It gives you a comprehensive view of access to all resources across your multi-cloud infrastructure. From a single dashboard, its AI insights help you make faster, more informed access decisions, detect potential risks and easily enforce access policies for all users.

Password Management: It is the key to effective security. But with password reset helpdesk calls averaging $20 to $60 each, they add a lot of operational expense. SailPoint password management gives your users an easy, intuitive way to change or reset passwords themselves while enforcing strong password policies across all applications and systems. With password reset self-service, you’ll eliminate user frustration from being locked out of accounts. As a SaaS service, SailPoint password management is continuously improving and doesn’t require any patching or upgrading.

Automated Provisioning: Change is the only constant within your organization. That’s why it’s so important to quickly enable your workforce with the tools and applications they need, wherever they may be. With SailPoint, provisioning user access is easy and secure. It helps you avoid excess permissions by automatically adjusting and removing user access as change happens, helping reduce risk while improving your compliance and productivity. Detailed audit-trails demonstrate how access was handled, even during times of change. It eliminates typos with automated provisioning based on compliance and security policies.

The ardent visionary behind the success of SailPoint

Mark McClain is the Co-Founder and serves as the Chief Executive Officer of SailPoint. He brings almost 35 years of experience in technology, with over 20 years as a founder and leader of innovative identity management companies. Under his direction, the company has grown into a publicly recognized leader in its market. Mr. Mark directs and drives the overall vision and strategy for SailPoint, which is underpinned by his commitment and passion for building top-performing teams, creating a collaborative and innovative work environment, and focusing continuously on the needs of customers. Prior to SailPoint, he co-founded Waveset Technologies, which was ultimately acquired by Sun Microsystems. Mark’s career also includes diverse experience in international sales and marketing with Hewlett-Packard and IBM/Tivoli Systems.

“We like to rethink technology. We are identity pioneers who thrive on taking on new challenges that seem daunting to others.”

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