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Saviant: Your Digital Transformation Partner for Industry Leaders

Saviant: Your Digital Transformation Partner for Industry Leaders

Cloud computing has radically changed how business processes take place. The opportunity to take computing, IT, and software ‘anytime, anywhere’ is certainly transforming business operations. And Microsoft Azure is one of the top-notch cloud services available today and there are many companies aiding clients for a seamless operational transfer.

We bring to you Saviant. A company excelling in Industrial Automation and partners with enterprises that are asset-intensive and field-force heavy. Greenfield solutions from Saviant are a source of intelligent actions that also speed up business outcomes. Saviant is a leading force for enterprises defining their digital transformation roadmap. Many clients across the world prefer Saviant as their data analytics and intelligent solutions partner. The clients range from industries primarily in energy, utilities, logistics, and construction.

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Saviant drives its strategic initiatives around Data Analytics, IoT, Cloud, and Mobility and clients trust Saviant as their technology advisors and implementation partners. The expert team works with various companies across the globe to enable intelligent action and boost business outcomes. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, Saviant delivers solutions for cloud platforms, data platforms, data analytics, application development, and is also a Xamarin Premier Consulting Partner.

Saviant comprises of creative nerds, number crunchers, passionate techies, and motivators who work together to bring out awesome results for clients. Describing the company, the website states: “At Saviant, we work hard, we laugh a lot, we brainstorm to the core, and make the best real-world solutions for our customers worldwide.” This diverse and dynamic work environment encourages every employee and also empowers to take risks. Everyone is an important contributor here. People are pushed to take ownership to grow both professionally and personally.

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Founded- 2012 was the inception point of Saviant. Since then, the company has had 6 successful years as a technology advisor and consulting firm

Customers- Saviant customers range from startups, government, fortune enterprises, and SMBs

Technology Expertise- Saviant is an expert when it comes to IoT, Analytics, Mobility, Cloud, and AI &ML

Industry Focus- Saviant channels its focus on industries like energy & utility, transport & logistics, field mobility & retail

Global Reach- Saviant has a global presence across US, UK, Australia, the Middle East, Canada, Europe, and India


“I am proud to be associated with Saviant. My job allows me to work with diverse people, both locally and globally. I never feel complacent or bored with my role in this organization.”

- Bhushan, Technical Project Manager

“That feeling of joining the company in Goa!! Saviant is always looking for innovative solutions to work on, having lunch together as a family, finding happiness by doing small things, bringing turnkey results for clients, Flexibility in work timings and amazing people to work with!”

- Bipin, Sr. Business Development Executive Intelligent Solutions

Saviant Solutions

Microsoft Azure Consulting Partner

Saviant is building enterprise-grade custom Azure solutions for your business. Real-time asset monitoring, asset data analytics, and predictive asset maintenance are the biggest priorities today. The Azure consultants at Saviant are helping enterprises channel their focus by leveraging Microsoft Azure PaaS, IoT, Analytics, and Mobility.

Data Analytics Consulting and Solutions

Saviant is the preferred data and analytics consulting partner achieved through helping clients by building an advanced analytics engine. By using cloud platform tools, Saviant brings data to life. The data platform and advanced analytics expertise stores and manages data. This enables enterprises to innovate, compete, and also create customer satisfaction.

IoT Consulting and Development

The company is enabling real-time visibility and smart insights for business organizations. When you sign up with the IoT experts of Saviant, your implementation strategy and application roadmap is built. You can connect assets and establish real-time communication with the cloud. You can prevent failures and also predict what the future looks like- a real winner!

Enterprise Mobility

Saviant is a trusted Xamarine Consulting Partner to build enterprise mobility solutions. Working with Saviant means you get highly scalable cross-platform mobile applications that’ll accelerate your business growth. In today’s fast-paced world, the need for anytime, anywhere is satiated by Saviant.

Cloud Adoption and Migration

You can modernize and migrate your legacy and on-premises applications to Azure Cloud. Enterprises with Azure Migration strategy and IaaS services find an easy and smooth transition of their business to Azure with Saviant. Resource migration, fault-tolerant, capacity estimation, recovery and redundancy planning, security, and services management are the expert areas that Saviant delivers in. The end result is that your business undergoes a complete transformation topped with absolute security.

Meet the Leader

Anubhav Dwivedi, CEO and Founder

Anubhav is passionate about building Connected Enterprises, and helping them grow faster using modern technologies. He is a seasoned Technology Advisor for growth-hungry Enterprises, helping them exploit the power of Internet-of-Things, Big data Analytics, Enterprise Mobility, and Cloud.

He is known for his acumen of harnessing technology to achieve rapid and transformational business results. He has led his teams to successfully deliver several Technology Strategy and Product consulting engagements with some of the world's largest Enterprises in the field of Energy, Utilities, Logistics, Construction, and Manufacturing.

“Saviant is the Industrial Automation partner for Enterprises that are asset-intensive and field-force heavy.”

“Our teams build greenfield solutions that enable intelligent actions and accelerated business outcomes; for such enterprises by defining their digital transformation roadmap.”

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