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While there are various diseases of concern, Heart Disease and Cancer have been the deadliest and commonly known disease for humanity. Life Imaging is a health screening service that takes the guesswork out of preventative care. The company aims to educate and provide early and affordable preventative screening to people to save them from the two deadliest life-threatening diseases. We interviewed J. Thomas Graham, the Founder, and CEO of Life Imaging Fla, to know more about this vision and the services offered by the innovative company. Here are a few excerpts of the interview:

Q. What is the greatest innovation in the history of Life Imaging?

Our biggest innovation was developing a way to provide and educate people to make them aware they can even get a preventative scan easily. Modern Medicine is reactive, which can be devastating in many cases and can be the last option. We are proactive in our approach. Unfortunately, insurance does not cover this type of screening, so people don’t know it is even possible. We provide affordable Early Detection of Heart Disease and Cancer, the two deadliest diseases known to mankind. We have a unique marketing platform that allows us to bring it to the masses, bring in all cash-paying customers, and bring this affordable life-saving screening to everyone, not just the wealthy. We help to keep people ahead of the two deadliest diseases on the planet Heart Disease and Cancer. People no longer have to suffer. They can find answers before it is too late.

Q. Do you prefer to collaborate on new ideas, or do your best ideas come from deep thinking

My best ideas come from deep thought and due diligence. I have started and built several companies from scratch over the last 20 years. This company is one I am most excited about as we are saving lives on a weekly basis. It is truly amazing, and we are totally unique and proprietary in our business model using this state of art low-dose CT Scanning technology in a preventative manner. No one does what we do.

Q. How do you balance the need to come up with something creative with the need to create something functional (useful)?

It comes fairly easy with me due to all the business experience I have, starting from nothing to building multimillion-dollar companies over the years. Although I must say, this has the immense potential I have ever seen. It is truly amazing to be able to save lives in this manner, and regularly, it is truly a blessing. 

Q. What’s the best decision Life Imaging has made? 

Our best decision was to develop this business to make it affordable to everyone to the masses and provide the knowledge and education that people can actually utilize and afford this life-saving screening.

Q. How do you stay informed with current healthcare advancements?

We are dialed into the medical community here locally and around the world. In addition, we have a network of doctors and research that keeps us informed.

Q. Tell us about your experience with a patient who required a lot of your time. How did you take care of this patient and still provided your other patients with adequate care?

We provide the best customer service and the best product for our purpose. We work closely with our patient’s needs and their primary physicians to accommodate anything needed from Life Imaging Fla, post scanning

Q. Explain about Life Imaging Fla being one of the best preventive care centers in South Florida.

We are the only full-time dedicated preventative screening facility in all of South Florida and most likely in the whole state of Florida and, for that matter the whole US using this state-of-the-art technology the way we do. Early detection absolutely saves lives when it comes to Heart Disease and Cancer.

Enlighten some facts about heart disease.

Heart disease is the number one killer around the world. Heart disease kills more people than all cancers combined. It kills one out of three people in the US and around the world. The irony is that this is a preventable disease.

Q. How proud are you for developing one of the world’s fastest and most accurate scanners?

We did not develop the scanner we created the way we use the scanner technology for preventative screening. No one does this because insurance does not cover this type of preventative screening. We developed a way to make it affordable for everyone. Modern medicine is reactive, and we are proactive; this is the difference.

Educate us on your offerings.

We are doing an equity raise on the Start Engine platform. To date, we have raised over $1 Million, to be exact 1,037,568. We have opened our Flagship clinic in South Florida and are currently cash flowing. We are ready to extend the raise to 5 Million for expansion into other cities. Also, we are seeking equity investors to join in this amazing life-saving business opportunity to save lives all over the U.S. and God willing around the world.

About the CEO

Thomas Graham is the Founder and CEO of Life Imaging Fla. He has built and sold several companies in his carrier for millions of dollars. Mr. Graham is most excited about the opportunity with Life Imaging. We are totally proprietary and have the ability to change and save lives on a regular basis as we do today. Early detection absolutely saves lives!

“Life Imaging Fla is an imaging center based in Deerfield Beach, Florida. The facility serves all of South Florida with advanced early detection of heart disease and cancer and a wide range of other serious illnesses and health conditions affecting vital organs.”

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