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Scalefocus: Delivering Your Technology Transformation

Scalefocus: Delivering Your Technology Transformation

Founded in 2012, today Scalefocus is the biggest Bulgarian owned software engineering company, and prides itself on its culture of engineering excellence and innovation mindset, which are at the foundation of Scalefocus’ success.

Scalefocus is a software development and digital services company with a mission to help customers grow their business by leveraging the latest technologies and top engineering talent. Our global client base includes Fortune 500 companies, innovative startups and industry leaders in information technology, e-commerce, insurance, healthcare, finance and energy & utilities. “At our core, we are an engineering company – passionate about designing and building solutions that harness cutting-edge technologies, and enable businesses to operate, innovate and scale within a truly digital world. Our strength and advantage lies in our agility, cross-industry expertise and top talent pool,” said Ivan Ivanov, CEO of Scalefocus.

The rapid but sustainable growth of the company is due to the right mix of established processes and practices for technology superiority, culture of ownership and continuous development and persistent pursuit of high quality and excellence. Building on this, Scalefocus helps its clients in making better decisions in highly complex and demanding contexts and achieve remarkable accomplishments in today’s dynamic environment. “Our work with ScaleFocus began as a typical customer-contractor engagement. With time and by far exceeding our expectations it flourished into a mature partnership, where both parties are solid drivers of a strategic alliance,” said Rudolf Kiseljak, CEO of Aviq.

Full Lifecycle Software Delivery                                                                                                     

Building a software solution represents only a fraction of its lifetime. As time goes by, it needs to evolve, as the market requirements are constantly changing. The Software Development Life cycle is a continuous process, which does not have a preset ending point. It starts with the planning, goes through system analysis, design, implementation and testing all the way to support and maintenance.

Scalefocus offers a full software life cycle delivery services to businesses that seek to leverage the power of cutting-edge technology to gain a competitive advantage. The company offers regular software and infrastructure support which includes monitoring, troubleshooting, escalation and reactive measures, as well as prophylactic and adaptive business requirements and fixes. They focus on optimizing service performance, while measuring it through KIPs and SLAs and providing continuous service improvement.

“We have been partnering with ScaleFocus for a number of our projects since 2016. Working together, our engineering teams have helped position Paysafe as a leading payment solutions provider powered by great technology within the fast-paced payments industry,” said Miroslav Bojilov, General Manager of Paysafe.

"Scalefocus is a software development and digital services company with a mission to help customers grow their business by leveraging the latest technologies and top engineering talent."

Excelling With Salesforce

Scalefocus provides top tier software solutions, which drive customer success is tightly connected to building the right partnerships. Salesforce is renowned for unparalleled user experience that contributes to customer success, which fits perfectly into Scalefocus’ mission.

Salesforce is considered the global leader in CRM solutions. It builds a 360-degree view of the customers and centralizes all of business interactions. It has the power to set up data-driven sales processes, massively boosting the effectiveness of sales operations and forecasting, resulting in significant revenue growth and a boost in customer satisfaction rates.

Scalefocus offers implementation of Salesforce Sales Cloud for diverse use cases: from fast-track implementation of the standard solution for a fixed, affordable cost to large-scale enterprise implementations covering complex sales processes. The company's Salesforce team is not only adept in the Salesforce platform itself, but has an excellent command of industry knowledge. Its Salesforce consultants can audit and help you optimize your sales process by applying best practices and industry specific knowledge.

As a registered Salesforce consulting partner, Scalefocus takes pride in its holistic approach to CRM implementation. They start from the inside out with a deep analysis of the current design and architecture as well as any existing implementations, followed by client-centered consultations. Scalefocus considers all critical aspects in the migration process including integrations with other systems, app building capabilities, effective onboarding and support.


Scalefocus covers a wide range of SAP products and services. Its experts will guide and support you through the entire journey of digitizing your business with SAP’s products. Through the implementation of SAP solutions and S/4HANA migration, Scalefocus helps customers standardize and improve their business processes, enabling full transparency and traceability across their organization. Scalefocus enhances the system utilization through SAP system audits and business process optimization, improving performance and filling functional gaps while offering continuous application maintenance.

The company performs audit on existing SAP system landscapes to depict incorrect maintenance and customization setup as well as deviations from customer requirements and system adoption levels. Enhancing system utilization is directly improving system performance and providing instant business results: faster transactions and reporting speed, reliable and accurate data, better user experience and lower maintenance cost.

The Leader

Ivan Ivanov, CEO

Ivan is the Chief Executive Officer of Scalefocus. His years of experience delivering software excellence to clients across the North American market has driven him to acquire an amazing skillset of leadership qualities, backed by outstanding technology accomplishments. He constantly strives for perfection and pays great attention to detail. His people-oriented approach is what makes him a respected leader at Scalefocus.

"Scalefocus offers a full software life cycle delivery services to businesses that seek to leverage the power of cutting-edge technology to gain a competitive advantage."

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