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ScholarBuys – Empowering the Academic Community through Technology

ScholarBuys – Empowering the Academic Community through Technology

Technology is an essential ingredient in today’s classrooms. It serves as a platform for students and teachers to research, collaborate, and differentiate. Because collaborating and communicating with peers is a meaningful and purposeful way to share ideas with one another. While there are plenty of reasons why technology will play a crucial role in the current education system, a few important ones will summarize the whole point. Educational technology would – keep students engaged; help them improve their results; allow students to learn at their own pace; improve the entire educational system, to name a few. Case in point, students engage with technology almost all the time and making use of this inclination will only reap benefits. ScholarBuys is here with a mission to help institutions and its students reap those benefits by sowing the right technology into classrooms.

ScholarBuys is a software company that provides exceptional service that empowers the academic community. Located in Carpentersville, Illinois, ScholarBuys was co-founded by Matt Ryan and Bob Smith in 2007. In Illinois, the company handles software licensing for over 50 colleges and universities, although the firm's reach is national. The company entered into a partnership in 2011 with the Federation of Independent Illinois Colleges and Universities. ScholarBuys has been named to Inc Magazine's Inc. 5000 list 4 times (2012, 2013, 2017, and 2018), including a ranking at #41 on the "Top 100" companies in Education.

Digital 1:1 Learning and ScholarBuys

To maximize student learning outcomes, K-12 educators, technology coordinators and principals promote the idea of providing ‘personalized coursework’ to students by leveraging technology. Such technology-supported learning strategies–often described as “1-to-1” learning programs–are proven to be outperforming their counterparts – according to research conducted by Lenovo.  

Technology aids educators gain access to an expanding universe of content, instructional tools, and assessments ideal for building challenging, multi-mode curriculum that also can be centrally managed. It also links students to the same universe where they will be provided with tools to create their own content. In addition to supercharging the classroom, technology lowers the cost of building, delivering, and assessing student learning. ScholarBuys will help institutions improve their digital readiness to embrace technology by supplying them with education-built products, solutions, and services.

Their offerings include…

Software – ScholarBuys aims to provide schools with premier technology within their budget by helping them choose the best available software licensing solution. While guiding institutions step-by-step through the software acquisition process, ScholarBuys ensures that there are more cost-savings and less unnecessary expenditures. By sourcing updated products, they also ensure that there is a spike in productivity while also making sure that constant security measures are in action.

Device Accessories – Keeping devices charged and protected is also a crucial part. Hence, ScholarBuys provides solutions that are necessary to keep gadgets like Chromebooks charged and safe. The solutions offered include charging carts, protective cases, management software, white glove service, laser etching, and asset tagging.

Wireless Solutions – The ever-growing number of mobile gadgets and the increasing demand for BYOD (Bring Your Own Devices) solutions will equally require a stable connection to the campus network. To achieve this isn’t an easy task for the IT Departments. ScholarBuys’ expert staff can help institutions easily keep pace with BYOD requirements. ScholarBuys Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions help control and monitor freshly connected devices for threats and vulnerabilities; protect private data – all while adhering to campus security policies and standards, and maintaining compliance with academic requirements and regulations. Advanced troubleshooting, real-time data reports for efficient planning and budgeting, configuring access to all essential communication like email, calendar, and others are some of the many benefits in letting ScholarBuys equip your academic institutions with the technology needed to support the BYOD movement.

Matt Ryan, President and Co-Founder

Matt Ryan develops and oversees operational procedures, marketing, branding and the overall corporate culture. He has seen companies built for success and those built for failure and applied that knowledge to help build ScholarBuys into a successful business.

Bob Smith, President and Co-Founder

Bob Smith focuses on overall company strategy and business development. This includes the oversight and development of its sales team. He also works closely with his consortia partners and key solution providers.

 “When it comes to technology, our passion and commitment to the academic procurement process are unmatched.”

“Our Mission is to provide exceptional service that empowers the academic community.”

“We build long lasting relationships based on quality, satisfaction and personal attention.”

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