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Scientific Digital Transformation from Enthought

Scientific Digital Transformation from Enthought

Founded in 2001, Enthought is a global leader in scientific and analytic software solutions utilizing Python, a powerful, extensible, open source programming language for scientific, analytic, and engineering applications. Enthought is headquartered in Austin, Texas with additional offices in Cambridge, United Kingdom and Mumbai, India.

Enthought software products provide customers with powerful tools for quantitative data analysis and visualization. Its consulting services marry science, analytics, and software to deliver customized applications for customers. The company works with a mission to transform businesses and industries by enabling people with scientific, transparent, and accessible solutions.

Enthought works with billion dollar companies in the polymer, energy, manufacturing, consumer products, financial services, and technology industries. Apart from these, it also provides products and services to a variety of government, military, and national laboratories.

Python for Power and Clarity

By developing with Python, a powerful and concise programming language, Enthought ensures that scientists and engineers are able to fully implement feature-rich applications without sacrificing accessible and meaningful code. “We have found that Python’s clarity of expression dramatically smoothes the transition between prototype and finished product,” explains the CEO of Enthought, Eric Jones.

Enthought’s intensive training services are specifically designed to teach Python programming and software craftsmanship to scientists, engineers, analysts, and data scientists. Enthought offers a variety of commercial tools and applications for development, data analysis, and visualization in Python and for domain-specific uses. Over one million users utilize its products worldwide.

For more than 15 years, Enthought has built Artificial Intelligence solutions with science and engineering at the core. It accelerates digital transformation by enabling the people to leverage the benefits of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Digital transformation and leadership are mandatory and Enthought’s unique blend of scientists and developers build solutions that unite client’s teams and their data.

Developing at Enthought

Ideal software developer candidates often have a strong background in scientific fields, but also find themselves gravitating to the software development and design aspects of their work. The developers at Enthought are distinguished by their scientific expertise. They understand the complex analysis and visualization challenges faced by scientists and engineers. The extensive experience in designing sophisticated applications enables the company to provide software to ease the workflow. It also empowers business teams and custom application solutions to meet the needs of end users.

The day-to-day at Enthought revolves around this and making high-quality architectural decisions about how the company structures client projects so that it is extensible and maintainable. The employees at Enthought are passionate about scientific and analytic computing, dedicated to quality, and pragmatic about problem-solving. Qualities of being really smart, highly productive, and dedicated to developing quality products hold more weight than any specific skill set or degree with Enthought employees.

True Story

The developers at Enthought come from varied backgrounds and have taken many different journeys on their way to their current role. There is no typical developer at Enthought, but one quality they all share is that their passion for software is as deep and ingrained as their interest in science. Many of the developers chose to pursue a science or math degree in school but were strongly tempted by the CS route. In the end, they figured they could pick up the CS on the side more easily than physics, math, and engineering.

One of the developers shared her story about coming to Enthought and how her career has evolved since being at Enthought. Jenni Portman joined Enthought in May 2015 after getting a Ph.D. in computational condensed matter physics. After joining Enthought as a Scientific Software Developer, she worked on developing data analysis and visualization tools for a new single-molecule DNA sequencing chip.

Portman believes that it has been very rewarding to learn more about bioinformatics and state-of-the-art DNA sequencing. To have the opportunity to explore new tools and technologies, from getting a deeper look at machine learning algorithms to GUI programming, from learning how to design a robust architecture to the front and back-end development have added to her great experienceat Enthought.

“Being part of Enthought has been very exciting, I have been able to grow as a developer and have felt that my contributions have really helped shape the company and contribute to its continued success!” exclaims Portman.

Meet the Leader of Enthought

Eric Jones is the CEO of Enthought. He is a leader in business growth through Digital Transformation and widely known as a founding father of Python’s scientific community. Jones has spent over 15 years in machine learning, image processing, 3D visualization, and parallel computing. Prior to founding Enthought in 2001, he worked in the fields of numerical electromagnetics and genetic optimization in the Department of Electrical Engineering at Duke University. Jones holds M.S. and Ph.D. degrees from Duke University in electrical engineering and a B.S.E. in mechanical engineering from Baylor University.

“A scientist will thrive at Enthought if their passion for software is as deep and ingrained as their scientific interests.”

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