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SecuriThings helps its customers protect their IoT devices while improving their operational efficiency with the first IoTOps solution

SecuriThings helps its customers protect their IoT devices while improving their operational efficiency with the first IoTOps solution

As technology advances, more physical devices are enabled with network connectivity amongst other technologies: software, sensors and more. The internet of things (IoT) is defined by this growing ecosystem of internet-enabled devices. IoT offers distributors increasing opportunities to collect, exchange, analyze and interpret data in real-time. This robust access to data will result in opportunities to further enhance and improve operations. Given the importance of operational efficiency within the wholesale distribution industry, distributors stand to gain substantial benefits from internet-enabled technologies. SecuriThings was established in 2016 by security and IoT experts who bring vast knowledge in embedded-systems security and deep understanding of the challenges within the IoT space. Since then, the SecuriThings’ team has grown alongside the solution capabilities, and consists of top professionals with experience in cyber security and IT operations.


SecuriThings Horizon is the first software-only solution to automate the operational management of large-scale IoT deployments. IoT deployments within organizations increase security posture and operational efficiency. Alongside undeniable benefits, IoT devices bring new cyber security challenges. In fact, their vulnerability and physical access turn each unit into a potential entry point to the corporate network. In addition, IoT devices are being deployed in the field without going through cyber security experts’ hands, leading to misconfiguration and compliance issues. A network-based solution allows the discovery of IoT devices and some detection capabilities. In cases where IoT devices represent critical assets, the mitigation of cyber threats on a network level, shutting all the devices down at once, can be risky. SecuriThings Horizon’s endpoint capabilities isolate each device and mitigate the threat without jeopardizing the whole posture. SecuriThings Horizon detects and mitigates IoT-specific cyber-attacks by monitoring the cyber security posture of each device. Horizon deploys agents or agentless modules to pull data from each edge device and leverages advanced analytical capabilities to detect abnormal behaviors. Organizational policies are then applied to mitigate threats in real-time.

Predictive Maintenance

Organizations teams lack edge visibility over the health status of IoT devices which are particularly prone to failures. This challenges the operational teams to maintain these devices always available and affects the operational continuity. Network-based solutions provide inventory management of IoT devices and some detection capabilities. SecuriThings Horizon monitors the device health and fetches metadata such as CPU and RAM consumption, storage, etc. This device-focused approach enables to predict failures and other operational issues for each unit. SecuriThings Horizon detects every behavioral abnormality on the device level such as multiple streams and recorders, a sharp increase in the CPU consumption, and more. Using Horizon, organizations can prioritize their maintenance tasks, increase device lifecycle and generate significant cost savings. SecuriThings Horizon monitors the device health by fetching metadata from the edge (e.g. CPU, RAM, storage, etc.) using agents or agentless modules. The solution then leverages advanced analytical capabilities to detect abnormal behaviors such as multiple streams and recorders, a sharp increase in the CPU consumption, and more.

Automated Operations

Managing large-scale deployments of IoT devices represents multiple challenges for organizations. From a cyber security perspective, any device becomes an easy entry point to the network, data and assets. Therefore, cyber threats are to be detected and mitigated at the device level. In parallel, the operational teams are mostly performing multiple maintenance tasks manually. Both aspects can result in operational and business discontinuity and compliance issues. SecuriThings Horizon automates several operational tasks which are currently performed manually, resulting in timely and costly maintenance. The solution helps operators remotely manage their IoT deployments at scale. In addition, Horizon shortens device lifecycle by automatically updating firmware versions ad-hoc. SecuriThings Horizon automates the most critical tasks such as password rotation and firmware upgrade, which are currently performed manually by operators – if at all. By doing so, the solution help apply organizational policies and improve the overall compliance status. SecuriThings Horizon helps ensuring an operational continuity by automatically updating firmware upgrade and restarting devices. These tasks are currently performed manually, representing a significant challenge for organizations managing their IoT operations at scale.

Meet the leader behind the success of SecuriThings

Roy Dagan is the Co-Founder and CEO of SecuriThings. Roy started SecuriThings after many years of building cyber security, risk management and intelligence systems. Prior to SecuriThings, Roy held multiple roles leading product management teams in a range of companies including RSA, The Security Division of EMC and NICE Systems.

“Our mission is to empower teams accountable for the availability of IoT devices with a solution tailored for their needs.”

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