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Serenova: Omnichannel Cloud Contact Center Solutions

Serenova: Omnichannel Cloud Contact Center Solutions

Customer experience has become the basis on which companies compete nowadays. So, when customers reach out to contact centers they have high expectations. Traditional contact centers rely on on-premises and siloed systems which are highly inefficient and bad at sharing data. In addition, they are very hard to upgrade. Serenova with its CxEngage platform is changing this. They ensure that contact center solution is up and running – always.

Founded in 2000, Serenova is the go-to name when it comes to contact center solutions today. With Serenova onboard, their customers have the single source of truth that they can trust.

Contact Center Roots

Serenova today is the best in contact center solutions space but the reason for this could be something that is a little known fact. The company began as a business process outsourcer. So, they actually know how a contact center works. Over time, evolution propelled the company towards becoming a cloud contact center solution provider. It is because of this growth and deep knowledge of the space that they know about the challenges their customers face. And Serenova invariably has a solution.

Serenova’s CxEngage is a cloud contact software that has been developed over the period 18 years through continuous learning. Today, CxEngage is the unified cloud solution that is being used by the world’s foremost companies.

The solution is capable of making the customer journey easier across multiple channels like voice calls, chat, text messaging, e-mail, and Facebook Messenger. Also, CxEngage is designed so that teams can work on the customer journey and deploy it themselves without needing any special skill such as programming.

Customers come first

As a customer, one of the worst things you can encounter while reaching out to a contact center is poor call quality. This is actually one of the biggest challenges with cloud-based contact center solutions. Cloud vendors route calls through the nearest data center. And if the nearest data center is thousands of miles away, a call has to take multiple hops. This means that the latency increases, voice quality degrades and costs increase. Serenova solves this issue by simply choosing to not route the call through data centers. Instead, by letting the local voice carriers decide on the best global routing path Serenova’s solution reduces the number of hops and raises the call quality. Moreover, the call costs lower by as much as 50%.

Serenova is a trusted source for contact center solutions for many esteemed organizations today including Pearson, Shell Energy, GRAVIE, RBC, National Express, Liveops, Sure scripts and many more. A Forrester Wave Report says, “Customers’ tout Serenova’s ability to scale, support for voice services, strong set of APIs, and security.”

Customer service experience for Salesforce.com

Salesforce.com is one of the most valuable companies in this world. Its revenue amounts in billions of dollars each year. While the company continues to grow in mammoth proportions each year, its customer support organization needed better visibility across all their global support centers. The contact center technology the company was using in the past was not as scalable as it needed to be. For a company of Salesforce’s size, this could affect the bottom-line by a great margin.

Cloud-based Serenova™ was deployed across all locations to optimize customer experience after a great deal of research. The solution could handle the complex call routing scenarios which allowed business operations people to make routing changes when required. This allowed the company to stay ahead of their business needs. With 100% inbound call recording and 9 supported languages; Salesforce.com’s customers started giving positive feedback.

“We’ve been extremely pleased with Serenova™. All of our mission-critical infrastructure is performing to our high standards, enabling Salesforce.com to provide high-quality, responsive customer service across all of our customer support centers.” – Salesforce.com SVP, Global Customer Support

The Leader Extraordinaire

John Lynch, CEO

He is a seasoned leader with over 20 years of experience in building enterprise software teams. Before becoming the CEO of Serenova, he headed the company’s global sales team. His leadership continues to drive the company’s evolution in the Contact Center as a Service (CCaS) market having recently driven the company’s acquisition of workforce management offering, Proscheduler, from Loxysoft.

Before Serenova, he was the Senior Vice President of Global Sales at Vendavo. He has also served as the Vice President of Sales at Mattersight Corporation. He has also served as the Director of North American Sales at Nuance Communications. His teams at Nuance contributed greatly towards growing the company revenue from $60 million to $1.5 billion.

“We help you achieve better results by delivering insight-rich customer experiences on the world’s most reliable, easy-to-use, and intelligent cloud contact center solution, CxEngage.”

“With our omnichannel platform, your customers can elevate their efforts above Customer Experience to start delivering more human experiences.”

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