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Sigma Computing – A Collaborative Analytics Platform Built for the Cloud

Sigma Computing – A Collaborative Analytics Platform Built for the Cloud

Cloud Analytics is a direct result of the sudden spike in data due to the digitization wave. Companies found themselves unable to gather, maintain and process the deluge of information and actively look for more economical ways to process vast swathes of data. Cloud Analytics comes with enormous volumes of data, coupled with its affordability and accessibility, makes it a ready-reckoner for the growing demand for big data analytics. Cloud Analytics offers an advanced analytics platform via a browser interface for companies to analyze vast quantities of data. Cloud-based services are generally defined in the form of a network or a group of networks, allowing internet-connected devices access to shared pools of resources: be it servers, applications, or even services. This also means that data can be generated and processed in real-time for companies to be able to ‘feel the pulse’ of their operations at any given point in time. Advanced analytics platforms are poised to serve as the bellwether for cloud solutions, especially for the slow-and-steady late adopters. They are predicted to form the largest segment in overall cloud spending in the coming years.

Sigma Computing is one such cloud analytics platform that uses a familiar spreadsheet interface to give business users instant access to explore and get insights from their cloud data warehouse. It requires no code or special training to explore billions of rows, augment with new data, or perform “what if” analysis on all data in real-time. The company offers a complete business management platform, and fulfills the necessary functionalities such as data visualization, whether they are purchasing or sales processes from the beginning to the end. With constant updates it will allow this tool to be your ally as your organization grows. Sigma also integrates artificial intelligence technology in a reliable and safe way; in addition its interface is friendly for new users which allow rapid adaptability without requiring consultants.

Products Built for the Modern Data Stack

Embedded Analytics: Most embedded analytics are limited to a few static charts. Not so with Sigma. The company lets you give the entire Sigma experience to your users. They get the same capabilities you can give your employees – unlimited data, no boundary exploration, and real-time insights. When you embed Sigma, you embed options. Give your users read-only analytics or give them the ability to build, change, share, and save new insights on their data. Of course, it comes with all the security and controls you need to safely manage embedded analytics. Old-school business intelligence falls apart as soon as you ask “what if”. Not Sigma. Bring in new data, add new calculations, group, color-code, pivot — all at massive scale — and ask the all-important “what if” from your data. It’s how you think and it’s how Sigma builds.

Secure Data Analytics with Sigma: Sigma invests heavily in having an exceptional security program and ensuring they exceed industry standards. Sigma takes a security-by-design approach to protecting your data. The company builds their platform using best practices for highly available, scalable, and secure cloud applications. Sigma sits atop your existing cloud database and uses a secure connection to query your data warehouse directly. Sigma writes a query to access the data needed to answer your question and returns the result in the browser. Sigma adheres to global privacy laws and security standards with measures in place to help their customer compliance requirements. The following is the current list of reports available to all customers and prospects under NDA. Kindly reach out to your account team for copies of reports as applicable to your organization. At Sigma, they firmly support GDPR in both practice and philosophy. Sigma works with the customers in the European Economic Area to assure compliance with personal data handling requirements and cross-border transfer requirements under GDPR. As a processor, they process data on behalf of their customers.  They expect that some of their customers will require us to enter into a data processing addendum (“DPA”), per Article 28 of GDPR. Sigma uses several subprocessors, but the majority of the obligations hinge on their primary subprocessor: Google Cloud Platform.

Sigma Spreadsheet: With Sigma's intuitive spreadsheet-like interface, users can analyze, visualize, and collaborate — all at the scale and speed of business demands. Exploring the deepest levels of your data needs to be done securely. Generating insights in real time shouldn’t be a management burden. With Sigma, your data never leaves the data warehouse. No extracts, no caching, no data in transit, nothing. Everything stays where it belongs and all operations are executed inside the warehouse. Sigma gives you a full set of APIs for those actions that take time and test patience to perform. Administrative actions like adding users, changing permissions, and publishing workbooks is easy with Sigma automation. With Sigma, you get row-level and role-based security to make sure that the right data goes to the right person. They support key security protocols like GDPR, SAS70, AWS Private Link, HIPPA, Privacy Shield, CCPA, CSA, SOC 3, SOC 2 Type II, and SOC 1 Type II.

Mike Palmer | CEO

"We make the analysis that was considered difficult in the old word easy, and the analysis considered impossible a reality."

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