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Signal AI – Transforming Decision Making Through Augmented Intelligence

Signal AI – Transforming Decision Making Through Augmented Intelligence

At its core, augmented intelligence enhances human abilities through the power of machine-generated insights. In modern aviation, for example, a pilot relies on systems computing mountains of data to assess navigation routes, weather patterns, and other critical details. With this information and their flying experience, pilots can make sound decisions. Similarly, business leaders rely on augmented intelligence solutions to streamline business functions, uncover trends, and unlock ideas to increase compliance, improve the customer experience, and boost revenue growth. Augmented intelligence has the potential to revolutionize how we live and work. But technology alone can only go so far. In other words, business leaders must connect augmented intelligence to the unique needs and nuances of their enterprise. With a tailored approach that combines people, processes, data, and technology, organizations can reap the full benefits of augmented intelligence, opening the door for endless transformation opportunities.

Signal AI is a leading global decision augmentation company, turning the world’s data into knowledge and empowering business leaders across a range of industries to make informed and confident decisions. 40 percent of the Fortune 500 including Deloitte, Bank of America and Google use the Signal AI decision augmentation solution for real-time market and media intelligence to uncover trends, risks and opportunities and support critical decision-making. The company has attracted investment of more than $100m to build out their decision augmentation solution and transform the way businesses make decisions.

Signal AI's robust Augmented Analytics Solutions

Decision Augmentation: As the exploding volume and velocity of data available to businesses intensify, decision makers are under pressure to understand the risks and opportunities associated with their organization, and are making decisions in the dark. The decision augmentation solution comes to understand what matters to you, sifts through the world’s deluge of information on your behalf and delivers knowledge for informed and confident decision making. Trained to understand your unique decision context, the Signal AI solution surfaces the right information instantly so you are informed in the moment. Signal AI’s AIQ identifies and maps relationships between the companies, people, products, and topics that matter to you, so you can make decisions with confidence. Signal AI surfaces relevant knowledge through the Signal ® SaaS interface, real-time alerts, interactive dashboards and a suite of APIs.

Media Monitoring: Signal AI provides flexible and powerful media monitoring software to empower data-driven communications strategies. Signal AI’s combination of the industry’s most diverse content set and cutting edge AI-powered search functionality allows you to not only understand how your current activities are affecting your reputation but also to uncover unseen opportunities, risks, and areas of intrigue. The Signal ® platform offers a user-friendly monitoring and search interface that removes the need for lengthy search strings. The platform empowers you to quickly set up and alter searches to extract insight in real-time from amounts of data that would otherwise be overwhelming.

PR Measurement Programs: Outdated metrics and marketing funnel comparisons have left PR and Communications teams struggling to clearly define measurement frameworks that highlight value. Using the wrong metrics can encourage the wrong behavior, and limit the impact of Communications teams. Signal AI helps develop and support measurement strategies that align with corporate objectives – highlighting the true impact PR & Communications has on overall company performance and the true value of reputation management work. With the ability to focus on high-salience coverage, understand sentiment and performance against key topics, you can map your impact against business goals. Integrated with Signal AI’s search functionality, its dashboards give you an instant insight into shifts in sentiment, comparisons in competitive share-of-voice, and key message pull-through so that you can ensure your strategies can adapt in real-time.

The Ardent Visionary Behind Signal AI's Success

David Benigson is the Chief Executive Officer of Signal AI. A young David Benigson, working for his parents’ executive search business, found inspiration as he spent hour's manually curating stories for the company newsletter sent to business leaders to help them stay on top of industry critical news.  David knew there had to be a better way, he met data scientist and ML/AI academic Dr Miguel Martinez, and the idea to use artificial intelligence to augment this process was born! 

Today Signal AI has grown to be one of the world’s fastest-growing applied AI companies with an impressive list of customers including numerous Global Fortune 1000 businesses, having raised more than $100m to build out its decision augmentation solution and transform the way businesses make decisions.

"At Signal AI our vision is to create a future where leaders can spot what’s coming round the corner, remain one step ahead of the competition and are armed with the tools they need to make confident decisions."

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