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Simon Data: A Better Way to Market

Simon Data: A Better Way to Market

Brands today need a way to develop and deliver incredible personalization capabilities without needing to build and maintain massive bespoke data infrastructure. NYC-based Simon Data’s Customer Data Platform (CDP) empowers brands to deliver data-driven, personalized customer experiences anywhere.

Founded in 2013, Simon Data was purpose-built to solve the everyday challenges including Legacy technology, siloed data, and inefficient workflows. This allows their customers to focus on what matters the most – creating great customer experiences. “Simon effectively enabled us to three-fold our campaign volume during the holidays while maintaining a high resolution of message targeting,” says Frances Comey, Retention Marketing Manager of BarkBox.

Simon Data collects data and leverages the power of machine learning to create automated and complex types of interactions. It serves large companies including Tripadvisor, Venmo, Asos, and Equinox. “Companies across all industries require a more holistic view of the customer journey, but often don’t know where to start,” says Doina Harris, CPO of Simon Data. “Our momentum and position are driven by our ability to help brands build that complete customer view, develop better strategies, and drive superior personalization wherever their customers are.”

A Case Study

TeePublic is a big marketplace for independent creators where they can sell their work printed to order on high-quality merchandise. It was founded in 2013 to empower creators to turn their passion into profit. TeePublic offers over a million designs on over a hundred product types, including t-shirts, stickers, phone cases, and mugs.

The company was looking for a partner who could help it accelerate the growth in paid social to drive gross profit. They were already using Facebook’s pixel and sending their product feed for dynamic ads, but did not have confidence that additional spend would have a high marginal ROAS or provide incremental revenue. On the long-term too TeePublic wanted a strategic partner that was able to handle all their channels.

Simon Data was able to integrate into TeePublic’s database. It built a granular segmentation using order and engagement data. It synced the audiences to those on Facebook. With such audiences, TeePublic was able to break paid social efforts into three mutually exclusive groups: Acquisition, Remarketing and Re-engagement. Simon Data’s integration brought in fantastic results as there was a 161% increase in paid social revenue, 121% increase in paid social spend, and a 21% increase inpaid social ROAS.

The Leader Upfront

Jason Davis, CEO and Co-Founder

Jason Davis is the Simon Data CEO. Under his leadership, the company has been recognized widely. Most recently, Simon Data was announced as A 2020 Gartner Cool Vendor in Multichannel Marketing. He is a well-known startup investor and advisor. Prior to co-founding Simon Data, he was the Director of Search and Data at Etsy. Before that, he was the Founder and CEO of Adtuitive, a company that automated the entire online advertising process for small retailers. He has also worked as a Search Quality Engineer with Google.

He has a PhD in Machine Learning, Data Mining and Statistics from The University of Texas at Austin and a BS in Computer Science from Cornell University.

Client Testimonials

“With Simon Data, we unlocked the ability to unify all of our customer data and cohesively orchestrate customer experience across our marketing channels. This allowed us to increase our sales by improving how we interact with our customers and enhancing our understanding of their needs.” – Ash Fisher, Customer Communications & Content, Asos

“Simon Data has been a huge part of our success and has enabled our marketing team to solve challenges quickly and allows us to focus more time on our most important tasks. They allowed us to grow quickly with a scrappy team.” – Jake Bodmer, Director, CRM Marketing, Canary

“Simon helps us simplify the data stemming from over 30 million users into actionable segments and automations. I love how they handle our data, allow us to easily work with top tier marketing tools, and drive revenue for Vivino.” – Brant Cebulla, Senior Director of CRM, Vivino

“Simon enables brands to deliver incredible customer experiences everywhere. Leverage all of your data with our customer data platform at enterprise-scale so you can create powerful personalized experiences effortlessly.”

“Simon Data is the enterprise customer data platform that empowers brands to deliver data-driven, personalized customer experiences everywhere.”

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