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“Our Medical and Strategy Teams at Simpson Healthcare are Catalysts of Industry Innovation,” Kelly Simpson-Angelini, CEO

“Our Medical and Strategy Teams at Simpson Healthcare are Catalysts of Industry Innovation,” Kelly Simpson-Angelini, CEO

Over the years, many scientific, diagnostic, and therapeutic innovations have brought out great health outcomes. But healthcare is as old as mankind itself. Many life-changing innovations over the historical course of mankind have helped save millions of lives. Behind each of these innovations are people with a vision, strong dedication and a commitment to help save lives.

One such person with dedication and commitment is Kelly Simpson-Angelini. She set out on a remarkable journey in 1998 when she laid the foundation of Simpson Healthcare Executives. Her hard work, zeal, and heartfelt compassion have successfully led the company to its 20th year of business. As the CEO and CSO, Kelly Simpson-Angelini has wonderfully redefined healthcare with her diverse, scientific, and disruptive agency.

Let’s embark on a conversation with Kelly Simpson-Angelini and learn more about her story.

Tell us about Simpson Healthcare?

In an ever-evolving healthcare landscape, providing great branded and disease education to physicians is essential to advancing the story of science that my clients need to tell. Brands of the future must be more personalized and precise as we prioritize helping people live better. The scientific expertise and disruptive thinking methods among members of our organization span across a broad array of many major disease categories, including respiratory, oncology, cardiovascular, immunology, rare diseases, gastrointestinal, adult vaccines, and severe asthma. The medical and strategy teams at Simpson Healthcare are catalysts of industry innovation as we bring to bear the larger context of healthcare for clients, aligned in our purpose and always keeping the patient at the center of focus. We challenge key stakeholders in the healthcare industry to think differently as we unlock our client’s full potential to reach patients who can benefit most from their therapies.

Over the span of two decades, how has Simpson Healthcare developed?

The Simpson Healthcare team understands that the greater role of the pharmaceutical sector within the healthcare industry is to build therapeutic solutions that effectively improve the quality of a person’s life. We understand that the role of the disease or product is one piece of a larger story that includes the patient and their caregivers, the healthcare providers, the health system that must be navigated, and the client’s strategic intent.

For the past 20 years, we have had the opportunity to work with heritage biopharmaceutical clients including Pfizer, Shire, AstraZeneca, Genzyme, and Merck, to name a few. We foster a rich intellectual and creative internal culture within the agency, having a meditation space, a fitness center, and nutritionist on campus for employees to actively practice mindfulness and support their health and wellness in day-to-day lives. We have also opened an Open Collaboration Space, equipped with large virtual screens and whiteboards, where we have all of the resources we need to effectively share ideas, debate, make decisions, and build solutions together as teams. The result is a creation of a positive and creative work environment that cultivates innovation and disruptive thinking among the internal teams and our clients.

Surely, you had a vision and mission in mind when you launched Simpson Healthcare. Could you share it with us?

A few years ago, my leadership team and I revisited the mission and vision of Simpson Healthcare and transformed this into a purpose statement, and it is rooted in our internal core belief systems. Our purpose is to support our clients to share the scientific story of the disease they touch and therapies they discover for all in need. In fact, the firm is guided by five core values that are embraced by all team members.

These core values are: we maintain passion about making a difference by pushing the boundaries to create unique strategic value for our company, our clients, and our community; we keep it real by developing strong, authentic relationships internally and externally with our clients; we look to the future by never losing sight of the larger context and bigger opportunity; we know we are better together and dedicated to collaborative teamwork to ensure the highest quality work product; and finally, we bring our best selves to work every day, which means we are committed to achieving personal balance and strength, both at work, and in our own lives.

About adaptability, how do you stay relevant to the consumer interests and needs in this highly volatile market?

To expand upon our commitment to the healthcare experience and scientific innovation for clients, our medical and strategy teams have customized specialized service offerings that provide long-term value to their business and the healthcare field. Through the collaborations of the members of our team, we have brought our FUTURING service offering to our “Big Pharma” clients for over the past half-decade. The clients have integrated FUTURING into their business strategy to create goals and driven decision-making that side-step global crisis.

FUTURING services are impactful in many ways including: in the development of new therapeutic brands, in providing a more personalized brand experience for patients, and in transforming patient health outcomes.

If you’re wondering what FUTURING means, it’s an envision of the potential best and worst futures without any reference to the present day. Once the FUTURES have been imagined, the drivers to reach those futures are identified, which helps identify opportunities to shape a “DESIRABLE FUTURE” or avoid impact from an “UNDESIRABLE FUTURE.” The purpose of FUTURING is to look at global datasets, policies, and influential variables, and to disrupt key markets in healthcare with a longer 10–20-year vision for the future. Our work here has been launched with many of our biopharmaceutical clients and we look forward as we continue to broaden the impact of their therapeutic brands.

Speaking about FUTURING, where do you see yourself and the company a couple of years from now?

We anticipate that we will have a better and earlier diagnosis of disease in many therapeutic areas and better management of disease due to better physician education and our increasing level of connectivity. We believe we will have opportunities to work on novel therapies, such as once-in-a-lifetime gene therapies that could improve the quality of life for patients in a significant way. We look forward into the future as we aim to best support the brands of tomorrow and to prepare our clients to have the greatest and most positive impact for patients. The disruptive scientific education platform of the company limelight has brought it to the limelight in the broad array of industry and business awards. This stands as a direct reflection of our commitment to advancing science and to developing our clients’ therapies.

Any piece of advice you would you give to students and dreamers who want to become entrepreneurs?

We live in a time where we must encourage our clients and our fellow healthcare community to look beyond next year and into the next decade as we pioneer the future of healthcare and uncover what patient needs are, how they may change, and how we can be most impactful in improving health outcomes. The core stories of disease, diagnosis, and new therapies will continue to be new and abundant. I believe there’s a huge opportunity to continue to build knowledge and skills in organizing and showcasing scientific content. We will have more brands to build, and more ways to build and explain them. A personalized and individualized approach to disease education will be something to simplify and focus on in marketing material. We are proud to unite and support our clients, to shape the future of healthcare so that the best therapeutic treatments may be available to provide a brighter health outlook for those in need.

Accolades for the Wall of Fame

Kelly Simpson-Angelini was awarded the “Most Prominent Women in Business” by Acquisition International Magazine and has been honored in New York City by Medical Marketing and Media (MM&M). She was recognized as the Healthcare Industry CEO of the Year USA by Business Worldwide Magazine and Most Innovative CEO of the Year – USA at the Business Worldwide CEO Awards. Kelly was honored most recently at the Stevie Awards for Women in Business. A couple years ago, Kelly Simpson-Angelini was named a Women of Innovation Honoree by the Connecticut Technology Council for her entrepreneurial vision and leadership.

“Our purpose is to support our clients to share the scientific story of the disease they touch and therapies they discover for all in need.”

“We are proud to unite and support our clients, to shape the future of healthcare so that the best therapeutic treatments may be available to provide a brighter health outlook for those in need.”

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