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Simpson Healthcare Executives: Thinking Disruptively to Expand Medical Conversations

Simpson Healthcare Executives: Thinking Disruptively to Expand Medical Conversations

Over the past several decades, the healthcare industry has experienced an explosion of innovations, while it also faces innumerable challenges to improve quality, access, efficiency and so on. But recently, a number of innovations in healthcare have pivoted on the development of new diagnostic procedures, therapies, drugs, or medical devices. And this is also where Simpson Healthcare comes into action.

Simpson Healthcare is a disruptive, diverse scientific marketing and communications agency that develops and executes the best and most interactive branded and disease state educational programs and platforms that empower physicians. Started in 1998 by Kelly Simpson-Angelini, Simpson Healthcare Executives is currently celebrating its 20th year of business. “Our purpose is to help our clients to develop and share the scientific story of the diseases we touch, and therapies discovered for all in need,” explains Kelly, the founder, CEO, and CSO of the company.

Simpson Healthcare challenges its healthcare clients to think differently about the ways to bring the story of science to life for physician and patient communities and create meaningful relationships with their brands. The company takes up the responsibility to develop scientific communication programs and interactive platforms to develop the most comprehensive, quality education on therapeutic solutions that really support patients and improve quality of life.

Redefining Contribution

The organization works with biopharmaceutical clients to create the scientific story of “why your brand matters” for patients to show branded and disease education that further empower healthcare providers. The unique disruptive thinking formulas among the elite members of Simpson Healthcare are spread across many major therapeutic categories like respiratory, oncology, cardiovascular, rare diseases, gastrointestinal, adult vaccines, and severe asthma. “We think disruptively and expand medical conversations about why scientific stories of therapies matter for patients,” explains Kelly.

Simpson Healthcare has been creating an impact in the healthcare industry for 20 years and it’s immensely proud of it. The contribution of the team is gigantic with the internal team intentionally designed to be purpose-driven, highly collaborative, and well-balanced by Kelly Simpson-Angelini. “We know our team must be doing something right because our approach to communicating science works,” she says.

Empowering collaborative communications is the core of the company’s culture and it creates an environment of interactive co-working space onsite, known as the COLLAB. “Our team comes together every day to grow our clients’ brands in our highly collaborative working environment to develop new therapeutic marketing platforms, methods of communication, and scientific frameworks,” she adds. “We believe in our people and grow our clients’ brands as we strive to make a truly impactful difference in patients’ lives.”

Consumer Communications

The striking feature that makes Simpson Healthcare stand out is that its disruptive innovation that is rapidly evolving in the healthcare field. This path is challenging healthcare and pharmaceutical communications to drive for “better brands.” The organization helps physicians to understand the new and emerging therapies, its benefits and how it works.

The procedure to start any new project at Simpson Healthcare involves the internal team aligning with the client on strategic vision and how long-term values are added to healthcare industry throughout the entire therapeutic brand lifecycle. “After working with our client to define the problem or opportunity, we will then outline our objectives and timelines and move forward on a collaborative path,” Kelly explains. “We ensure we have the right members on our teams and that we think disruptively about the delivery of our story to our audience.”

Simpson Healthcare harnesses multi-disciplinary collaboration that caters to customized and precise medicine for patients. Today, the company is proud to have the opportunity to support the development and commercialization of brands for heritage biopharmaceutical clients such as Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Genentech, Shire, Genzyme, Amgen, and Merck, to name a few.

Fundamentally, the Simpson Healthcare culture is central to its success over the years. The company runs with the right people and it values the experiences it has accumulated. In this way, it has successfully built strong and lasting relationships with its clients and its people.

Established Values

Simpson Healthcare is guided by five core values that all team members believe in and live by that perfectly aligns with the company’s purpose. The firm considers these values as the greatest asset to the organization because they are the pillars of the agency culture. They play a principal role work to bring out the best in Simpson’s people.

Maintaining a passion about making a difference by pushing the boundaries to create unique strategic value for the company, clients, and community

Keeping it Real! Simpson Healthcare keeps it real by developing strong, authentic relationships internally and externally with its clients

The Company looks to the Future by never losing sight of the larger context and bigger opportunity

Better Together means dedication and collaborative teamwork for the highest quality work product

Every employee brings out their best self to work every day that indicates a commitment to achieving personal balance and strength, both at work and personally

On Route to Futuring

The FUTURING service from Simpson Healthcare integrates business strategy to construct goals and drive decision-making that is impactful. But what exactly is FUTURING? Simpson Healthcare’s FUTURING is a type of work that accelerates the disruptive innovation.“During FUTURING, we envision the potential best and worst futures without any reference to present day,” Kelly explains.

And once a Future is visualized, Simpson works on the drivers to reach that Future and further identifies opportunities that lead to a “Desirable FUTURE” and also avoid an “Undesirable FUTURE.” The purpose of FUTURING is to look into healthcare with a 10-20 year vision by looking at global datasets, policies, and influential variables, and disrupt key healthcare markets. Today, the number of healthcare organizations that better understand how disruptive thinking helps develop brands is increasing. And Simpson Healthcare sees immense opportunity in building knowledge, skills, and educating healthcare providers in advancements in science and technology. The firm is certain to build more brands, find more ways to build them and explain them as well. Speaking about the future, Kelly says, “We look forward to the further success of Simpson Healthcare Executives, but also to a bright future for scientific communications and the healthcare experience for patients around the globe more broadly.”

Greet the Luminary

Kelly Simpson-Angelini is the founder, CEO and CSO of Simpson Healthcare. Kelly loves to spend time with her people and ensures that the right people are on the team to develop and execute the best and most interactive branded and disease state educational programs and platforms. She strives to empower physicians in the diagnosis, management and treatment of disease and achieve the clients’ overarching goal of improving quality of life for their patients. As the most senior executive team leader and a life coach, Kelly prioritizes sharing positive employee and client experiences with each other while coaching and mentoring her teams to live their purpose. She was honored the “Healthcare Transformers-Top 10 Innovation Catalyst” by Medical Marketing and Media (MM&M). Kelly Simpson-Angelini currently serves as Chair of the Board of Directors at Can Do Multiple Sclerosis (MS) with a purpose of helping people with multiple sclerosis live better.

"We think disruptively and expand medical conversations about why scientific stories of therapies matter for patients."

"Our team comes together every day to grow our clients’ brands in our highly collaborative working  environment to develop new therapeutic marketing platforms, methods of communication,  and scientific frameworks."

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