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Sinequa helps organizations provide their employees with relevant information and insights via Intelligent Enterprise Search

Sinequa helps organizations provide their employees with relevant information and insights via Intelligent Enterprise Search

Sinequa brings the leading platform for intelligent search to large, global companies and government agencies. The platform combines the power of Search with advanced Natural Language Processing, and Machine Learning algorithms. This provides employees with relevant information and insights from all enterprise sources in any language in the context of their work.

Sinequa believes in the importance of Shared values

Common values foster an engaging and supportive corporate culture that helps employees thrive and the organization succeed. They establish the priorities and create an atmosphere where employees can freely pursue the three marks of personal achievement: Autonomy, Mastery, and Purpose.

Innovation: Sinequa loves new ideas and creative work, and they know that the most important problems require innovative solutions. They do not fear challenges but take inspiration from them. To stay ahead, they seek new and creative ways to solve the most difficult problems and blaze new trails in the process.

Excellence:  Sinequa loves a job well-done, and gets satisfaction from always looking for a better way. They set high standards for themselves and their work, and challenge themselves to exceed those standards.

Integrity: Sinequa knows that truthfulness, mutual respect, and trust allow us all to do what’s best, as well as what’s right. An open atmosphere also means everyone has the freedom to focus on how to be their best.

Customer Focus: Helping Sinequa’s internal and external customers achieve their goals gives them a sense of purpose and satisfaction. They seek to understand their customers’ needs and goals, and do everything they can to help achieve them.

Teamwork: A creative and friendly atmosphere is necessary for smart, motivated people to work together towards a common goal. The company fosters an energetic, collaborative workplace that values everyone’s contribution.

Accelerating information discovery is a growth imperative

Over the past few decades, enterprises have been investing heavily in modernizing data management systems to efficiently store and structure data for analytical and operational purposes. However, over 80% of the data and content that employees create and use to do their jobs is unstructured text that resides in business documents stored in files and other systems across multiple functions. These unstructured assets are often the most valuable as they contain data that can be construed into knowledge. However, most of this content is not easily findable, which limits the ability of enterprises to realize the many benefits of accelerated information discovery.

At Sinequa, the team helps the world's largest and most complex organizations improve information discovery and knowledge management with intelligent search solutions. The Sinequa Intelligent Search platform is the most complete AI-powered search solution for delivering the information and insights needed by employees to drive enterprise innovation and operational excellence.

Sinequa Intelligent Search platform

While many vendors in the market today provide baseline technology and tools to develop search functionality, Sinequa offers the most complete and advanced features for accelerating the delivery of search-based applications across every area of your enterprise. The core features included in the Sinequa Intelligent Search platform allow for:

Ubiquitous content ingestion

With over 200 connectors and converters and support for 350+ formats, users can ingest all data and content no matter the source, format, language, on-premise, or in the cloud. Moreover, Sinequa uniquely provides connectors for high-value use case applications, such as research and development (R&D), engineering, and product lifecycle management.

Automated curation at scale

Sinequa’s intelligent search engine technology offers the most advanced NLP technology and the use of deep machine learning available in the market. With Sinequa, all data and content are enriched and connected, transforming it into information that is findable and discoverable.

Contextual insights for every employee

Using Sinequa’s personalization features, including an open-source app framework and low-code search UI development tools, users can quickly and efficiently connect every employee to actionable insights and the organization's collective knowledge.

Alexandre Bilger, CEO

With over twenty years of experience as a top executive within enterprise software, Alexandre has a proven ability to build and lead high performing organizations. In addition to being a thought leader, he is passionate about cutting edge technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, cognitive computing and natural language processing. Prior to being appointed CEO of Sinequa, Alexandre co-founded and was Chief Technology Officer of eFront, a data-processing software vendor specializing in the financial industries.

He graduated from Ecole Polytechnique and the Ecole des Mines. Alexandre is a champagne and travel enthusiast with a genuine passion for Japan.

“Leading organizations trust Sinequa’s Intelligent Search software to power their information discovery applications.”

“Sinequa solutions are at work in labs, factories, and offices. They streamline workflows, increase productivity, and free workers for higher-value tasks.”

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