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Skillsoft:  Building Beautiful Technology and Engaging Content

Skillsoft:  Building Beautiful Technology and Engaging Content

In order for businesses of any type to be successful, they need to be fueled by an educated, engaged and effective workforce. Skillsoft, the global leader in corporate learning, helps companies to educate their workforces to maximize effectiveness and allows their customers to provide internal growth opportunities that are required to attract and retain great talent. They do this for some of the most successful companies in the world, including over 65% of the Fortune 500. 

Skillsoft was founded in 1998 and has remained focused on enabling organizations to achieve competitive advantages through superior enterprise-wide knowledge and skills for the last three decades. With Bill Donoghue as Executive Chairman, the company has seen a successful transformation from its roots as an e-learning software provider to a modern digital company, offering the most innovative cloud-based learning solutions and platforms available today. This entails the development of learning content in multiple modalities (audio, video, books, coding practice labs and live sessions) and the provision of technology platforms that companies can leverage to support their employees’ development.

Skillsoft has partnered with many of the world’s biggest and most successful brands, training more than 400 million people who have completed over 1 billion learning modules. It has been a trusted partner and a leading global provider of high-quality, innovative and cloud based learning and performance support solutions.

The Skillsoft Effect

As a partner to so many successful corporations, Skillsoft has seen first-hand the importance of remaining agile in a digital world, and has taken important steps over the last 18 months to complete its own transformation into a modern digital technology company.

Skillsoft’s transformation included investing more than $40 million in platform technology and content, culminating with the formal launch of the new state of the art learning platform, Percipio, alongside thousands of brand new micro-learning assets. Percipio delivers a Netflix style consumer-led design with cutting edge technology. It has been built from the ground up, with a consumer-led user experience, leveraging data analytics and usage patterns that are required for individuals’ learning and development.

In addition to Percipio, Skillsoft provides a wide range of products and services. Skillsoft has the largest library of corporate learning content including Business Skills, Personal Development, Leadership, IT Certification, Program and Project Management, Software Development, Cyber Security, DevOps, Digital Skills and an end-to-end compendium of the leading Compliance and Corporate Certification requirements that organizations demand today.

Skillsoft’s state of the art technology meets learners needs, to find content quickly and also come back to a course, wherever, whenever and on whatever device they choose. They want guidance through learning paths and curated content, in a beautiful consumer-led experience. Employers want the confidence that their learners have access to the best, curated, widest and deepest content assets which will deliver the desired learning outcomes to build and maintain world class organizations. By engaging with Skillsoft, customers have seen rewards of greater employee engagement, satisfaction and retention, increased efficiency, and improved customer service.

The People at Skillsoft

In order to provide the tailor-made learning requirements with individual attention, there is a dedicated and talented team working at Skillsoft. Skillsoft’s global workforce remains laser focused on building engaging content and beautiful technology to meet customers’ needs.

Within Skillsoft, the focus is primarily on communication, employee engagement and advocacy, and making Skillsoft a great place to work. By sharing information with the global workforce, the company ensures that all the employees are aware of the company’s strategy and mission, and is updated regularly on achievements.

In order to measure its effectiveness at engaging its own worforce, Skillsoft conducted a company-wide survey and the results have been rewarding. In fact, results confirmed that employees are energized by the business and cultural transformations taking place. The internal transformation has included many enhancements to benefit offerings and investment in modern workplace environments, such as a new office in Boston and a major remodeling project for its US headquarters in Nashua, New Hampshire.

In order to continue receiving feedback and to boost two-way communications throughout the organization, Skillsoft has launched a new global 30x30 Continuous Feedback Program. The premise of this program is that employees will spend up to 30 minutes every 30 days to provide meaningful feedback and two-way communication, ensuring that employees are supported with information and development opportunities that are needed to be successful. The program uses the company’s own SumTotal platform.

With a diverse workforce, Skillsoft realizes the value in a variety of experiences, ideas and perspectives. It also maintains an ecosystem of mutual respect and support. This compliments its objective to foster a deep understanding of the global audience it supports. To that end, Skillsoft measures its improvements in increasing diversity, and has developed a state of the art program internally to support an inclusive environment, including an amazing Women in Action Leadership Program.

Skillsoft provides a single corporate learning solution supporting all of the learning requirements of organizations and their learners. This uniquely positions Skillsoft as the global leader and innovator in the corporate learning market.

Meet the ace

Skillsoft’s CEO and Chairman, Bill Donoghue joined Skillsoft in 2015 and since then taken the company to new levels of success. Prior to joining Skillsoft, Bill was Chief Operating Officer at TES Global for 5 years. With 30 years of experience in business, he has led a hugely ambitious and successful transformation of the company, brand, people, technology, products and culture.

Meet  the People Officer

Greg Porto is Skillsoft’s Chief People Officer and is responsible for leading and managing the global human resources of Skillsoft. He joined the company in 2002 and has over 20 years of experience in the industry. With a bachelor’s degree from Connecticut College in New London, Connecticut, he is focused on the continued development and evolution of work culture. This has enabled Skillsoft to attract the very best talent globally and ensure that it is a great place to work.

“Our mission is to build beautiful technology and engaging content. Our people are at the core of this mission.”

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