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SMP Logic Systems aim to Restructure the Pharmaceutical Industry with Revolutionary Products

SMP Logic Systems aim to Restructure the Pharmaceutical Industry with Revolutionary Products

Today, most CIOs in the pharmaceutical industry tend to invest big in buying new technologies rather than upgrading their production systems. This is because the manufacturing systems quickly become obsolete and the manufacturing processes may not be able to assimilate to the new technology that is purchased. SMP Logic Systems aims to fill this ‘technology gap’ between future expertise and current manufacturing solutions by leveraging their best-in-breed software tools – specifically for the manufacturers in the pharmaceutical industry.

SMP Logic Systems is a research-based software development company aiming to revolutionize pharmaceutical manufacturing processes and systems by helping manufacturers produce high-quality drugs at low costs on a consistent basis. The company originated in 2003 with the first contemplated patent on the principle of fully integrated automated pharmaceutical manufacturing.SMP Logic Systems officially launched in 2006. Born out of the idea of “bringing together pharmaceutical manufacturers and software programmers,” SMP Logic Systems has created a niche specialty in the marketplace. SMP Logic Systems houses expert software programmers experienced in developing execution systems in all areas of manufacturing science. Some of the disciplines they cover are batch systems, product tracking, quality monitoring, I/O systems, database management, product tagging, failure analysis, and supply chain management systems. They have even developed proprietary methods to fully integrate pharmaceutical manufacturing sub-processes, such as crystallization systems, chromatography systems, liquid mixing systems, tablet press systems, and operational systems such as WFI systems and HVAC to create a fully-integrated comprehensive cost-saving pharmaceutical manufacturing system.

Their pharmaceutical manufacturing specialists, on the other hand, possess vast industry experience in manufacturing pharmaceuticals. “Bringing our expertise in manufacturing and software programming together, [we aim] to provide revolutionary products with a specific focus,” the company said. SMP Logic Systems’ primary focus is however on reducing the waste from pharmaceutical manufacturing with the help of these revolutionary products. Not only will this help companies save money in the long run, but it will also benefit the consumers with reduced drug prices due to significant cost-cutting in the production.

Innovation – Their Products

SMP brings its Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) technology to the cloud through its recently launched Cloud Logic product. Furthering the Industrial IoT, Cloud Logic makes use of several existing leading-edge technologies and design concepts. Or more elaborately,

  • Cloud Logic begins with a design concept that expands the traditional MES layer to render the standard SCADA and ERP systems obsolete by integrating all processes into one system
  • SMP’s product utilizes proprietary “Soft” PLC technology to eliminate the typical one-to-one mapping layer, thus allowing for a disparate mix of sensors and controllers to be used in a synergistic way
  • The Cloud Logic system is highly customizable and scalable be it on components or entire systems. It also offers real-time monitoring capability and can be remotely controlled
  • Finally, the enhanced technology allows for interoperability across a plurality of sub-systems, thereby allowing pharmaceutical manufacturing enterprises to integrate new and legacy systems piecemeal or all at once, depending on specific needs

SMP also provides Industrial Cloud service(s)for pharmaceutical manufacturers and their manufacturing providers to seamlessly transition into the cloud. Furthering the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), SMP’s Industrial Cloud services assist pharmaceutical manufacturers in designing appropriate scale systems to bring pharmaceutical production into the cloud while keeping costs contained and quality high. The Industrial Cloud representatives begin by creating a clear manufacturing vision for its clients, so as to avoid making decisions in isolation and thereby realizing a project that works synergistically to maximize the end goal.

SMP’s knowledge base allows pharmaceutical manufacturers to update and modernize all aspects of the manufacturing processes, including process and systems management, continuous real-time quality monitoring, process control, track and trace solutions, and real-time reporting to business units. The result is a pharmaceutical productions capability working globally in the Industrial Cloud.

SMP Forecast

SMP is an innovative company looking to scale up. “Innovation is the life-blood of our company,” says the Founder & President of SMP, Shane Popp. But, every company faces hard challenges. In the case of SMP, according to Popp, most companies they support are hesitant to completely change processes given the stringent quality controls needed to produce drugs and drug products. However, as the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry solutions gravitate toward cloud-based systems, SMP is hopeful that its products will win over the market in the short term. That said, they also create customized solutions to meet client’s specific needs, Popp noted. The company’s vision is to give the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry a new face as it expects more and more manufacturers to come forward, ready to change their processes and systems adapting SMP’s technological innovations.

“Our solution’s interoperability between different hardware in the production processes is a key aspect to our competitive advantage.”

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