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SnoopWall: Proactive Cyber Security Through Breach Prevention

SnoopWall: Proactive Cyber Security Through Breach Prevention

“Enhancing Security by Understanding Vulnerabilities”

SnoopWall, Inc. is headquartered in Nashua, New Hampshire in the United States and manufactures computer and network security software and hardware. SnoopWall’s objective is to assist organizations with breach prevention, an exponentially expanding concern with the vast majority of networks today. SnoopWall specializes in information and IT security.

SnoopWall secures networks and establishes assetprotection through its patented processes that prevent network intrusions rather than detecting them after the fact. SnoopWall products provide real-time defense and instantaneous response to the latest cyber-attack methodologies including zero-hours, phishing attacks, crypto, and ransomware.

SnoopWall enables IT professionals to regain control of their networks through effective policy management and enforcement. Its suite of scalable products is highly successful in delivering actionable intelligence including vulnerability assessments and compliance reporting.

SnoopWall believes that having a common vision, clear communication, a reasonable resource pool and an attractive market opportunity are crucial components of success. Being in an extremely dynamic and exciting market space has helped maintain momentum, and provides an exciting challenge.

Proactive, not Reactive Network Security

SnoopWall’s primary products, NetSHIELD and AppSHIELD, areutilized globally in over 40 countries. NetSHIELD secures client networks from the inside out. It delivers a rich feature-set of agent-less critical Network Access Control (NAC) and critical intranet security which firewalls and AV solutions do not and cannot address and where 95% of today’s breaches occur. The NetSHIELD solution is available as a hardware appliance that scales from 25 to 10,000 protected assets per appliance. In addition, an embedded command center allows administrators to manage remote sites.

AppSHIELD SDK is SnoopWall’s patent-pending mobile security product. It can secure any mobile app on all major platforms. AppSHIELD SDK acts as an application and port authority which makes the app invisible to any other app on the mobile device.

Mission / Vision

SnoopWall’s mission is to be a trusted provider of cost-effective, proactive, security solutions to enhance cyber-risk mitigation strategies of an organization. The company aims to close security gaps and ensure that only trusted, known assets connect to corporate networks.

An open-door policy is more than a statement at SnoopWall

The greatest factor for its success is the company’s employees, who are the most important asset in its continued growth. SnoopWall has found its strong talent pool in the Northeast tech hub and beyond. Each employee has input in the company’s growth and accomplishments.

SnoopWall believes that two-way communication is the most important ingredient in the recipe for success. President and Chief Operating Officer, Ed Wall, is the first person to say that he “does not have all the answers to every question, but as a team, there are few things we can’t overcome”. He encourages staff to share ideas on all aspects of the business, from company policies to product development and beyond. SnoopWall strives for a close knit, team orientated atmosphere where the employees are the backbone of the company’s existence.

SnoopWall is still in its startup phase where the employees are encouraged to invest themselves in the future that all will share in. The goals, challenges and successes are openly shared and communicated across the organization with the express intent of transparency and feedback solicitation. SnoopWall places a great deal of trust in each and every employee. This ensures autonomy in work-related decisions and brings out the best in its staff.

In terms of professional development and growth, SnoopWall’s strong team model leads to open communication, shared successes and forward leaning attitudes amongst its staff. While many IT and Cyber professionals can find themselves tied to a desk staring at a computer screen day in and day out, SnoopWall strives for something more. The open area of the offices was converted into “collaboration space” where meetings are held, ideas are drawn on the whiteboard walls and each separatesection within the company, from Engineering to Global Support and Business Development give their own feedback on issues of the day.

Leadership by example is one of Ed Wall’s core beliefs and development of staff for future advanced rolls and leadership within the company is always on his mind. He asks staff for their input on what the company can do better and encourages them to help design the improvement. It’s empowering if the person who makes observations has a hand in addressing them. Taking ownership of imperfections and striving for improvement in a “non-retaliation zone” leads to enhanced relationships, better products, and robust business opportunities for everyone.

Meet Ed Wall

Ed is the President and Chief Operating Officer of SnoopWall, Inc. where he and the management staff are responsible for overseeing all operations of the company. Prior to entering SnoopWall as COO, Ed had 30+ years of experience in law enforcement and public safety service. He headed the Division of Criminal Investigation and the Division of Emergency Management in the State of Wisconsin and additionally served as Cabinet Secretary of the Department of Corrections, where he oversaw the state’s largest cabinet agency with 10,000+ employees and a biennial budget over $2.5 billion dollars. He was responsible for establishing or enhancing criminal investigative units responsible for computer crimes, internet crimes against children, cyber security, counter terrorism, criminal intelligence, and computer forensics. He served on the Governor’s Homeland Security Council for 9 years and held a Tier 3 Secret Level National Security Clearance. Throughout his leadership roles, Ed has been involved at the executive level in oversight and implementation of large network cyber-security systems and protocols to protect critical infrastructure, data, privacy and government system operations.

“Enhance security by understanding vulnerabilities”

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