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January Edition 2022

Speeding Up Product Introduction With 3D Reality Riven

Speeding Up Product Introduction With 3D Reality Riven

The pressure to launch new products is relentless—regardless of the industry you operate in. Markets want the latest and greatest. The power of the internet and the profound technological changes we’ve seen over the past decade has wholly revolutionized consumerism.Customers expect new features.Spending large sums of other people’s money on products you’ve never seen before is very frightening. But that’s what B2B buyers do daily. In an ideal world, buyers could physically interact with products before purchasing. That would bring their stress levels down a notch or two. But for various reasons, examining products in the flesh might not be possible. And not just because of COVID.

Manufacturing has historically been an engine for innovation. From developing futuristic solutions for rapid prototyping, production, and delivery to innovative strategies for personalizing products for the consumer, manufacturers today are the foundation for the commercialized world we live in. Manufacturers must continually introduce innovations to ensure their new product pipeline is competitive and compelling.

Manufacturers making a basic catalog of products can use high-quality photography to display them to machinists. But manufacturers producing complex, customizable goods, complex geometric designs, and engineering capacity constraints could never have the time or budget required to manufacture or photograph every potential design. Generic drawings and product shots won’t cut it either. 3D product visualization software for producing accurate designs is the answer.

Riven is one such company that provides cloud-based 3D reality software to speed up product introduction and significantly simplify how teams develop, iterate, and build physical products. Riven delivers a way to distribute the validation of new part integrity throughout the process rather than saving it till the end. Riven is a shared digital platform that gets more people on the same page sooner, provides the information required to adjust and launch products faster in a way that is accurate and accessible enough to prevent entire iterations from being wasted. Riven’s 3D data shows you exactly how parts compare to their design. Every detail and defect is captured in a collaborative space that lets your team make the right changes confidently. Riven’s product includes software and hardware required to visualize the product in a virtual 3D space.

Innovative manufacturers use Riven software across various production methods today, including additive manufacturing, casting, injection molding, and press & sinter.

Riven is based out of Berkeley, California, and was founded in 2016 by James page.

Groundbreaking 3D product visualization, troubleshooting, and team managing services offered


The current inability to manufacture large and odd-sized parts is one of the biggest challenges of additive manufacturing. Also, the lack of a comprehensive set of standards for additive manufacturing remains one of the critical barriers to popularizing the technology. However, advanced part analysis helps solve additive manufacturing problems early on. Solutions range from simple scaling factors to Riven’s sophisticated Warp-Adapted-Models (WAMTM). Riven’sWAMTM enables higher accuracy additive manufacturing part production. WAMTMuses full-part 3D datafrom an early part to identify errors and produces a new corrected model in mere minutes that eliminates warp and is almostten times more accurate when printed. Customers successfully use Riven’sWAMTMto facilitate more precise production parts today.WAMTMcapability has been tested extensively and has shown improvement across various additive manufacturing technologies, including FFF, SLA, metal binder jetting, and MJF. WAMTM improves parts made by nearly any AM technology or machine.

Enabling superior sintering process

The deformation of metal objects during the complicated sintering process has become one of the most notorious problems to analyze. However, with Riven’s automatic Go/No-Go tool, companies can quickly identify problem parts before being sent into production. This mid-process product integrity check helps companies save thousands of dollars in wasted engineerhours. Riven’s CAD-compare feature can highlight changes needed to alter the product before production. The Go/No-go sintering tool helps companies quickly iterate the design by providing insights and saving design time.

Collaborate and Accumulate

Riven’s cloud-based software enables teams to collaborate through the internet and resolve problems faster with push-button 3D scanning, analysis, and communication tools.

Riven also allows the team to quickly and intuitively manage 3D reality data by part and project. Building a contextually rich historical record of new features produced and processes validated.


Danny Yu serves as the chief executive officer at Riven. He has many years of experience working with some of the finest technology companies in the world. Before being associated with Riven, Mr. Yu was managing partner, vice president, and managing director of some global tech companies. He also was a founder and co-founder of StartX and Sandbloom, respectively.

Mr. Yu is an alumnus of the prestigious Stanford University, where he obtained a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering. He also graduated withan MBA from the UCLA  Anderson School of Management.His passion is to build purpose-driven teams and lead sustainable transformation of physical B2B industries.He has made multiple start-up software and hardware businesses, each from 0 up to $100M+ in revenues, and managed global business segments of $600M+.

“Quickly diagnose and fix deviations from the design intent. Reach better decisions with your team and customers.”

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