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December Monthly Edition 2022

Spintly – Transforming the physical security industry with its fully wireless, cloud-based access control system

Spintly – Transforming the physical security industry with its fully wireless, cloud-based access control system

Access Control is all about preventing unauthorized access to a site, building or individual office – it helps to protect the people, the premises and the assets within them. It enables a business to manage entry and exit of employees and visitors as well as monitor who has access to certain areas. It can also act as a safety measure, preventing people from going near a potentially dangerous area or equipment, such as a boiler room or an elevator machine room. An on-site access control system will have a server and connected computer on the business premises with software that can control the system and hold the information about who can access various areas and what access rights can be applied to individuals. While this setup remains popular, many systems are now moving to cloud-based technologies that give more flexibility and greater functionality. A hosted or cloud-based access control system effectively moves the server from the business’ premises to a data center (or similar) and hosts the equipment off-site. The key card readers remain on-site at relevant locations to read the key fob, card or mobile Bluetooth device to allow access to the user where appropriate.

Spintly is one such company that offers a multitude of cloud access control solutions to suit your specific needs. It brings to you "SMART ACCESS", a smart access control system which allows easy and secure entry to your modern workplace area. It allows you to unleash the power of your smartphone by converting it into a smart access card. Spintly-Smart Access is very easy to install, adopt and use. The company uses a fully wireless back-end system eliminating the need for wired Weigand standard. Spintly is a BLE mesh- enabled IoT platform that facilitates indoor and outdoor management of access points like doors, gates, boardrooms, hotel rooms, office spaces, parking lots, or any area that requires a touch-based biometric log-in. Recognizing the immense potential of the data obtained through the platform, they went on further to build a SaaS solution that has many applications in attendance management, facility management, etc. To secure their premises, businesses of all sizes need reliable, seamless smart access control systems. Spintly has made it easier for many people to get to offices, hospitals, Institutes, residential complexes, and other places using smartphone-based access. The company's objective is to help your organization choose the best access control solution, from entry-level smart card technology to advanced solutions.

Offering State-of-the-Art Cloud-Based Access Control Software Solutions

Access Control for Co-Working Spaces: As the corporate world becomes more and more competitive, the utilization of resources effectively has become the priority. With the rising number of startups and small industries, the concept of co-working spaces is gaining ground. A co-working space is an area where people from different organizations work together. The working space does not belong to any specific company and is shared mutually among the employees of different companies. Your co-workspace needs to be flexible and secure for the people working in it. An integrated access control system with your workspace not only gives you control over your building but also ensures the workspace is easily accessible to the people working in it. Co-working spaces have people from different organizations working together; theft or physical damage to expensive gadgets and equipment lying around your desks unattended becomes a major challenge. To maintain security and track people entering and leaving the facility becomes easier with an access control system.

With Spintly's cloud-based access control you can easily expand your access control services to your extended workspace. Wireless access control gives you the feasibility to switch your workspace to another location or a different floor without having to think about the locks and the security. You can easily grant or revoke access to any door, add more conference rooms, etc. Spintly allows co-workspace managers to utilize the access control features efficiently by managing the physical access of the members remotely.

Smart Hotel Access: The hospitality industry is just not confined to hotels, tourism, restaurants and bars; but it’s an Experience, which remains on the “best memorable moments” page in people’s life. Managing a hotel, controlling its staff, protecting assets and also providing a satisfactory service to its customers is no easy task for an owner.  With the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, it’s the need of the hour to offer a better user experience through contactless and wireless methods to ensure the good health and safety of the customers and staff. The adverse effect of the pandemic has hit all the market segments and the hospitality industry is no exception to this. Now is the time to take a step forward and install a smart access control system to protect and develop hospitality businesses whether small or big. The access control system can be used from major national brands to the smaller independent start-ups. This empowers the owner or the manager to decide who can access their space, when and how; and also monitor the physical movement of people and material with control over multiple locations at a time. From the management perspective, smart access systems and mobile keys allow the owner or manager to have all-time data access on who accessed which door at what time across all locations. This in turn helps to avoid any possibility of theft or crime and misuse of hotel rooms. It is also the responsibility of the hotel management to assure the guests that their belongings in the room are safe & secure when they are not in; by having a track of who is entering the room for housekeeping and cleaning.

Spintly offers best-in-class smart access control solutions to the emerging and established chain of hotels enabling strong, effective and remote Cloud-based monitoring and security system. Spintly practices easy and hassle-free installation procedure with no damage to the infrastructure and maintains the aesthetics of the property. Hoteliers can have to their discretion on providing customized access to the common areas based on the package booked by the guests and as well have a track of all the movement in the building. Emerging out of the present pandemic crisis, Spintly’s contactless and wireless solutions will help to achieve customer safety and satisfaction, in turn, building business credibility and profitability in the hospitality industry.

Time and Attendance Management System: Traditionally, a pen and paper-based attendance system were prevalent. It used to be time-consuming and is also subjected to human errors. It is a repetitive process and sometimes employees forget to check in and check out. Spintly provides the most flexible, reliable and convenient Time and Attendance solution which allows employees to check-in with their favorite check-in method which include smartphones, access card or Biometric (Fingerprint and face recognition). Streamline your Workforce attendance with NFC Cards for a hassle-free, convenient and contactless check-in and check-out experience. Employees can now mark attendance through a GPS enabled smartphone. The Spintly application captures the employee attendance online with the exact date, time and location coordinates. Time and attendance software features include:

  • Attendance Reports – Generate real-time attendance reports and receives automated reports on e-mail or view the reports on the smartphone dashboard.
  • Shift Management – Create multiple shifts which can run in parallel and manage shifts using a shift roster with a user-friendly UI
  • Leave Management – Employees can request their leaves through their app and managers can instantly approve the same on their smartphones.
  • Custom attributes – Create attributes relevant to your organization and generate custom reports as per your needs.

Rohin Parkar | Co-Founder & CEO

Rohin is an eternal learner who believes in intellectually honest learning. He is currently solving problems within the access control and smart buildings space. His vision is to revolutionize and simplify access control with mobile and cloud-based access. Mr. Parkar is a seasoned wireless technology leader with extensive hardware/product development and leadership experience.

"Leveraging cutting-edge security technologies with the most advanced networking capabilities to deliver full-featured security solutions for any type of business."

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