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February Monthly Edition 2023

We solve the problems that telcos and large enterprise businesses have in digitalising their SMB customers,  whilst improving profitability and NPS: Peter Urmson,  CEO of Spotzer Digital.

We solve the problems that telcos and large enterprise businesses have in digitalising their SMB customers, whilst improving profitability and NPS: Peter Urmson, CEO of Spotzer Digital.

Delivering quality digital marketing solutions at scale has never been easier. We set our partners up for success where they focus on sales and marketing and we do everything else. We also work with our partners where we can offer sales capability as white-labeled service, therefore, providing the full end-to-end business solution. Spotzer Digital has developed a unique proprietary technology stack integrated with its proprietary customer management platform. The company has a best practice solution where it primarily focuses on the customer experience, NPS and delivering value for money for the SMB. Spotzer Digital’s offering includes Online Essentials, Social Essentials, website content and design at scale, digital advertising with Spotzer Ads, global client management, and more — everything available in the form of a white-label solution.

Peter Urmson, CEO of Spotzer Digital, spoke exclusively to CIO Bulletin about how his company provides digital business solutions of the highest quality.

Interview Highlights

Q. What prompted you to develop Spotzer Digital? Can you tell us about the journey so far?

Having come from an enterprise business background myself, I have built a business that solves the problems that enterprise businesses have in supporting SMB customers with digital marketing and business solution services.

Having now worked closely with many of the world’s leading telcos, our business offers a full end-to-end solution where we do all of the heavy lifting, allowing the telco to focus just on marketing our products and services. We do everything else, from sales to customer contact, production, fulfillment, and ongoing customer care. We are already in deep relationships and partnerships with leading telcos such as Telstra, Orange, Telenet, Telenor, Swisscom and several other significant brands.

We offer a range of digital tools and software, including our marketing automation platform, SpotzerAds, which streamlines the process of creating business listings, websites, building e-commerce sites, managing social media and search to drive traffic and generate leads.

For businesses already selling online products and services, we help improve their margins, grow revenue, and scale their operations through the introduction of value-added products. When companies are new to offering their customers digital solutions, we use our global expertise to help them develop a digital product strategy, execute effective go-to-market campaigns, manage customer relationships, and increase Average Revenue Per User (ARPU).

Q. What are the company’s strengths and weaknesses? How do you turn weaknesses into opportunities?

We have been closely monitoring the advancements in AI content generation and have integrated them

into our proprietary technology stack through various R&D projects. Our AI solutions are a combination

of technology with human oversight to improve quality and performance. Our evolving tech stack allows us to maintain our global Net Promoter Score with an agile approach to operations.

Q. How does Spotzer Digital make it easy for enterprise partners?

Our solutions provide enterprise partners with a unified customer journey across multiple digital solutions, giving a consistent brand experience that is intuitively easy to understand for customers.

We have a robust partner management program where we work as one team with the partner

to develop the offering, continuously improve processes, and continually innovate product.

Spotzer Digital can be fully integrated with any partner’s existing marketplace, allowing customers

to purchase a partner’s own set of solutions directly, We can manage sales, onboarding, production, relationship management, and invoicing if required. We increase the attachment rate so telcos can maximize ARPU opportunities.

Tell us more about your efforts in improving customer retention.

Our solutions have been proven to consistently deliver value to our customers and their small and medium-sized business clientele. A major factor in customer retention is ensuring that our partners

and their customers have visibility of the ROI generated from our products and services. Even the most expertly designed website and professionally executed campaigns will not guarantee retention if customers are not aware of the value they provide.

That is why it is crucial that we are able to demonstrate tangible results focused on return on investment, as this not only leads to retention but also fosters trust, opening the door to further business opportunities.

Q. How, according to you, does advertising make a difference to small businesses?

We specialize in building high-quality online products that generate meaningful ROI for the end customer. One effective method for reaching a new audience with these elements is through online advertising. Our focus is on campaigns that generate leads, which is the most common objective for our clients. However, we also cater to customers who have other goals, such as increasing brand awareness or retaining clients.

To date, we have successfully managed hundreds of thousands of campaigns across various platforms, including Google, Meta, Microsoft Ads, YouTube, and soon, TikTok. Our extensive experience and access to data allow us to precisely determine what works and how to effectively implement it, while providing the best possible customer experience.

About | Peter Urmson

Peter Urmson is the Chief Executive Officer of Spotzer Digital. Since his appointment, he has rapidly increased the growth of Spotzer Digital by partnering with some of the world’s leading enterprise brands, where Spotzer Digital provides a complete white-label end-to-end solution that includes technology, products, and services. With a strong background in managing mid-tier and enterprise businesses, Pete has developed the Spotzer Digital business to address the digital solutions needs of enterprise businesses for their small to medium-sized business clients. He has a proven track record in the digital solutions industry and is a well-respected leader in the field. Pete has collaborated with multiple international enterprises and medium-sized organizations to launch digital marketing services across Europe, the United States, and Australia.

A native of the UK, Pete has lived in Australia and Amsterdam, and is passionate about delivering real results for partners and their SMB customers. He is dedicated to achieving a high Net Promoter Score (NPS) and supporting his partners and employees in achieving success.

“Our solutions provide enterprise partners unified customer journeys across multiple digital products, giving a consistent brand experience that is intuitively easy to understand for customers.”

“We specialize in building high-quality digital products and services that generate meaningful ROI”

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