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January Monthly Edition 2023

StackAdapt – The Programmatic Partner of Choice for Exceptional Digital Marketers

StackAdapt – The Programmatic Partner of Choice for Exceptional Digital Marketers

Programmatic advertising has revolutionized the way we buy and sell inventory and is now a critical component of a digital marketing strategy. By 2023, programmatic spending will reach over $140 billion, according to eMarketer. This guide will cover how programmatic display campaigns work, what they allow you to achieve, and the terminology needed to dive into programmatic media buying. Programmatic advertising offers an efficient alternative, making ad buying quicker and cheaper by removing people from the laborious and repetitive parts of the process and replacing them with machines.

StackAdapt is one such self-serve advertising platform that specializes in multi-channel solutions including native, display, video, connected TV, in-game and audio ads. Its state-of-the-art platform is where some of the most progressive work in machine learning meets cutting-edge user experience. StackAdapt is designed around the three core pillars of programmatic—planning, executing and analyzing. The company is ranked as the number 1 DSP on G2. For six consecutive years, StackAdapt has been recognized as a high performer and the highest-ranking DSP in customer satisfaction by G2, and also placed on the Top 100 Software Products list and the Highest Satisfaction list for 2020 and 2021. It has been named one of the 2022 Ad Age Best Places to Work and was ranked top five out of thousands of applicants.

Why StackAdapt

Plan Campaigns For Performance: Devise the best plan before launching your programmatic advertising campaign. Envision a campaign that feels like the real customer experience. Plan for performance—achieve your KPIs. The Planner centralizes campaign planning and execution. You provide your parameters, like budget, goals and geos, to generate forecasts and benchmarks for predicting programmatic campaign results in real-time. Unique to StackAdapt, the Ad Previewer enables you to see how your display, video and native ad creative will appear on select domains. Depending on your campaign goal, the Creative Studio can help tailor creatives to meet your desired KPI. Leverage the expertise of Creative Strategists who work across several verticals, to help your campaign deliver and leave a lasting impression.

Execute Campaigns with Ease: Execute your programmatic plan within an ecosystem that includes native, display, video, CTV, audio, and in-game. An intuitive UI makes workflow and optimizations a breeze. StackAdapt has created the highest quality ecosystem of media partners and publishers. Leverage scalable supply across all of the channels where your audiences consume media. Reaching relevant users on all devices and channels requires implementing a holistic targeting strategy. Leverage native, display, video, CTV, audio, and in-game to reach individuals across mobile, desktop, tablet, TV, and video games. Campaigns with bulky line items are a thing of the past. The suite of Strategy tools, including Bid Factoring and Creative Tactics provide more granular programmatic campaign optimization.

Analyze Campaigns with Accuracy: Find, track and share the metrics that are most important for your clients. Deep dive into site transparency, geo performance, audiences, contextual insights, and much more. No more guesswork on performance. Reporting and insights on your StackAdapt campaigns are not only robust but streamlined too. You can analyze campaign performance metrics, uncover data-driven insights, and export and schedule reports—all from one view. Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence isn't just a feature in StackAdapt. It is the foundation upon which the entire demand-side platform (DSP) is built. As consumer attention has shifted online, and more frequently to mobile, you'll need a means to connect the digital world with offline behaviors. You can measure foot traffic lift to your brick and mortar locations for accurate attribution to your campaigns.

DSP API: StackAdapt provides a simple, yet powerful on-ramp to expand your current paid media offering or build a programmatic adtech platform quickly. With the expertise to work as an extension of your team, StackAdapt can help your company become an adtech company. This programmatic advertising platform allows you to retarget and run video advertising, and amplify campaign efforts. Enable your customers to activate their CRM data—including email, phone number, and address—within 30 minutes to a few hours. Integrate with the StackAdapt API for an advanced programmatic advertising solution in your platform or UI. Provide adtech infrastructure for your clients to retain and acquire new customers, while developing a profitable new revenue stream.

Display Advertising: Display advertising consists of banner ads, either static text and images, or interactive with rich media elements. The more creative the ad, the more memorable and longer lasting it is, which will help build awareness with your target audience. The one thing display ads all have in common is a clear call to action to click and explore your brands' products or services online. Display ads use a combination of text, images, and a call to action to grab consumer attention. Display ads can be highly engaging when they use rich media assets, such as images, video, audio, or animation to make them interactive and memorable. Adding creative display ads into your media mix effectively can set you apart from the competition. StackAdapt's platform makes this easy! They support HTML5 and 3rd-party tags from all major ad servers at no additional cost.

Ildar Shar | CEO

"We are empowering hundreds of digitally-focused companies to deliver outcomes and exceptional campaign performance every day."

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