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Syncari—complete, no-code data automation platform

Syncari—complete, no-code data automation platform

Undoubtedly technology has transformed the way we do business. From data-driven everything to intelligent sales forecasting to automation, the way companies operate today looks drastically different from just 5 or 10 years ago.

Most of the technology’s impact has been for the better. We make smarter decisions, execute more quickly, and connect with customers in new and exciting ways. At the same time, however, it has the potential to create more silos and increase complexity when it is not optimized appropriately.

To compound these challenges, sales—the primary source of revenue for most companies—now requires more tools, teams, and touchpoints than in the past.

Revenue Operations or RevOps provides today’s companies with a more holistic approach to revenue—focusing on more than just keeping the engine running and aiming to drive continual innovation and growth.

Revolutionizing RevOps—Syncari’s modus operandi

Some of the most fundamental indicators of business health, such as how many customers a company may have, how many customers churned last quarter, and what the ARR is, continue to divide executives. Why? Because each department uses its own system of record or source of truth, and because there hasn’t been a market-ready solution to keep each source of truth in sync with reliable, accurate data until now. 

Syncari deemed RevOps is in a unique position to provide insights to sellers on what works and what doesn’t during a sales process. The company empowers RevOps to create a more efficient and effective sales organization by providing visibility into data and insights across the customer journey.

Syncari believes you can unlock sales, marketing, customer success, and finance teams’ productivity by empowering them with clean, complete data everywhere. Syncari calls this the “Distributed Truth,” which provides a shared, trusted view of customer data in every system of record - not just a CRM, ERP or data warehouse. Another distinguishing factor for Syncari is its ability to ensure data accuracy by swiftly locating and correcting inaccurate, incomplete, and duplicate data throughout the revenue ecosystem to deliver a fair and accurate perspective of the business. By integrating buyer touchpoints from marketing, product, finance, and customer success with sales activities, Syncari makes it possible for dynamic selling by providing sales representatives with the most critical information and the best course of action.

Providing automated revenue operations solutions—Syncari’s core product

The problem Syncari solves is well-known: bad data leads to bad business outcomes. And it also isn’t new. The need to integrate and manage the explosion of data across apps has been around for years now. Unfortunately, there still isn’t a solution, and the consequences are mounting. Across Sales, Marketing, Finance, and RevOps teams—inaccurate, incomplete, and inaccessible data leads to time

wasting manual clean-up, poor decisions, broken customer experiences, and ultimately lost business. Speed is the game’s name for revenue operations (RevOps) at mid-market enterprise on a growth trajectory. Syncari helps revenue leaders operate with speed and agility by making data trusted and accessible in the apps where people responsible for essential parts of the customer journey work.

The daily operations professionals who interact with data use Syncari to create a unified customer view across systems and stand up automated processes to normalize, clean, and enrich that view centrally—without writing code or waiting on resource-constrained resources like IT or data science teams.

Syncari data automation platform empowers teams to unify data and distribute truth across their go-to-market tech stack. For organizations looking to deliver data management, sync, and orchestration to their end customers, the company offers Syncari Embed. Syncari leverages its Platform APIs, ecosystem of connectors, pre-builtworkflows, and unified data model to provide its Embed customers a cost-effective way to remove barriers to product adoption and deliver better customer experiences.

Syncari then delivers accurate data back into the apps used by revenue teams and maintains app synchronization. This multi-directional sync is one of the company’s core inventions. Syncari’s multi-directional sync is made possible by the combined 30+ years that its founding team spent at Marketo, where they invented marketing automation made possible by the Salesforce/Marketo bi-directional sync.

Syncari’s patent-pending multi-directional sync engine and data-model-driven approach to integration and automation are helping companies like Conga, Metadata, and Chargebee finally achieve data interoperability across every system in the customer journey, unlocking hypergrowth.

Innovating for a more unified future—Syncari’s future of innovative products

Syncari started out as a decentralized workforce. Its employees’ safety and health became a top priority during the pandemic, and therefore, a remote-first culture was established. Its teams worked across three different countries and five distinct time zones. The company established a culture where people come first, then processes and technology. Incorporating the organization’s strength with real-time applications such as Google Meet, Slack, and team events, Syncari could retain the status quo even when everyone else started returning to work.

Syncari rewards outstanding team members who go above and beyond to uphold the company’s core values with Syncaroo awards and provides nutritious snacks to the employees’ doorstep each month.

Unlike other data platforms, Syncari is a stateful, multi-directional sync engine that provides revenue operations with resilient, governed access to the data they require, synced across systems automatically. This is made feasible by a unified data model that the company develops and fine-tunes with its customers, enabling systems in the tech stack to communicate in a common language.

Syncari will continue to develop the Syncari platform so that revenue operations can access predictive data like propensity to buy, convert, or churn, sentiment, growth estimates, and what-if scenarios.

By building on the technology foundation of data unification and multi-directional sync, its latest Syncari Insights enables access to stunning data visualizations of customers’ unified data. This supports authoring and editing data sets (queries against a unified data model), data cards (flexible visualizations), and dashboards.

Additionally, Syncari recently released pipeline node grouping, where revenue operations teams will have the ability to expand and contract workflow pipelines on the canvas within the Syncari data automation platform. This is important to increasing flexibility, the ability to document, and the ability to expand and contract workflow pipelines on the canvas.

Automating revenue operations to increase profitability and simplify sales

Nick Bonfiglio is the CEO and Co-Founder of Syncari, where he’s helping GTM teams solve costly data inconsistencies across their tech stack with complete, no-code data automation. Before Syncari, Nick was Co-Founder and CEO at Aptrinsic (acquired by Gainsight) and EVP, Global Product at Marketo (acquired by Adobe), where he both solved the sync problem across systems and played a role in the rise of new positions in the enterprise like RevOps, Marketing Ops, and Customer Success Ops.

“Effortlessly manage data and orchestrate your GTM stack.”

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