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SyncDog, Inc - Fully Integrated End-to-End Mobile Security Solution

SyncDog, Inc - Fully Integrated End-to-End Mobile Security Solution

It’s easily argued that our smartphone(s) have become the single most important business tool that we all rely on day after day. It wasn’t too long ago that most employees went into the office mon-fri from 9 to 5 and did their work. Today however, the corporate office set up and 9-5 workday have been turned on its head. With the capabilities and computing power of mobile devices, employees now expect to have access to the email, files and systems they need to get their jobs done on whatever device they have on hand, 24x7 days a week. SyncDog, Inc. is a great example of a company that saw this change coming, and who also had the vision to prepare for the new and advanced security needs necessary to protect sensitive data when being accessed from outside the traditional 4 walls of the office environment. We had a conversation with the Chief Revenue Officer of SyncDog, Brian Egenrieder, to learn better about the company and its solutions.

Using mobile phones in business can boost productivity, mobility, safety, and morale of the workforce. How do you empower organizations’ mobile workforce?

When was the last time you saw someone in the workforce who didn’t carry a smartphone? What was once viewed as more or less a job perk has now become a necessary tool for getting the job done. Employees are more mobile than ever and jobs are significantly more remote. As a result, Employees must rely on their mobile devices now more than ever. Even so, there still exists the longstanding battle between workers asking for, if not demanding, greater and easier access to the data they need to do their work, only to but up against the IT and Security teams who feel the need to restrict access to protect company interests. SyncDog solves this problem by supplying all the tools needed to enable highly secure access to corporate / government data from any device -windows, iOS, Android etc. - that can flex to the needs of individual users, while providing productivity components normally only seen on desktops or laptops.

What makes SyncDog unique in its space?

There are many vendors that supply MDM (Mobile Device Mgmt) solutions; many others supply MTD (Mobile Threat Defense) solutions; several others supply Containerization solutions, and a few supply Private Enterprise App Store solutions. SyncDog is the only vendor to offer all of these components within a single solution, single download, and all managed in a single unified console that makes set up and maintenance a strength rather than a burden.

What are the perks of SyncDog?

Most mobile security solutions force you to adapt your business processes to fit within the scope of that technology’s capabilities – a one size fits all that is often based on a rather limited offering. But how often do the needs of the executive team match the needs of service technicians in the field which also match the needs of temporary contractors used for specific purposed for specific timeframes? SyncDog, on the other hand, offers an entire suite of tools, all modular in nature, that enables companies or government agencies to adapt their mobile security policies to the varying needs of different roles or functions down to the individual users. Service providers and Value-Added Resellers also benefit from having a “single plane of glass” to manage a diverse customer base while easily customizing the solution to meet the specific requests and business processes important to those end-users.

Since Secure.Systems Solution can also be used by 3rd party contractors and consultants; how can data security be guaranteed?

SyncDog’s Containerization module is a market-leading Trusted Mobile Workspace that protects and encrypts corporate or government data on any mobile device – Android or iOS, Managed or Un-managed, Corporate Owned or Personally Owned. This means organizations can offer contractors and other 3rd party workers access to email, files, intranet, and even native/hybrid apps without requiring an MDM profile to be installed on the 3rd party workers’ device. It also removes the need to acquire and supply an additional device to temporary workers or be forced to set those temporary workers up in internal systems just as if they were permanent employees. SyncDog solves this by isolating and encrypting corporate data apart from personal data or apps on the same device. Third-party workers could already have a managed device given to them by their full-time employer, and yet the contracting company could still enable those 3rd party workers to access the email, files, and apps they need to do the job they are contracted to do. Enabling them is a simple 5-minute process within the SyncDog management console, regardless of the device being used.  That user and the data and apps they have access to are then just as easily and reliably removed – without impacting any other data on device used by the temporary worker – once the contract expires.


How have mobile security solutions changed over time?

For the most part, mobile devices’ functionality has outpaced the security solutions designed to protect them. Earlier, mobile devices only stored and utilized contact information and a little more. PDA’s (Personal Data Assistants) and early smartphones added email accessibility and a few other features. Still, they rarely were accountable for accessing sensitive corporate or government data that required advanced security measures – as a result, 4-digit passwords long remained the norm for protecting the device. Fast forward to today, and smart devices now have the computing power, storage capacities, and functionality that outclasses the capabilities used on space shuttles and other technologies once considered quite advanced for their time.

For all the new advancements however, their respective security measures have lagged behind. Number based passcodes are still the norm, with some access control mechanisms added on top and in some cases, there’s an ability to wipe data off a device – that’s about it. SyncDog on the other hand, is changing the game in how companies and government agencies protect the devices, and the sensitive data they are accessing, when employees are working outside the protective four walls of their organization. SyncDog offers an end-to-end Trusted Mobile Workspace that includes Mobile Device Management (MDM) for password enforcement, access controls around files and apps and device wipe functions, Mobile Threat Defense (MTD) to prevent phishing, malware, man-in-the-middle, and other rogue attacks, Containerization/Data Loss Prevention (DLP) to create a second “persona” on a device that completely separates work data, files and apps from Personal information using DOD level encryption and controls, as well as Secure Messaging to protect and encrypt data being shared

over an easy to use messaging platform. All SyncDog functionality is available fully integrated, in a single download app universally managed in a single console. Each module can be implemented as needed when needed based on roles and titles – down to the individual level. No other solution can offer the same.

Talk about the products and solutions you offer.

MDM Solution

Mobile Device Management (MDM) – for Windows, MacOS, iOS and Android. Protect and manage devices controlled by the organization, enforce password policies, white/blacklist applications, remote wipe, and more.

MTD Solution

Mobile Threat Defense (MTD) – Choose between Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP) or Zimperium’s Z9 - embedded and integrated solutions for anti-malware, anti-phishing, and other corruption protection.

TMW (Trusted Mobile Workspace)

Trusted Mobile Workspace (TMW) –  A validated FIPS 140-2 Certified, AES 256-bit encrypted containerized workspace that secures and isolates corporate and sensitive data from personal information on a single device – whether managed or unmanaged – COPE or BYOD – iOS or Android.

Secure Messaging

Utilze SyncDog’s integration with Signals secure messaging solution to fully encrypt and protect data being shared over a messaging platform while solving the security gap known to Whatsapp, Signal and others of also protecting data while it’s on the device itself, not just while being transmitted.

Application Integration Framework

Application Integration Framework – Easily integrate native applications into the Trusted Mobile Workspace without the need of an SDK or a separate code base.

Private Enterprise App Store Private App Store – for both iOS Android – Distribute Native and Hybrid apps throughout your organization without publishing them to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

How are SyncDog products managed?

SyncDog’s solutions are designed from the ground up to be easy to provision, easy to manage, and flexible in its utilization. The DOD level security and encryption happen behind the scenes,

making it the most advanced end-to-end security solution on the market. The single vendor, single download, muti-functionality solution is also an ideal solution for Managed Service Providers

and other Value Added Resellers to add to their offerings. SyncDog’s unified management console enables those providers to tailor their offering to each customer’s varying needs and manage their portfolio of clients from a “single pane of glass” dashboard.

Do you have any products to be launched in the future?

SyncDog is continuously innovating and incorporating new technology to help users get their jobs done no matter where they are and what device they are using. We are finalizing capabilities around secure web conferencing functionality. We also continue to work towards extending our containerization capabilities onto macOS and Windows platforms to offer greater continuity across all common platforms.

About the Chief Revenue Officer (CRO)

Brian Egenrieder is the Chief Revenue Officer at SynDog. He is a veteran sales strategist and executive leader with over 30 years of enterprise software experience. His experience in sales, sales management, business/channel development, marketing, and executive leadership, gives him a unique perspective in helping early-stage companies. He has vast experience in selling into the Fortune 500 / Global 2000 as well as the SMB markets, experience in both the private and public sectors, and experience in working in both domestic and foreign markets. 

He has been employed at many software companies with a wide array of technology solutions, including IBM, webMethods,  Deltek, Sterling Commerce, and others, giving Brian a broad spectrum of knowledge in high tech enterprise sales and marketing. He currently holds the position of Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) for the rapidly growing Mobile Security company SyncDog. He helps them continually increase their global footprint and change the way the world goes about getting work done on their mobile devices.

“True Endpoint Management can only be implemented by a true Zero Trust solution that enables organizations to customize their Data Loss prevention (DLP) strategies for specific rules or functions within the organization – down to the end user.”

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