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SyncDog, Inc.: Mobile Enterprise Security for everyone

SyncDog, Inc.: Mobile Enterprise Security for everyone

SyncDog was founded in 2013 when a concept that was built around an exploratory development project spun off and became the company.  

The project was developed in association with an Intelligence agency of the U.S. Federal Government. The project needed a solution that would help the agency reps to use the device they had or purchase a device locally from anywhere in the world to access Top Secret Information securely.

Say goodbye to being chained to the desk

With the progress of times and the innovation in technologies, employees in organizations are no more contained in office environments. People are working remotely from the comfort of their homes or while they are on the move now more than ever before. Mobile devices have largely made this happen over time.

The security of these devices is somewhat questionable though. In the best of the scenarios, employees carry two devices - one for work and one for personal use. SyncDog’s Secure.Systems™ provides a secure alternative. The solution provides a security partition that separates personal data from corporate data in the same device in a BYOD environment.

Secure.Systems™ is undoubtedly the market-leading solution in mobility management and security space. It comes with a full suite of productivity applications. These applications are contained within a single app that can be accessed with a single sing on. The data is all the while protected by 256-bit encrypted, NIST validated, FIPS 140-2 Certified security.

Challenging the Status Quo

SyncDog though isn’t just another security company in the space. In fact, the company is very keen on challenging the status quo. A while back when we asked the company’s Founder and CEO, Jonas Gyllensvaan, what he aspires for the company to achieve, he said, “We want to challenge the status quo. Many companies believe they have the best BYOD or that it is hard to switch - we want to disrupt that thinking and let security and IT teams know that not only can they have a more secure solution; they can get more productivity out of their team.”

New partnership with KoolSpan

Late last year, SyncDog struck a partnership with the leading provider of encrypted secure voice and messaging solutions provider, KoolSpan. The new partnership integrated the latter’s TrustCall solution into SyncDog’s Secure.Systems™ platform to enable secure communications (both voice and text). This would give users the ability to make encrypted telephone calls and send encrypted messages right from their personal devices.

This means that the customers of both SyncDog and KoolSpan can now access corporate data, files and applications remotely coupled with 256-bit encryption, high performance, oversight, management, policy enforcement, and support.

Contributing to the local community

SyncDog works with esteemed organizations all over the globe but it has not forgotten its roots and firmly believes in working with the local community. One such effort was apparent, when the company started working with Northern Virginia-based franchise-owner Resa Kierstein of Floor Coverings International.

Floor Coverings International is a mobile flooring showroom that provides high-quality flooring to their customer’s homes. Now, SyncDog is working with the company to integrate their secure application workspace, Secure.Systems™. With SyncDog onboard, the employees of Floor Coverings are able to securely access enterprise data and mobile productivity apps on their own devices. Through the mobile workforce platform, they are now able to conduct business and communicate securely even while traveling. Thus, enabling them to work from anywhere.

Commenting on the partnership Kierstein says, “Our employees spend the majority of their time working on-the-go. It’s helpful to have a system in place where our employees can easily access necessary company information and increase their ability to be productive without compromising company security.”

She adds: “Integrating Secure.Systems into our employees’ devices was easier than I could have ever anticipated and has allowed me to worry less about covering the cost of supplying work phones and other overhead, and focus more on the process of onboarding new hires and expanding our business.”

Jonas Gyllensvaan, Founder and CEO

He is a leader who understands the intersection between technology and business. He has previously founded and sold two successful mobility startups. He is also sought after by businesses for his expert advice. He has worked in over a dozen countries to introduce strategies and tools to improve operations of organizations in both public and private spheres.

Prior to founding SyncDog, he was a partner and founder of Fixmo. Before that he was the Senior Director of Development of Allen Systems Group.

“SyncDog works with esteemed organizations all over the globe but it has not forgotten its roots and firmly believes in working with the local community.”

“Secure.Systems™ is undoubtedly the market leading solution in the mobility management and security space.”

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