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Our mission is to make every cloud deployment secure and reliable: Sysdig

Our mission is to make every cloud deployment secure and reliable: Sysdig

Sysdig is driving the standard for cloud and container security. With their platform, you can find and prioritize software vulnerabilities, detect and respond to threats and anomalies, and manage cloud configurations, permissions and compliance. You get a single view of risk from source to run with no blind spots, no guesswork, no black boxes. In fact the company created Falco, the open source standard for cloud native threat detection. Today they have over 700 customers and are trusted by the largest and most innovative companies around the world. 

Deep Visibility Across Your DevOps Workflow

Get unified visibility across workloads and cloud infrastructure from a single cloud security and monitoring platform. Accurately alert on threats, operational issues and compliance risks and respond using a detailed activity record. Easily plug into your existing workflows with out-of-the-box integrations.

Prevent and Detect Threats Based on Falco

Container and CaaS runtime security: Detect threats across containers and Fargate tasks. Automate policies via ML-based image profiling. Automatically remediate with response actions.

Cloud threat detection: Alert on changing permissions of IAM users and resources, storage buckets, access keys, etc. by analyzing cloud activity audit logs (AWS CloudTrail, GCP audit logs) with Falco.

Host and VM security: Detect anomalous activity inside hosts and VMs using Falco policies for runtime security.

Falco Runtime Security: Open-source, Community Driven and Flexible Policy Engine

With Falco, you can create detection rules to define unexpected application behavior or suspicious cloud activity. These rules can be enriched via context from the cloud provider and Kubernetes environments. Detect policy violations using community-sourced detections, and tune them further to reduce noise.

Prioritize What Matters With No Guesswork

Prioritize vulnerabilities with runtime context. Use high fidelity threat detection policies based on machine learning (ML), and curated by Sysdig's threat research team. Reduce alerts with automated Falco tuning. Remediate once with a simple pull request at the source.

Container and Cloud Security Solutions Across the Lifecycle

Sysdig is driving the standard for securing the cloud, empowering organizations to confidently secure containers, Kubernetes, and cloud services. The Sysdig platform enables teams to secure the build, detect and respond to runtime threats, and continuously manage cloud configurations, permissions and compliance.


  • Infrastructure as Code Validation
  • Block risky configs
  • Auto-remediate at the source


  • Vulnerability Management
  • Scan in CI/CD and registries
  • Block risky images
  • Prioritize vulns using runtime context


  • Configuration and Permission Management
  • Detect cloud misconfigurations
  • Enforce least privilege access
  • Use OPA to apply consistent policies

Threat Detection

  • Use Falco to detect threats, drift, config changes, and runtime vulns
  • Implement K8s native microsegmentation


  • Incident
  • Capture detailed record for forensics
  • Remediate config issues
  • Block malicious activity

Security and Visibility for IBM Cloud, IBM Z, IBM LinuxONE, and IBM Cloud Paks

Sysdig’s partnership with IBM enables you to embed security, compliance, and visibility into your DevOps workflows. Sysdig provides security built on an open source foundation and deep visibility to run apps confidently on Kubernetes, OpenShift, IBM Cloud, and IBM Z.

IBM Cloud Monitoring

IBM Cloud Monitoring - built on the Sysdig platform - delivers security and visibility to confidently run cloud applications on IBM Cloud and IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service (IKS).

IBM Z and IBM LinuxONE Security and Monitoring

Sysdig is introducing its world-class cloud-native monitoring and security platform for IBM Z and IBM LinuxONE to secure container-based mission-critical applications.

Knox Anderson, Vice President of Product Management

Knox (he/him) is responsible for product management at Sysdig. He has held product marketing, sales and product management roles throughout his career, including five years at Sysdig. As one of the first Sysdig employees, Knox has helped to lead Sysdig from the ground up, with a proven record of building, launching and growing security, health and compliance applications built on top of containers and kubernetes.

Knox has been behind several groundbreaking initiatives at Sysdig, including helping to launch and grow Sysdig Secure and developing the customer success program. Through his leadership, Knox has led many of Sysdig’s key partner programs, including AWS, IBM and Red Hat.

Before joining Sysdig, Knox held senior program manager roles at NuoDB, a distributed SQL database company, where he focused on creating technical content and demand generation to drive net new logos for the company.

Knox holds a BSBA in Management Information Systems and Services from Boston University Questrom School of Business.

“Our values are what make us who we are and inspire and guide us every day. They drive our culture, our strategy, and our vision.”

“Leading Companies Rely on Sysdig for Cloud and Container Security.”

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