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Tealium: Revolutionizing digital business

Tealium: Revolutionizing digital business

“Tealium is the trusted leader in real-time customer data orchestration.”

Customer data is pouring in exponentially and most companies are not able to utilize it properly. But there is an upside to the story. When data became abundant, several brands and marketers found the chance to seize the hidden opportunity to understand their customers better than ever. But what these companies lacked was technology to manage all the data.

When fragmentation problems become worse, a group of software engineers joined hands to create Tealium, so that companies could leverage these digital touchpoints and gather insights about customers from it. They did it by creating a standard data layer across the enterprises that define important attributes of a customer which can be accessed in one place – Tealium’s Universal Data Hub.


The company was set up in 2008 in San Diego, California when the founders realized that there was a challenge in managing customer data through tags. The current CEO joined the company in 2013 and started the tag management (Tealium IQ) and then advanced to creating mobile capabilities. The company steadily made products to address various data issues like AudienceStream, DataAccess, and EventStream.

Tealium began its operations to provide a better way for the companies to unify and leverage customer data. Currently, more than 850 companies trust Tealium to orchestrate their customer data including Dominos, Gap Inc, IBM Cambia Health, Orange, TUI, Rakuten, Sportsbet, Network 10, and more.

The company expanded its services later on and now has a Universal Data Hub that encompasses tag management, an API hub, a customer data platform, and data management solutions that help organizations leverage data to gain real-time data insights for building personalized digital experiences for organizational teams and enhance the customer experience across every touchpoint. Tealium has a global footprint with strategically located offices and infrastructure that enables them to offer state-of-the-art services for its clients through unmatched data governance and performance capabilities.

Why Tealium?

Tealium entered the data arena with the hope of providing real-time data to help brands across every customer experience touchpoints. Their universal approach to customer data orchestration works across web, mobile, offline and IoT devices. Along with the power of inculcating customer data into a single source of truth, Tealium provides a turnkey integration ecosystem supporting over 1000 client-side and server-side technologies.

The company’s end-to-end platform covers the whole data supply chain and has the cradle to grave approach covering the entire data lifecycle on a global scale and meets the core requirements of digital transformation. Also, Tealium listens to its customers religiously and thus clearly understand their pain points and then tailor products according to the customer's needs and wants.

Tealium Products

Tealitum iQ tag management acts as the foundation of Tealium’s Universal data hub and powers more digital experiences than any other enterprise tag management provider. Tealium’s iQ tag management provides a plethora of benefits. The Tealium iQ has a simple interface that helps marketers control the tags completely and also monitor traffic and performance in real-time. It also helps the company gain a 360-degree understanding of your customers.

Tealium Event Stream is the central API hub that collects and delivers customer event data from the cloud. The Event Stream docs is a lightweight data collection tool and a delivery solution ideal for mobile, IoT and connected devices and offer ultimate flexibility to get cloud-based data to one central hub where anyone can orchestrate the data powering the customer experience.

Tealium AudineceStream is one of the markets leading the Customer Data Platform (CDP) which combines identity resolution, data enrichment capabilities and robust audience management that helps in taking consistent and relevant action in real-time across organizations entire tech stack from a universal data foundation.

Tealium Predict is the latest in-house tool with built-in Machine learning technology for Tealium products like Tealium AudienceStream which is a market-leading Customer Data Platform. The Tealium predicts activates machine learning insights across the entire tech stack through creating intelligent audiences. Through this process, Brands are now able to feed machine learning models with pre-cleansed data and then use the same data to score users demonstrating behavior with predictive potential and take action on that predictive potential all within the same, natively integrated platform.

Meet the Leader

Jeff Lunsford CEO, Tealium has more than 20 years of experience as a technology and Internet executive. Before joining Tealium, he served as President, CEO, and Chairman at Limelight Networks, which he took public in 2007 as part of a $240M IPO. Jeff was also the CEO of WebSideStory, a SaaS-based web analytics pioneer that went public in 2004 and is now part of Adobe Systems. Prior to that, Jeff was the CEO of TogetherSoft, a software development tools company that was sold to Borland Software. Jeff received his degree from the Georgia Institute of Technology in Information and Computer Sciences.

“At Tealium, customer data is in our DNA.  We have been at the forefront of delivering trusted customer data orchestration solutions to enterprises for over a decade.”

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