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FenceCore — providing technology solutions for businesses within a wide range of industries

FenceCore — providing technology solutions for businesses within a wide range of industries

Practically since the beginning of time, small and medium enterprises have been trying to find ways to do business more efficiently, striving to achieve more innovativeness and better productivity. Nowadays, with the increasing number of people working remotely, the demand for on-demand data is on the increase as well. On-demand information means instant accessibility, at any given time and from any location. Therefore, the use of technology has also risen in an attempt to help businesses achieve their goals.

Technology is about innovation and innovation in business is all about doing things differently to provide better products and services, and improved service to customers.

If you are searching for a provider of IT solutions for your firm to truly transition into the digital age FenceCore is one of the best options in today’s market.

Say hello to the new kid on the IT solutions block — FenceCore

FenceCore is a proud provider of technology solutions for businesses within a varied range of industries, including aerospace, finance, marketing, medical, wholesale and more.

Founded in Montreal, Canada in 2013, FenceCore is fueled by innovation, agility, and customer success. The firm’s mission is to continuously help customers manage and optimize their IT environment. FenceCore’s solutions-oriented approach guarantees that IT managers, entrepreneurs, and organizations, whether small or large, can focus on their core competencies and business day-to-day. FenceCore’s team of trusted industry experts specializes in hardware and software procurement, account management technical support, system administration, and project management.

Tailored cloud solutions provider — FenceCore’s cloud solutions

As a full-service cloud solution provider, FenceCore leverages industry-leading technology that is secure and redundant. The firm works with industry-leading cloud partners such as Nutanix, AWS, and Microsoft Azure to provide cost-effective cloud solutions that enable higher computing, performance, and ultimate scalability.

  • Private hosting

For organizations with on-premise infrastructure, FenceCore provides private hosting services ensuring the security of databases and services. Customers can achieve scalability by benefiting from FenceCore’s global availability and predictable pricing.

  • Cloud migration

FenceCore provides seamless, modernized, and customized cloud migration. The firm’s team of dedicated project managers ensures that clients can benefit from effective roadmaps and secure and productive cloud strategies.

  • Office 365

FenceCore is a proud partner of Microsoft to set up and manage Office 365 cloud solutions. The firm enables clients to work from anywhere, anytime while benefiting from security, control, and complete data redundancy. Office 365 is a viable solution that’s scalable and maintenance-free.

  • Disaster recovery

FenceCore develops effective continuity plans by protecting client businesses from natural disasters. The firm’s unique approach includes a comprehensive discovery session, a disaster recovery risk assessment, architecture for project requirements, and final deployment.

  • Cloud-based infrastructure architecture

As a partner of private cloud providers such as AWS and Azure, FenceCore’s team of experts can develop cloud solutions architectures. The firm’s team develops, designs, deploys, and configures cloud infrastructures that are authenticated and secure.

An extension of your team — FenceCore’s managed services

FenceCore provides the expertise and support required to effectively manage IT environments. The team recognizes that every business is different. That’s why they employ a customized approach to managed IT services. Their team ensures tailored maintenance, support, security, backups, and monitoring so that performance is always optimized while costs are reduced.

  • 24/7 System Administration

FenceCore helps mitigate interruptions from hindering your business with 24/7 system administration. The firm provides timely troubleshooting and issue resolution to ensure the continued health of your IT environment.

  • Monitoring & alerts

Clients gain powerful insight into IT deficiencies and risks through monitoring and alerts. The firm’s hands-on approach ensures access to relevant system data, which leverages leading RMM tools. Clients can count on FenceCore’s always-on performance tracking to leave no stone unturned.

  • Patch management & firmware updates

The firm ensures your systems are up-to-date and strategically deploys and schedules optimizations through critical patches and firmware updates. The firm’s security-first focus guarantees that system flaws are always repaired in a timely and effective manner.

  • Help desk support

FenceCore provides client team members with the IT support they need to perform critical tasks. The firm’s 24/7 remote help desk support allows organizations to benefit from expert assistance and constant accessibility while saving on costs.

  • License management

The firm ensures your organization is compliant with the latest IT requirements through its license management services. FenceCore’s team of dedicated license specialists is available to manage compliance regulations, renewals, and updates.

Helping businesses gain the technological advantage in the digital age

Dan Munk is the CEO of FenceCore. Dan Munk has over 10 years of industry experience and acts as an active member of the Forbes Technology Council. Amongst colleagues, clients, and the community, Dan is known for his dedication to the industry as well as his positive attitude, which inspires and motivates.

“Business never stops. Neither does our team.”

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