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Tempered Networks: A New Wave In Security

Tempered Networks: A New Wave In Security

“Secure Networks Without the Cost and Complexity of Firewalls” 

Cybersecurity is as old as the internet and the truth is not much innovation has been implemented in securing data online. Encryptions exist but the root problem is not fixed, which access to apps and IPv4 communications are both tied to the same entity, the IP address. The lack of a cryptographic identity to use for communications is a major drawback considering the increasing rate of cyberattacks.

According to research, it was revealed that within the first six months of this year, 4.1 billion records and about 38% of office buildings were breached. There's yet another industry that is facing potential threats to the Internet-connected pieces of industrial infrastructure. These OT devices are built without cybersecurity and are also connected to IT networks which exponentially increase the attack vector.

This is where Tempered Networks come in to solve the problem with its novel technology which was originally developed at Boeing in order to create a highly secure networked environment. The company is also addressing the issue of IP communications and thus taking a step closer to securing the world.

First step in 2014

Tempered Networks founded in 2014 focuses mainly on IoT security with its “identity-defined networking” technology. Its flagship product is networking infrastructure software which acts as an extra layer of security. Its architecture is based on provable host identities which is light years away from the traditional IP based technologies that are commonly used. Tempered Networks work on the core idea that both networking and security must be interlocked and deployed together and not the other way around that is commonly implemented.

Tempered Networks began their journey by developing a technology to help secure robotic tooling on Boeing's 777 assembly lines. They relied on an uncommon networking protocol to “orchestrate” components of industrial systems and thus limited communication to trusted entities only.

Further, they focused on developing a networking appliance called HIPswitch (Host identity Protocol) that restricts communications to trusted resources. This can be used to secure pieces of infrastructure while allowing them to communicate across a network easily. HIPswitches connect devices into an overlay network and hide devices from everything that doesn’t need to see it.

An alternative approach

Tempered Networks takes a unique route in terms of security. The company solves the IP communications issue by shifting its model from IP address routing to a system based on trust between cryptographic identities. This latest protocol is known as the Host Identity Protocol (HIP) that works in concert with a scalable orchestration engine.

This technology helps customers hide their critical networks, communications and anything that’s of value that’s done online. Tempered Networks offer military-grade security at Internet scale and which has comparatively low maintenance issues.

Platform for IIoT Security

“Tempered Networks uses micro-segmentation to protect IIoT environments”

Internet of things is still a distant dream, but industrial IoT (IIoT) is not and that’s worrisome because in the area of IIoT things have been connected for over a decade now. And these are high-risk prone areas like Building control systems, factory equipment, and machinery all have their own individual network to make those systems smarter. 

Digital evolution is only possible by the convergence of IT and OT because when IT and OT are combined there is more data for machine-learning purposes but this also creates a major potential threat in terms of cybersecurity as none of the OT systems are secure. Also, the use of the traditional firewalls and VPNs is not possible because of cost and scalability issues, although it has been deployed, the traditional security systems don't quite sync with the dynamic nature of IIoT.

Tempered Networks use a different approach known as micro-segmentation to create a secure overlay to the existing data network. This approach for industrial networks protects the IIoT endpoints without requiring perimeter-based security tools.

Paving way for a secure future

Tempered Networks is growing rapidly and they aim to revolve their focus on the enterprise, along the way they are building partner ecosystems and product features that will enable them to serve the needs of traditional customers who own critical infrastructure and also meet the needs of the enterprise.

Tempered Networks Receives Prestigious SINET 16 Innovators Award 2019

Tempered Networks has been honored with the SINET 16 Innovators award in recognition for its cutting-edge platform to address cybersecurity threats and vulnerabilities.

We’re truly honored with this recognition and validation of Tempered Networks’ IIoT cybersecurity platform to secure billions of vulnerable IIoT devices, without forklift upgrades, specialized skills or added headcount.” - Jeff Hussey, CEO of Tempered Networks.

Meet the Maestro

Jeff Hussey CEO of Tempered Networks pioneered the flagship product Airwall. As a seasoned entrepreneur and business leader he has vast experience in the networking and security markets, Hussey also founded F5 Networks, the global leader in application delivery and an S&P500 listed company. He maintains board positions across a variety of technology, non-profit and philanthropic organizations. Currently, he is the chairman of the board for Carena and chairman and co-owner of Ecofiltro and PuraVidaCreateGood. Hussey also serves on the board for Webaroo and the Seattle Symphony. Hussey received a BA in Finance from SPU and holds an MBA from the University of Washington. 

"Our vision is to free organizations from the risks of ineffective, insecure, complex, and costly networking products, and free staff from the burden of time constraints."

-Jeff Hussey, CEO & Co-founder, Tempered Networks.

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