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TestArmy Group will help you deliver secure, functional, and bug-free software to the market

TestArmy Group will help you deliver secure, functional, and bug-free software to the market

TestArmy Group is one of the fastest growing testing companies in Central Europe according to the Deloitte ranking (2019). The company specializes in cyber security and quality assurance of digital products. It has been on the market for 10 years. During this time, TestArmy has successfully completed over 800 projects.

The quality of the firm’s services is proven not only by their returning clients (as many as 90% of them in the cybersecurity sector!), but also by the organizations they work with. TestArmy is an ISTQB Platinum Partner. They meet ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 standards. Every year, they are part of the prestigious Top IT Companies ranking on Clutch. They are also a partner of Atlassian and SODA (an organization of IT employers).

TestArmy’s values

Flexibility and scalability

TestArmy Group does not impose their own tools and technologies, but make use of those used by their clients. In addition, they grow with each project - if you feel that you need to expand your team or add new competencies, you can count on them. The company will seamlessly scale the collaboration scope, ensuring that nothing stands in the way of your growth.


TestArmy is distinguished by more than 10 years of experience on the market. During this time, they have had the opportunity to observe how various industries evolve, learn about the most commonly used solutions and develop their own. Their tech leaders are passionate people with years of experience. They oversee the development of projects and are always there to support the rest of the team.


For the company, the most important client is your client. Did you promise to properly safeguard the data entrusted to you? They will help you keep that promise - as well as those concerning usability, speed, and more.  TestArmy will stand by both the promises of their clients and the satisfaction of their product end-users.

Managing the testing process

Like dozens of TestArmy’s satisfied customers every year, you can outsource the management of the entire software testing process to them and focus on what’s most important to you – your business. They will choose the right tests, tools, and certified professionals who already have experience with your industry.

Testing process management outsourcing is a good solution when the testing process is complex and requires coordination of many minor tests. TestArmy will take the burden of process planning and oversight off your shoulders. With over 10 years of experience in software testing, they will do it efficiently and based on the best practices developed over the years.

Project-oriented testing

In the field of quality assurance, they are veterans with over 10 years of experience. Their testers are equipped not only with the necessary knowledge and ISTQB certification, but also with soft skills, thanks to which they are able to step into a project seamlessly from the start – an advantage most often emphasized by their clients.

In software testing, TestArmy provides a holistic view of your project and accurate feedback at every stage. The company has experience in both the waterfall agile models – They are familiar with the concepts of Scrum and Kanban. Take advantage of their support when you need a trustworthy partner who will keep up-to-date with software quality.

Automation of mobile application testing

Every year, thousands of mobile apps are put into the hands of users around the world. With such a huge selection, it’s no surprise that expectations for a digital product are soaring. Testing automation allows you to find bugs in your app faster, so you not only make sure that your app is ready for the end user, but also reduce the time you spend working on future updates. Another factor is the deep market fragmentation: hundreds of available phone models mean that it takes months to test even the most popular devices. This time can be reduced with a device farm and testing automation.

TestArmy Group specialists will help you select tools and set automation goals, implement automated testing, and integrate it with other processes within the team. All this while using leading technologies and tools, to create the most effective solutions and instilling the best practices.

UX audit

Today’s user expects a seamless experience at every point of contact with the brand: not only when interacting with a salesperson or consultant, but also when using a website, store, or app. To meet their expectations, you need to ensure a good UX (User Experience) – and TestArmy can help with that.

TestArmy’s specialists work on the basis of two methodologies most valued by the industry: heuristic analysis (examining all elements of webpages and subpages based on best practices in website building, including Nielsen’s 10 Heuristics) and cognitive walkthrough (where experts create behavioral scenarios and potential user paths, and then subject them to tests, pinpointing errors).

Accessibility audit (WCAG)

An accessibility audit is a meticulous evaluation of a digital product (application, service, software) for its adaptation to the needs of all users. As a result, it helps bridge the digital barriers that users face every day. An accessibility audit is not only a nod to people with disabilities but also a natural step in the development of a business: it allows the company to open to a new group of customers and supports positioning – pages that meet accessibility requirements are indexed higher than ones which don’t.

WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) is a set of guidelines for designing web content so that it is accessible to everyone. TestArmy will test your solution against these requirements and recommend necessary changes.

Certification training

From an employer’s point of view, certification is not only an opportunity to show off how the team is developing, but above all to confirm the skills of their employees, including their own customers. It is a good idea to obtain certifications from an international organization, such as the ISTQB (International Software Testing Qualifications Board).

As an ISTQB Platinum Partner, the company is always up to date with the requirements for future and current testers. They effectively prepare their trainees for ISTQB certification (at all levels) and IREB exams – the pass rate among participants of their training is as high as 95%.

Test automation training

Automation training is a good step towards digital transformation. By learning how to automate, you’ll relieve your employees of monotonous, repetitive tasks and take your organization to the next level. TestArmy will prepare you to take your first steps in test automation as well as help you to explore the topic further and learn more advanced tools. Their trainers are experienced practitioners – they themselves use the knowledge they pass on to your employees during training.

Functional test consulting

An ever-increasing number of companies are ending functional test outsourcing in favor of in-house QA teams. It is a good decision to expand the competencies of development teams with quality assurance skills. Problems arise, however, when QA teams are faced with a challenge that they cannot solve on their own – that’s when TestArmy’s consultants come to the rescue.

Obviously, you don’t have to wait for a crisis situation to get in touch with TestArmy – consulting is also a good way to streamline your QA department, introduce best practices into your company, and optimize your business processes. As part of QA consulting, they can design the testing process from scratch and develop better solutions within the current one. As you can see, it’s worth calling them regardless of the stage that your project is at.

Wojciech Humiński, CEO

A manager with many years of professional experience in retail banking, he specializes in the areas of marketing, distribution, CRM, project management and economics. At TestArmy, he is responsible for talent and business development.

“We bring top level expertise to optimize your QA and security testing processes.”

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