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Testing Special Forces: that's our motto and we stand by it: TestArmy

Testing Special Forces: that's our motto and we stand by it: TestArmy

Cybercrime hinders the nation’s security and financial health. Issues pertaining to these types of crimes have become high-profile especially hacking, copyright violation, unwarranted mass-surveillance, sextortion, child pornography, and child grooming.

TestArmy gives a break to all these and assures its customers of providing 100% bug-free software. They are expert in Testing and are persistently working on new ways to challenge the status quo. From beginning to end, the company secures its clients QA and also unify into its partners’ internal QA teams to better the internal processes.

In the entire testing process, TestArmy will stay in contact with its clients’ developers which permit it to test fixes and make recommendations to benefit the complete project. TestArmy’s certified testers work with their partners in 5 dissimilar time zones. This indicates that the firm is available round the clock to all its customers despite the indifference in geographical locations.

Rendered services

QA Consulting

Digital transformation has brought lots of multi-layer changes in organizations’ approach to software development. Assurance-based actions have expanded and gained new meanings. Ability to build a flawless app is just a tip of the iceberg. Quality Assurance is now connected with business just as much as it was connected with technicalities. QA specialists should become an integral part of the development team, serving as a connection between developers, operations and business.

Security Testing

When the digital landscape alters, there is an increased risk of falling victim to cyber-attack. Cybercriminals are agile when it comes to trapping people when they feel it’s too small a target to achieve. The truth is that it’s not about the size. It’s about the effort malicious hacker has to put to get to you and the worth of your assets. Even if your revenue isn’t high, you still gather, manage and keep one thing of tremendous value. Data. Personal information of your employees, clients, their shopping history, business data, financial records - that’s all in your system. And that’s why properly conducted security testing must be deep enough to let you know what happens at the end when criminal is inside your system. Is your data still safe?

Functional Testing

Firms that have the capability of achieving great maturity take a multidisciplinary approach to quality assurance. The company starts acting right from the beginning stages of the software development life cycle (SDLC), during conceptual work, and continue after going live. It is important to stay ahead of the competitors in the customer-focused business environment which also means introducing data-driven development to anticipate application usage. Conducting functional testing of desktop, web and mobile applications is more than a necessity.

Performance Testing

At the present time, when it comes to IT solutions, the importance of speed cannot be overemphasized. It places at the top of “the best of the apps” indicators, alongside functionality and safety. Raising the speed bar, even for just a 100ms, can result in a few percent growth in conversion or in a bounce rate drop. On the other hand, insufficient performance is one of the main reasons why your customers start looking for an alternative and eventually move to your competitors. Performance indicators are huge from a business perspective, as they really make a difference.

Case study to prove their efficiency

National Information Processing is a state-owned institution that gathers and shares complex data concerning national education. IT also provides with IT systems that support the development of science and higher education in Poland.

What the customer expected?

“A public institution cannot allow any security breaches, so every system we’ve audited had to be thoroughly verified for flaws and misconfigurations. Those systems cooperate, store important information about Polish science and personal data. As they operate in an environment vulnerable to malicious attacks, they had to undergo acceptance tests.”

How was the process carried?

Team: 5 cybersecurity specialists working from TestArmy Group SA headquarters and partially in the client’s office

Project length: 23 weeks – finished on 24.05.2019

Value: 184 500 PLN


  • TestArmy tested almost 3000 exclusive subpages/forms
  • Over 5 million lines of source code
  • Over 160 types of users with different privileges


  • TestArmy gathered information about existing vulnerabilities and weaknesses in the security area of IT systems, network and IT environment we audited
  • They performed a reliable assessment of IT systems data security
  • Provided the client with a complex summary report wit suggestion of solutions to raise the systems’ security level. It serves as the basis for their development

Damian Szczurek, Co-founder & CEO

“We deliver testing and QA consulting services. We specialize in web, desktop and mobile testing, including virtual reality (VR) & Internet of Things (IoT).”

“We are dedicated to our client’s projects from the start and we stay dedicated to projects even after they hit the market.”

“Our certified testers work with our partners in 5 different time zones. This means that we work when you’re working, no matter where you’re located.”

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