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The Chartis Group – Leading Healthcare Advisory Firm with an Unparalleled Breadth of Capabilities and Depth of Experience

The Chartis Group – Leading Healthcare Advisory Firm with an Unparalleled Breadth of Capabilities and Depth of Experience

The healthcare advisory sector has witnessed widespread growth in recent years. Increased access to health coverage across the country has led to more demand for services, resulting in new challenges for healthcare providers.  These firms help organizations navigate the common challenges facing the industry. This has created high demand for advisory and consulting professionals to help providers manage increased patient loads and emerging organizational challenges. In effect, healthcare consulting has become an important part of the healthcare system.

Chartis is one such healthcare advisory firm that brings an unparalleled depth of expertise and breadth of experience to its clients. Chartis is comprised of over 500 leading healthcare advisors, physicians, data scientists, nurses, strategists, digital architects, informaticists, and practitioners who possess unrivaled experience helping advance healthcare delivery. Its teams bring innovative yet pragmatic approaches to healthcare's most complex challenges. The company works in an integrated and agile way, bringing together shared and complimentary capabilities in a way that creates exponential value, accelerates change, and materially advances performance, quality, experience, accessibility, affordability, and equity.

Revolutionizing the Healthcare Ecosystem

Technical And Digital Services: At Chartis, they combine their breadth and depth of healthcare expertise with innovative, provocative applications of digital technology for business model and care delivery redesign that have been proven across leading, digitally transformed industries. Their deep understanding of all corners of health systems allows them to develop and implement enduring digital strategies for tomorrow grounded in today’s business, clinical, and economic realities.

Best Clinical Advisory Service: Chartis offers the clinical, operational, and change capabilities needed to quickly elevate care quality and sustain a culture of safety and continuous improvement. Chartis helps organizations increase efficiency, adopt best practices, increase provider engagement, and improve outcomes equitably while lowering costs. Whether you’re just starting the high reliability journey or undertaking a focused effort to address a specific vulnerability, the company meets you where you are and help you achieve meaningful and lasting results that improve care delivery for your providers and community.

Oncology Solutions: Like the disease itself, cancer care’s macro-landscape is complex and constantly evolving—in science, care delivery, policy, and finance. Small changes in the ecosystem ripple with outsized impact to providers and care delivery systems, requiring a nearly continuous refinement of budgets, market strategy, and clinical operating models. At Chartis Oncology Solutions, they leverage their experience across 45 years and more than 2,500 engagements to help clients anticipate and navigate today’s trends and improve care for their communities. The company’s cancer-exclusive consultants collaborate with leading oncology providers—community, academic, and NCI centers—to address evolving industry dynamics and build sustainable programs with differentiated value. It provides revolutionary oncological-based solutions to tackle cancer with iron fist.

Surgeons and Physician Enterprise: Chartis understands the synergistic relationships between physician entities and the broader health system, the complex financial relationships, and the competing priorities you need to reconcile. Their multi-faceted approach seamlessly integrates performance improvement, clinical optimization, strategic growth, and technology enablement—to provide a holistic, 360-degree view of the changes required for you to effectively grow revenue, reduce expenses, improve outcomes, operate efficiently and effectively, and bend your cost curve.

Advanced Analytics: Chartis leads the development of next-generation analytics, delivering insights and perspective to improve your care delivery. By harnessing the emergence of advanced analytics techniques, data visualization, and AI/machine learning technologies, they can help you intelligently navigate what’s next for your healthcare organization. Progress in a data-driven era requires a nimble and focused analytics strategy. For providers, this means harnessing data and advanced technologies to meet the healthcare needs of tomorrow. Chartis brings together the power of analytics with unparalleled healthcare expertise to create tailored, informed solutions for what's ahead.

The Visionary Leader Upfront

Ken Graboys is a co-founder and the Chief Executive Officer of The Chartis Group. His experience in healthcare consulting spans 20 years helping leading academic medical centers, integrated delivery systems, and healthcare service organizations achieve their strategic and economic imperatives. Ken’s work is concentrated in the areas of: economic and strategic planning, collaborative venture strategy and affiliations, network formation and organization, and provider/physician/payer alignment.

Before founding Chartis, Ken was a Senior Partner and Managing Director at CSC Healthcare and its predecessor, APM Management Consultants. There, he managed APM/CSC's Chicago office and central region and was a leader of the firm's Strategic Planning and Post Merger Integration practice. Ken serves on several civic and business organization boards including the Rand Organization, Press-Ganey, Heart Healers International, the Lightshare Foundation, The Providence Country Day School, and the Chartis Foundation. He holds a Master of Public and Private Management, earned with recognition, from the Yale School of Management and a Bachelor of Science in social policy from Northwestern University.

“Our teams bring innovative yet pragmatic approaches to healthcare's most complex challenges.”

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