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The future of Mobile App Development is here: Riktam Technologies

The future of Mobile App Development is here: Riktam Technologies

“Profit in business comes from repeat customers; customers that boast about your product and service, and that bring friends with them.” - W. Edwards Deming

Since foundation in 2007, Riktam has been excelling in iOS App Development, Android App Development, Web Application Development and Mobile Responsive Websites. With offices in Florida, US and Hyderabad, India, the company is slowly making its way up the corporate market ladder with its affordable and competitive solutions for a diverse range of clientele.

Today team Riktam develops quality iOS apps for iPad and iPhone along with Android App Development and also provides dedicated resources on hire on request to clients. Over the years, the support of an experienced team of executives and professionals specializing in diverse field of technology has enabled the company to successfully deliver over 300 highly challenging and demanding projects globally.

The hardworking and proactive solutions provider

Excelling with a thorough understanding of what the client is looking for and what works with end users, Riktam is a favorite with clientele owing to its ability to remain flexible throughout the entire duration of every project to ensure timely delivery of impeccably tailored solutions. In fact clients as far as North America, Europe, Singapore and Australia have benefitted from its services and bears testimony to the fact that Riktam indeed is committed towards its high quality of customer services.

As one of the pioneer Mobile Application Development companies in US and India, Riktam’s Mobile Application Development Services serves global business mobility needs by allowing clients to access their mobile devices from anywhere and anytime. Be it a Startup, or a venture dealing in Food and Drinks, Photography and Videos or Travel or any other leading Business/Enterprise, Riktam’s Mobile Application Development Services are a one stop solution for any kind of creative, reliable and experienced services that an enterprise may be on the lookout for. Riktam’s Web Application Development Services on the other hand helps clients scale up their productivity by developing websites and web applications with a consistent user experience across platforms and across browsers that enables clients to take advantage of faster and more advanced processors and enhanced graphics capabilities of mobile devices. The company’s leading Mobile Responsive Web Development Services helps clients create dedicated mobile only websites that cater to all the needs of mobile users and deliver a seamless experience on mobile devices as well without any break or increasing load time. Additionally the company allows clients to hire Mobile Application Developer For Hire, be it for IOS Application or for Android Application.

The Riktam approach towards excellence

Taking pride in the relationships built with customers over the years, Riktam differentiates itself from other peer companies by its team of experienced consultants, best in class design and immaculate execution. Crafted with love, Riktam’s Mobile applications, whether on iOS or Android, is developed with love and a pursuit of perfection and with a firm belief in Craft First and Tech Later, the company’s Mobile App Development practice focuses on meeting the needs of clients first and then experimentation with technology. Often compared to Lightning, Riktam’s Agile Development methodologies ensure that apps hit the market and reach the users fast and on time. And probably no other company in the market understands the importance of Security for mobile apps better than Riktam whose solutions are compliant with the industry’s best security standards.

“We value superior design, elegance of simple solutions and going that extra mile for our customer’s success. We follow a consultative approach and believe in partnering and collaborating with our clients in the best possible way.

We serve clients worldwide; the bulk of our business comes from North America, Europe, Singapore and Australia. Riktam is a privately held company and has been profitable since inception. Among Riktam clients are Procter & Gamble, Real Clear Politics, Tata Capital, SimplifyThis.

Responsive design makes websites adaptive across a wide range of devices that are used to browse the internet, such as of desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile phones. We have the expertise to build responsible websites that adapt to different devices and screen sizes seamlessly.”

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