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The ‘Lastline' of Defense to Stay Ahead of Bad Actors

The ‘Lastline' of Defense to Stay Ahead of Bad Actors

The threat landscape is rapidly evolving. Attackers constantly find new vulnerabilities, develop novel exploits, and devise sophisticated evasion techniques to bypass security solutions. They are doing so at a faster pace than many organizations are able to keep up with. But Lastline isn’t resting either. The cybersecurity company works tirelessly to deliver superior breach detection solutions to stay ahead of bad actors.

Lastline is a cybersecurity company that develops a threat protection platform to detect breaches, malware attacks and monitor network activities. Headquartered in Redwood City, California, Lastline has offices across the globe including Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.  The company was founded in 2011 by security researchers Christopher Kruegel, Giovanni Vigna, and Engin Kirda. They are also the creators of Anubis and Wepawet – malware analysis tools that ‘were’ used by thousands of security vendors, enterprises, and government agencies worldwide.

The company develops and delivers security and malware protection platform to detect, stop, and manage attacks, persistent threats, polymorphic viruses, zero-day exploits, and evasive and cyber malware threats for enterprises.  It also offers defense programs for network, endpoint, server, and firewall protection; intrusion prevention systems; web and email gateways; unified threat, security information, and event management products, value-added resellers; and managed security service providers.

Lastline’s technology was tested for 100% security effectiveness at the NSS Labs Breach Detection Systems tests in 2016 and 2017. Lastline’s system detected every single threat thrown at it during the rigorous testing process. Apart from better detection, Lastline’s systems are known to deliver fewer false positives letting you focus on the highest priority threats and not waste time researching invalid alarms.

Why Lastline?

“Our goal is to deliver commercial value for our customers, for our shareholders, and for our employees. We strive for growth.”

Value Created- At Lastline, employees work tirelessly to deliver results. They strive to maximize the positive impact of everything they do. At Lastline, they value results over effort. Lastline is a home of “great leadership, career growth opportunities, and a steadily improving culture”, says an employee. “LL is a great place to work – people have a real entrenched belief in the product and the value we are bringing to the company,” said another. “The teams at Lastline are eager to get things done. They invest a lot of time and effort in developing the "correct solutions", instead of patching something together.”

The team at Lastline is united and focused on meeting challenges effectively. This is because they believe in an open environment where people are allowed to speak their minds. Lastline also takes in constructive criticism not only from its customers and partners but also from its employees. They together aspire to make the world a ‘safer’ place and aim to build the best products in the industry using their technology that many successful companies already rely on.

Value Served- Lastline solutions rapidly detect the advanced threats that other security solutions miss, eliminating the risk of a data breach. By leveraging the power of AI, Lastline delivers the industry’s most accurate approach to network security. With the help of AI, Lastline evaluates network traffic and draws from their vast repository of malicious behaviors to understand the context of the anomalous behaviors it detects. By applying AI to both network traffic and while detecting malicious behavior (sandboxing), Lastline’s products are given unmatched insight into advanced threats.

At the core, all Lastline products make use of its Deep Content Inspection technology which is a unique isolation and inspection environment that simulates an entire host including the CPU, memory, and all peripheral devices. Unlike other sandboxing techniques like OS Emulation and Virtualization, Lastline’s technology stays hidden from the malware and thus avoids being bypassed. This advanced threat analytics approach allows Lastline to observe all malicious actions engineered into a piece of malware, while it stays invisible to the bad software.

The Lastline architecture gives you maximum breach protection while offering easy integration and low TCO (total cost of ownership). In addition to that, the company offers Lastline Network Defender that delivers complete visibility into advanced threats operating in your network. This innovative solution helps security teams quickly understand the scope of the threat, including compromised systems, communication between local and external systems, and data sets accessed. You can also block the latest threats and update workflows immediately using Lastline Sensors. Furthermore, through Lastline’s Global Threat Intelligence Network, all customers and partners of Lastline are immediately instrumented to detect malicious agent/s that surfaced in a network or system of a member in the community.

The Expert CEO of Lastline Inc. – John DiLullo

An alumnus of the Stanford and the Villanova University, John DiLullo has almost 30 years of expertise in the enterprise security, networking, cloud, AI and several other industries. He spent most of his career serving customers of market leaders such as Cisco, Avaya, SonicWall, and Aruba Networks. Prior to Lastline, Mr. DiLullo was the EVP of worldwide sales and customer operations of F5 Networks. At F5, he was responsible for delivering improved application performance and security solutions to enterprise and service provider data centers and public cloud environments. 

Mr. DiLullo is an avid technologist, an author, an entrepreneur, an innovator, and an accomplished public speaker. Over the course of his career, Mr. DiLullo’s special devotion has always been to improving the customer experience and embracing specialized routes to market for transformational business solutions. The also-Spanish speaking CEO holds two patents and has more than 5 million flyer miles.

“Our mission is to enable our customers to defend their organizations against advanced threats that cause costly data breaches.”

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