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10 Best IoT Solution Providers 2019

ThingLogix: Delivering a complete no-code serverless cloud development platform

ThingLogix: Delivering a complete no-code serverless cloud development platform

Just a decade back, IoT was just a little bit more than a figment of the imagination, limited to only ideas. The rapid evolution of IoT has been nothing short of phenomenal. But bringing a smart, connected solution to life is not easy even now with all its growth. The development cycle of IoT solution extends from the first drawing board session to the launch date and throughout the lifecycle of the fielded solution. Complexities grow with the number of solutions.

Often large organizations struggle when it comes to launching and managing IoT solutions. And those with smaller resource pools face still higher hurdles. And this is where ThingLogix comes in. It provides serverless Internet of Things solutions in record times. They also offer business and technology advisory services to help companies build their IoT strategies, conceptualize solutions, harness enabling technologies for maximum impact and go to market effectively.

The company was founded in 2014. Initially, ThingLogix was a part of the service group of IoT platform provider 2lemetry. But the co-founders led an effort to carve out an independent path for ThingLogix and the company disassociated from 2lementary. Amazon Web Services (AWS) subsequently acquired 2lemetry in 2015. The company operates mainly from San Francisco and Dubai. Further, ThingLogix also has regional locations in Amsterdam, San Diego, Chicago, and Denver.

ThingLogix Foundry

Speed is of great variance when it comes to companies offering IoT solutions. Most languish and take months or even half a year to come up with something concrete. Such experiences have made companies go for custom connected solutions but seldom have they succeeded and when they have, they took a lot of time.

But ThingLogix Foundry, ThingLogix’s Platform (needs no coding knowledge!) can help business users and technical teams get creative and start building connected products and serverless apps in days. All this, with just clicks! The no-code approach speeds up the process of development and brings down the development costs by as much as 70%. Customers can even connect Alexa or Google Home to their product and have conversations with the devices. Not just that, as a customer you can also manage the skills of these virtual assistants and use them from any device or enterprise system to drive conversations. The customers deploying the Foundry also get direct access to enterprise systems like which is pre-built into the platform.

10 best iot solution providers 2019

The company says that they have helped people build the proof of concept solutions in less than a day and of course, once a company has this, the solution can then be scaled right to production. The ThingLogix Foundry is all about ‘Do more, Faster, By Eliminating Code.’ With this platform, you can get to the market faster than ever.

ThingLogix also has a great partner ecosystem that ranges from system integrators and resellers to cloud partners. Big names like AWS, Sigfox, Wipro, NetEdge, and K2 are among the few on its long list of partners. All of these partners are industry leaders and innovators in their own segment and contribute to the propagation of IoT. But among these ThingLogix shares a special relationship with AWS which is a strong basis on which the Foundry was built. ThingLogix is also a certified AWS Advanced Technology Partner.

The Internet of Things is quickly becoming a part of the enterprise and industry infrastructure. It has rapidly evolved and is being installed widely at a massive scale. The timing has never been more right for businesses to start leveraging IoT. Organizations are scrambling to seize the opportunity to gain the IoT edge.

But an Organization can have world-class product development, project management, and business strategy capabilities but still struggle to adapt to the challenges of IoT solutions. But ThingLogix has the capability, credibility and objectivity to transform IoT vision into reality. Recently, ThingLogix Foundry was conferred the 2018 IoT Platforms Leadership Award by IoT Evolution World. If you’re looking for an IoT partner, ThingLogix would be a reliable one. Think Internet of Things, think ThingLogix.

The ThingLogix Pioneer

Carl Krupitzer, Co-founder and CEO

Mr. Krupitzer has had over two decades of experience with cloud platforms and applications, technology consulting and services, finance, and graphic design. Mr. Krupitzer was the VP of Services and Solutions at 2lemetry while ThingLogix was still a part of the company. Before ThingLogix and 2lemetry, he held executive positions at Appirio, Dart Chart Systems, and relocation services provider Sirva. He has also served as the Vice President of Information Technology at Bank One and has worked with Convansys and Ernst & Young as a consultant.

Case Study: Xenon

Xenon, a California based company that pioneers in industrial automation and control experience, wanted to deliver an advanced IoT solution to their customer who managed a portfolio of 17,000 single family homes spread all around the USA.

Their customer wanted to put up an asset monitoring system in every property of theirs with an aim of:

-Automating the non-occupied properties with temporary door lock codes and entry tracking.

-Reducing property turnover time between renters.

-Classifying and identifying the costly events that could occur at homes.

-Deploying advanced asset monitoring to optimize supply chains.

-Reducing maintenance costs.

The company’s XenonIQ smart asset monitoring system was to be deployed for each house. Additionally, the system needed to be integrated with the already in-place property management system. The solution, moreover, needed to ensure control of door locks, maintenance alerts, and asset logic while being reliable, scalable, and available. Xenon initially considered building the solution on its own. But upon recommendation, it found that ThingLogix Foundry’s serverless AWS architecture would allow it to deliver a solution in a much shorter time.

Xenon has recently begun the deployments to the houses and they are already seeing the benefits of ThingLogix Foundry and AWS. With unlimited scalability, seamless API integration, built-in analytics, security and speed, Xenon is well on its way to achieving its objective. The speed as expected is the stand out feature and is helping Xenon rollout changes and add new features to XenonIQ (asset monitoring system) often in a few hours or on the same day.

The solution also gained in a big way from the fact that the Foundry is built on AWS. So, the AWS services were automatically deployed for Xenon. These services included AWS IoT, DynamoDB, RDS (relational database service), Kinesis, API Gateway, CloudWatch, Data Transfer, Lambda, SNS (simple notification service), and SSS (simple storage service).

ThingLogix Foundry Version 3

Recently, in February 2019, ThingLogix announced the Version 3 of the ThingLogix Foundry. Version 3 of the Foundry comes with a comprehensive set of features that include:

-Alexa and Google Home integration. Users can control and talk to the devices using their voice.

-Text-to-voice capabilities which gives the devices the ability to talk. AR and VR capabilities to view the digital twin of the connected devices.

-AI Designer tool. This can be used by data scientists and help them build ML algorithms using device data.

-Data Simulator tool that accelerates the unit/integration testing. It helps to view JSON and object details, and import of Excel, Google Sheets or CSV data.

-Image and Facial recognition processing for still images or video received from devices that have cameras.

-Data reports and dashboards that bring in real-time data with graphs.

-Workflow Designer tools to help the customers orchestrate business logic.

-Forms Designer tool for swift construction of web forms for data entry/maintenance of information to be stored in device digital twin repositories.

ThingLogix helps modern business harness the power of the Internet of Things with technology solutions and services that accelerate time-to-value and create sustainable business capabilities.”

We offer business and technology advisory services to help companies formulate IoT strategies, conceptualize solutions, go to market effectively, and harness enabling technologies for maximum impact.
We believe that No-Code Serverless IoT will drive the next evolution in Cloud Computing and Connected Products.”

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