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December Monthly Edition 2022

tru.ID – Leveraging the world-leading API platform for mobile authentication

tru.ID – Leveraging the world-leading API platform for mobile authentication

Mobile apps are becoming increasingly important in the strategy of any company. As a result, companies need to release new application versions at a fast pace, and this puts developers under pressure with tight deadlines to complete and release new features very quickly. Some developers may take shortcuts to achieve this delivery speed while being aware of the tradeoffs involved, but other less experienced developers will just fall into the trap of starting to code without doing their research first, regarding what are the best practices to develop and secure a mobile application and the Application Programming Interface (API) server that it communicates with. But, properly used, API keys, tokens, and authorization play an important role in application security, efficiency, and usage tracking. API development has increased astronomically in the past few years, as the APIs are used in almost all the applications, fueled by digital transformation along with the role played by APIs in both mobile apps and IoT devices. This increased demand for APIs is making its security a top concern. API security is needed to avoid risks like excessive data exposure, data breaches, and security misconfiguration and to protect your API keys, passwords, and usernames.

tru.ID makes mobile digital identity secure and seamless. Its SIM-based APIs work with global mobile networks, providing a new phishing-resistant possession factor for IAM. Businesses across the world are using tru.ID for secure device binding, MFA, passwordless login, and more. SMS messages can be intercepted and PIN codes can be copied or shared, but a mobile number tied to a SIM card is a unique combination — and tru.ID checks the SIM card to mitigate the problems of SMS interception and SIM swap fraud. Having to remember social logins causes user frustration and privacy concerns, and these credentials can easily be acquired or stolen. tru.ID authentication provides stronger verification using only the mobile phone number. Mobile keyboards aren't designed for typing, and they're certainly not designed for repeated errors, context switching or lengthy forgotten password journeys. All this is unnecessarily with tru.ID mobile verification. It is the only technology platform designed from the ground up for secure, real-time, frictionless, mobile digital identity and authentication.

tru.ID SIM-Based Authentication

SIM swap fraud is on the rise, and attackers are finding increasingly sophisticated methods to cheat their way through knowledge-based verification. Making registration easy while keeping the bad actors out is a tightrope any app owner will be all too familiar with. If you put up too many barriers, you affect conversion for genuine users. If you make it too easy, you risk fraud. Avoid the support nightmare of breached credentials: keep your platform free of fraud by using rock-solid security that actively checks for SIM swap activity. If you’re relying on email links, SMS codes, or social media logins to onboard mobile users to your app, you could be losing 30% of your potential revenue. Yet most businesses aren’t even aware that there’s a better alternative. Embed a powerful security check that doesn't add steps in the user journey. tru.ID verifies SIM card status directly with the mobile operator in real-time — so you can be certain that a phone number hasn't been assigned to another SIM or device. Verify your clients silently in the background every time they login, or as an extra step-up for a sensitive in-app feature. Whenever you need extra checks in your app, simply use tru.ID APIs to ensure a customer's SIM card hasn't changed.

With tru.ID’s invisible onboarding solutions, you can provide a frictionless user experience and maximize your revenues — without compromising on security. Catch the revenue from up to 30% of users who normally drop off due to frustrations at the onboarding stage — as well as those you never see thanks to negative reviews on social media. Remove all the friction and speed up the process. With no context switching, waiting period, or codes to enter, users don’t get bored or distracted — and you’re providing the app experience you want to showcase sooner. Invisible, in-band onboarding means saying goodbye to support calls from lost PIN codes and passwords. With stronger security to keep spam and fraudsters out, there’s less work for your team. tru.ID replaces SMS PIN, passwords, email links and social login while securing your app against fraud - all by connecting you to real mobile identities. With a yes/no result in less than two seconds, know immediately if a user is legit. You can use tru.ID as an alternative to a separate two-factor authentication app and reduce barriers to engagement.

Paul McGuire | CEO

Paul is a serial entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in telecoms, mobile and financial services. He was a co-founder and Board member of mobile payments business Boku after his company, Paymo, Inc. was acquired by Boku in 2009. Paul subsequently ran worldwide business development for Boku from 2009 until 2011. Boku floated on the UK AIM market in 2017. Prior to Paymo, Paul was co-founder and COO of mBlox, one of the pioneers of mobile messaging, building a global business active in over 50 countries. mBlox was acquired by Sinch in 2016. Paul previously worked with management consultants Booz, Allen & Hamilton. He has an MBA from INSEAD in France, and an Engineering degree from Cambridge University.

"tru.ID replaces SMS PIN, passwords, email links and social login while securing your app against fraud - all by connecting you to real mobile identities."

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