Alexa Tulip’s cloud-based mobile apps are built exclusively for stores of the future
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Tulip’s cloud-based mobile apps are built exclusively for stores of the future

Tulip’s cloud-based mobile apps are built exclusively for stores of the future

Technology presents both a challenge and opportunity for retailers, as they work to reach shoppers and differentiate their brand. More importantly, technology can serve as a vehicle to foster customer engagement, create brand interest, and generate sales. It is well recognized that customers now shop across a multitude of channels and make buying decisions over various touchpoints. As the purchasing journey is far more fragmented today, it is more important than ever for retailers to be active over the platforms that are popular amongst their target audiences. By creating a seamless shopping experience, where branding, values and products are replicated across channels, retailers can enhance customer engagement and encourage a greater propensity to purchase. Shoppers have higher expectations than ever and can easily pinpoint where retailers can be more seamless in delivering a connected customer experience. They don’t want to be convinced to spend their money – they need help in acquiring the items they already want. It’s not just a customer journey – it’s a treasure hunt and retailers can bring the map to life! Tulip provides a SaaS-based mobile platform to empower retailers and better connect customer and store associate experiences. Tulip’s mission is to empower next generation retail associates with world-class mobile-first, cloud-first enterprise software that modernizes and transforms omnichannel experiences. Tulip is the global leader in mobile retail technology solutions. Partnered with Apple and Salesforce, Tulip’s mission is to harness the power of the world’s most advanced technology to deliver simple-to-use mobile applications that enable all aspects of the retail experience from Clienteling and Assisted Selling to Point of Sale. Only Tulip enables the omnichannel experience via a scalable and extensible technology platform designed around the retail associate. Tulip was founded in 2013 by Ali Asaria and a team of mobile commerce experts with the vision to reinvent retail and shape the future in-store shopping experience. Today, Tulip powers the in-store experience for clients and partners around the globe.

Providing customers a high quality shopping experience while keeping them safe is more challenging than ever. With Appointments, store associates can now schedule and manage appointments through the Clienteling App. Armed with valuable customer insights, store associates are using Tulip’s Clienteling App to send personalized messages to their key customers and deliver a one-to-one experience that surpasses the expectations of today’s shopper. Tulip’s Checkout app offers superior user experience and provides retailers with a robust and flexible in-store checkout solution providing more control and greater flexibility. Store associates can interact with customers in real-time and continue the personalized shopping experience online through LiveConnect Chat. As stores open, LiveConnect Video Chat can act as an alternative method of communication for customers who are reluctant to shop in the store or wish for the continued convenience of shopping from anywhere. Benefits of Tulip’s LiveConnect Chat:

  • Send and receive messages from popular messaging platforms
  • Include attachments from the catalog or photo library to engage with the customer
  • Enable video chat during an active conversation to provide a more personalized shopping experience
  • Customers can connect with a store associate through the brand’s ecommerce site by using web chat

Tulip Runner app enables associates to search in-store inventory and request items from a runner to be delivered to a specific location in the store, all without leaving the customer and interrupting customer engagement. Never interrupt a customer interaction again. With Runner, associates can request items from available colleagues in real-time on behalf of the customer they are assisting. Tulip’s Runner App connects store associates with backroom employees or other associates to retrieve products without leaving the customer’s side. Using the Tulip mobile app, store associates engaged with a customer on the sales floor can quickly search in-store inventory and request help from a runner to seamlessly get the right product to them. Improve customer experience, while maintaining inventory accuracy and increasing associate productivity. The Tulip Retail Platform is an application development and integration platform that is built from the ground up to be optimized for mobile devices. It handles multiple complex integrations with legacy retail systems to make store associate app data rich and meaningful. It exposes all of that integrated and normalized data in APIs to power future elements of in-store apps, consumer apps, websites, kiosks, service applications and any solution that needs the data Tulip makes available.

  • Organize your product and customer information
  • Integrate, cleanse and organize all your product information from any source including your catalog, PIM, or ERP
  • Leverage 3rd party sources like Ratings & Reviews and external press and media
  • Unify customer data from multiple sources including CRM, eCommerce, POS, OMS and in-store associate notes

Ali Asaria, Founder & CEO

“Tulip’s mission is to empower next generation retail associates with world-class mobile-first, cloud-first enterprise software that modernizes and transforms omnichannel experiences.”

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