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TURBOMECANICA Sole Romanian aero-engines manufacturer

TURBOMECANICA Sole Romanian aero-engines manufacturer

The aviation field is one of the very challenging business environments. Most of us know Brands like Airbus, Boeing, Lockheed, etc. However, many innovations and work are required from not very known companies in making these big aircraft. TURBOMECANICA is the sole Romanian aero-engines manufacturer and mechanical assemblies. The Company is certified in accordance to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, AS/EN 9100, Part 21 and NADCAP certifications (with Supplier Merit Accreditation) for 5 special processes families as are heat treating, surface enhancement, chemical processing, non destructive testing, and welding, is also qualified by the main customers as General Electric Aviation, Leonardo Helicopters or Rolls-Royce. We had a conversation with the Commercial and Financial Director of TURBOMECANICA, Claudia Anghel. Here are a few excerpts.

Why did you start this arena of business? How far-reaching is TURBOMECANICA?

TURBOMECANICA has a long history in the Romanian aviation industry. Back in the ‘70s and ‘80s, it was a state-owned company and of National Security interest. Starting with the ‘90s, we are publicly traded on the Bucharest Stock Exchange, having 100% Romanian equity and around 95% of shared owned/transacted nationally. We are a private company acting in a stimulating international market economy, being in the position, independently of the Romanian political environment, to develop and prioritize our company strategy and future development in terms of business growth.

TURBOMECANICA is the only national manufacturer and provider of MRO (maintenance, repair, and overhaul) services for the Romanian Ministry of Defence, Navy, Secret Services with regards to engine and helicopter assemblies, including gearbox (main, intermediate, tail), main rotor head, and transmission shafts.

How does TURBOMECANICA cope with the new challenges in the aviation industry?

The aviation industry is probably the most affected economic sector in the Covid-19 pandemic. It has caused the deepest crisis of all time in the global aviation industry. This year has earned its place in history through the scale and speed of transforming societies and economies worldwide. In this severe and unique crisis, we are looking to transform our business models to respond immediately to rapid changes in the new environment to support our organization through future challenges. The crisis conditions viewed from another perspective helped us redefine ourselves, concentrate our resources on evolution, innovate, and become more competitive.

TURBOMECANICA continues to implement the long-term plan to develop new operational capabilities and cover new markets for commercial aviation maintenance and repairs. The business development project will absorb significant investments and be designed to develop a maintenance base for civil aircraft engines, thus reconfirming the Romanian capability in aviation. Starting with 2023, we also have plans to offer maintenance services for the best-selling engine of all time: CFM56-7B, an engine that equips Boeing 737NG aircraft.

Tell us about your capabilities. How are they efficient?

As MRO is TURBOMECANICA’S main activity, as a component supplier, it can provide a unique mix of internationally certified capabilities that contribute to the complete in-house manufacturing of any part or assembly included in an engine or in a small or medium transmission gearbox.

As a component supplier, the part portfolio includes turbines and compressor casings, spinners, covers, chambers, compressor discs, rings, diaphragms, shafts, couplings, nuts, combustion cans, turbine nozzle guide vanes, welded parts - among others. TURBOMECANICA has a competitive advantage in specialized sections in manufacturing, heat treatment, and surface coatings, all under the same roof, enabling TURBOMECANICA to provide complete MRO services.

Through this capability development plan, the Company ultimately aims to increase the national transfer of technology. By developing maintenance services in the civil field as well, we will be able to meet the operational needs of the Romanian aeronautical companies TAROM and BLUE AIR.

Who are your partners? How loyal are they?

In the last 30 years, TURBOMECANICA has consolidated its position as a long-term reliable partner on the international aviation market. Leonardo Helicopters, Italy, is one of our long-term business partners for which we currently deliver TGB (tail gearbox) - rear transmission, fully manufactured and tested in-house, under EASA Parts 21G certification, as well as MGB components - main transmission.

Due to the certification of the quality and environment management system and special processes, TURBOMECANICA participates in manufacturing programs for high complexity components for Rolles-Royce aircraft engines from TRENT 700, TRENT 900, PEARL 700, and components dedicated to General Electric engines. We act as a component supplier also for Witzenmann, Unison Engine Components Bucharest, Avio Aero, Honda Aero.

What are your vision and mission?

With passion and responsibility, we are committed to making the lives of our customers, employees, and owners safer, providing them peace of mind, by creating an environment that fosters continuous support to grow and by delivering satisfaction at the highest standards and exceptional quality. This is our mission, our lighthouse giving us strategic directions in all our everyday actions.

Offering high-quality products and services, with a constant dynamic attitude focused on innovation, we aim to become a constant solution for our business partners, building our long-term goal continuously in becoming an important MRO Hub for engines aviation in East and Central Europe and a leader in the Romanian market in the aerospace industry.

All of the Company’s activities are aligned with our responsibilities towards customers, employees, investors, authorities, and society. We care about the environment; therefore, ongoing activities are carried out to ensure the development and optimal use of natural resources. The prestige and experience of TURBOMECANICA in supplying high-tech and high-quality products and services is the base for building a long term partnership that all business partners can rely upon.

Talk about your Quality, Capability, and Flexibility

We have earned the reputation of delivering 100 percent quality to our customers. Rolls Royce recognized TURBOMECANICA for being one of the few suppliers capable of delivering conforming parts for their recently developed business jet engine.

TURBOMECANICA’s flexibility relates to its ability to adjust to short-term change quickly and calmly. This allows dealing with unexpected tasks effectively and reacting to change in the demands of business partners. “Quality, Capability, Flexibility” is our brand’s statement, and it represents what we consider to be essential values. Our brand is not only a statement; we are really committed to keeping our promise towards our business partners.

About the Commercial and Financial Director

Claudia Anghel is the Commercial and Financial Director of TURBOMECANICA. She is also their official corporate speaker. Claudia joined the team in 2011 when the Company urgently needed to fill in the position of a single point of contact for, at that time, their biggest customer Rolls Royce. She took care of the Delivery Scorecard and overall customer satisfaction.

At the end of 2014, after the financial crisis, she was given both sales and finance departments, which she is accountable for today. She has been one of the key people in reviving the Company lately. According to her, “Small opportunities are often the beginning of great enterprises.”

“Quality, Capability, Flexibility is our brand’s statement, and it represents what we consider to be essential values. Our brand is not only a statement but represents our commitment to our business partners.”

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