Alexa Understanding clients' needs and providing them with the best feasible solution: FluidX Creations

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Understanding clients' needs and providing them with the best feasible solution: FluidX Creations

Understanding clients' needs and providing them with the best feasible solution: FluidX Creations

Web development is growing at an aggressive rate. Better and user-friendly interfaces are in demand. When it comes to developing a successful web application there are a number of factors defining success. Customers are eager to know different aspects of your product such as its cost, look and feel, and value for money. 

As a reason, web developers are faced with different sorts of problems every day in their line of work. With the increasing number of different browsers available today, developers must ensure that the website that they develop is suitable to work on all of them. To ensure that your web development, and ecommerce needs are highly fulfilled, partnering with an expert becomes very crucial. In light of foregoing, we introduce you to FluidX Creations.

FluidX Creations is a new-generation Award winning creative web development company based in Mumbai, India & solely dedicated and committed to providing you creative solutions. The company is a small team of young professional developers and designers that are dedicated and expertise in providing Quality rich services.

FluidX is obsessed with quality. The company relies on its portfolio to do business and always ensure that each of its web/mobile deliverables is unique and world class. FluidX creations offer a cost-effective solution for companies and individuals seeking the very best in professional website design and customer service. It continuously strives to revolutionize the way you conduct your day-to-day business by delivering innovative web services. It believes that it’s very important to develop a website that’s creatively appealing and at the same time informative, catering to the needs of all types of visitors. A website is finally an online marketing tool, so aims should be directed towards getting the right information towards the right kind of people using the website.

Quality Web Development Services

Fluidx Creations’  goal is to develop technically complex yet elegant and intuitive web development solutions. Fluidx Creations is the name that you can trust, when it comes to building websites with great features and spectacular designs, the team calls itself Web Experience Designers and that is what it delivers; blend of design and technology to create usable and simple web experiences that work.

A Good designed website is therefore integral to anything digital. A Good website design needs to be visually appealing, navigation friendly, highly content rich and above all, search engine optimized in order to attract & retain visitors. Fluidx Creations ensures your website works for your business. Mere presence is no presence on the web; users should actually know your existence, visit your website, appreciate you and translate to leads or sales.

E-Commerce Design & Development

Fluidx Creations is an emerging e-commerce development company based in Mumbai, being in this category we aim to make small scale companies and small entrepreneurs have their online store and grow their business. A professional looking eCommerce web development is one of the most critical elements to your online success. The look of your eCommerce site should not just “wow” your customers and at the same time should be user friendly. It has got several ways to help design your store, no matter your budget. Its eCommerce Web Solutions provides you with complete end-to-end dynamic functionality, easy shopping experience to your valuable clients. Fluidx Creations being an eCommerce Web Development Company, it consults, develops and provides ecommerce solutions that help you grow your business.

Branding Services

The world expects brands to stand out, to excite & engage people. Brands need to be built from the foundations up; they need to be clear about their differentiation and true to their heart. With this in mind, creating an effective brand needs to be built with more care than any other aspect of a company.

The company is a small sized branding agency, with a creative bunch of people who make sure the place it works in helps it explore as many levels of creative thought as it can.

Digital Marketing Services

FluidX’s digital solutions range from website development to online marketing that includes social media and search marketing, as well as media planning and buying. It also serves digital solutions on the mobile and tablet platforms, as well as outdoor digital installations based on web-based technologies.

75% of internet users intend to make purchase when using search engines through their PCs and mobiles. At Fluidx Creations, we help brands leverage this potential by employing the best Search Engine Optimization practices to boost organic traffic and visibility on all major search engines.


RocktHosting is a Mumbai based Domain and hosting company which is part of Fluidx Creations. It provides Quality Web Services From Shared Hosting , VPS and Domain Registrations to Complete Web Development and other Digital Solutions. It is not just concerned about hosting your site but it would like to extend its technical expertise in this field to help you achieve your goals with ease. It provides its customers with really lowest & affordable web hosting plans and Domains at the highest quality possible.

Gaurang Sudra, Director and Founder

“Our mission focuses more on enhancing growth of our customers business by providing them with best possible web solution.”

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