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We are committed to making healthcare better: Phreesia

We are committed to making healthcare better: Phreesia

Phreesia has been a reason for many healthcare organizations’ success. The company was born in the year 2005 with an opportunity to handover innovative technology to the patients to automate check-in and streamline front-office workflow.

Over the last decade, the company has made many alterations and rolled out innumerable platforms among which building its own payment platform was one.

“At Phreesia, we realize how uniquely positioned and privileged we are to connect with patients before, during and after their visit to their provider. We have made it our mission to know patient intake and to help healthcare providers better understand their patients. We use medical histories, insurance benefits, socio-economic indicators—whatever it takes—to gather important data and engage patients in their care. Whether we are screening for depression, identifying patients at risk for falls or signing up Medicare patients for annual wellness visits, we want to make a difference.”

The company started with a goal of enhancing healthcare—one patient visit at a time. Top healthcare firms pick Phreesia to evolve their services. In medical groups of all sizes, Phreesia’s flexible and scalable platform drives tangible results across administrative, financial and clinical operations so that staff can focus on providing exceptional patient care helps medical groups and health systems leverage patient intake to achieve their strategic objectives.

Currently, the company caters to over 54 million patient visits annually via its powerful platform of applications, including patient registration, revenue cycle, clinical support, appointments and patient activation.

Unmatched services

Online Appointments: The patient’s appointment system gives the patients all time access to book appointments online so that there is no time consumption in calling and waiting for the response to schedule a visit. Phreesia Appointments hub helps staff trace and schedule an appointment after which patients will receive an automated message or email confirmation for the same.  

Referrals: Specialty groups’ count on physician referrals to keep their practices running, but the process can be challenging for everyone involved. The Referrals application of Phreesia’s patient scheduling system keeps the process streamlined and convenient by tracking all incoming referrals in a centralized list and allowing referring providers to send and check the status of each request. And the result will be amazing! More incoming referrals, minimized staff workload and a complete rise in referring provider satisfaction.

Appointments Hub

Think of it as your appointments command center. The Phreesia Appointments Hub centralizes and tracks all incoming appointment requests, verifies patient insurance, and allows staff to manage appointments and follow-up visits across multiple locations. The Appointments Hub of patient scheduling system can also schedule appointments directly into select practice management systems.

Wave goodbye to scanning and clipboard

Phreesia is born to protect your clinics, patients and also from the headache of check-in forms. Irrespective of where you book the appointment, Phreesia’s intake tools aid in increasing the pace while giving patients the consumer-friendly, self-service options they want.

You need not worry about managing hardware across all your location, Phreesia is here to help!


Texts and emails will be sent to the patients after which they can register within a week prior their appointment. Patients can check in office using their mobile and on mobile, patients can sign consents, upgrade their medical history, make payments and click photos to retrieve patient records.


Allows your patients to enter their demographic information, complete clinical questionnaires, capture photos to store in their patient record, and pay privately and securely on its in-office wireless tablets. You can also remind them about important preventive services such as Medicare annual wellness visits or mammograms directly on the PhreesiaPad.

Arrivals Kiosk

Streamline check-in for patients you see regularly and those who have already completed Mobile registration. Phreesia Arrivals also includes wayfinding features, and offers patients who need to check in quickly a self-service, zero-wait-time option.

To the patient, For the patient

Every patient is special and unique to Phreesia. It takes special interest in patient experience, capturing medical, family and social history, payment information and consents.

The data is automatically sent back to your EMR/PM system, allowing you to collect a complete patient record.

  • Deliver patient-specific, guided intake interviews
  • Gather complete patient demographic profiles
  • Capture medical history, payments and e-signature consents
  • Integrate patient data with your EMR/PM system

Greet the prodigious persona: Chaim Indig, Chief Executive Officer and Board Member

Since co-founding Phreesia in 2005, Chaim Indig has involved completely into revolutionizing the patient intake experience. Under his leadership, Phreesia has established a broad national footprint, developed strategic partnerships with some of the world’s largest healthcare companies, and earned accolades for its role in making healthcare more efficient and patient-centered.

Before joining Phreesia, he was working at Spotfire and OLAP@Work. Chaim is a reputed business leader, credible industry expert and sought-after speaker. He was a finalist for Ernst & Young’s “Entrepreneur of the Year” Award and was featured in the Stanford Social Innovation Review as a healthcare innovator.

“Phreesia is a technology company, but our goal is to improve healthcare—one patient visit at a time.”

“Leading healthcare organizations choose Phreesia to revolutionize their point of service.”

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