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We are experts in driving innovation from ideation: UnfoldLabs Inc.

We are experts in driving innovation from ideation: UnfoldLabs Inc.

An ability to develop new products can help to breathe new life into a business. It also has the potential of being the final nail in the coffin of a business if the product development process is not handled correctly.

Product development can help a brand and business stay relevant with its consumer base. By continually striving to solve new problems that consumers face, an organization is continually creating the chance to create revenues.

UnfoldLabs founded in 2015 is an innovative and strategic product development company for mobile and cloud platform technologies led by Asokan Ashok (CEO), an innovation veteran with over 25+ years of senior technology management experience in the hi-tech industry.

The company was established for creating advanced, novel and strategic products for the technology industry. Asokan being a veteran in this exciting and highly competitive world of innovation and products, felt that the next step for him is to leverage his experience and creativity to create next-generation products. Hence this vertical was selected.

Asokan wants to help people with their daily living and solve everyday issues by creating innovative solutions. Keeping this thought in mind, UnfoldLabs was established to build next-generation technology solutions for problems with ideation, innovation, user experience with the latest technological trends.

Asokan aims to use the latest technologies to develop appropriate product that will intensify people’s lives and reduce stress.

UnfoldLabs foremost product is RedGreen, the most innovative Android application that can boost your device. The company’s key features are: App Manager, Speed Booster, Junk Cleaner, App Lock, Battery Saver & DataSecurity, Android Cleaner, Facebook optimizer. RedGreen can help you accelerate android device and it is also an awesome clean master.

App locker functionality safeguards your private data, also cools down your CPU and helps manage unwanted apps on your device automatically.

Talking about how the project rolled on, the company tasted the success of RedGreen very early after. It hit the market like anything and within a span of 3 months the company became one of the top competitors for all the giant Android cleaning apps. RedGreen was chosen as one of the finalists for the 10th Annual Emerging Technology (E-Tech) Awards at CTIA Super Mobility 2016.

The company has been receiving good feedback for all the products released so far. Lately, UnfoldLabs was a winner in the category of Cloud Services for its innovative, industry-leading product, MobileSwitch by the Fierce Innovation Awards.

When asked about the challenges he faced in the initial years, Asokan said that he started UnfoldLabs alone and had none in mind to be tagged along in his journey. The trouble he faced was finding right people with the right attitude.

Another worry he had was right execution of the novel ideas. He was finding for people with same mindset and passion for delivering high-quality products. He says, “An idea can be worth a million, but won’t turn up until it’s delivered the right way.”

He was atlast able to find right people after a long wait. Now he has good bunch of team helping him deliver all the solutions.

Asokan said that Employees, Partners, Ideas, Passion, and the Right Attitude are the success factors of the company without whom the company would not have been as successful as it is today.

UnfoldLabs is a start-up from San Diego and is three years old; it hit the market with seven amazing products already! A few more can be expected in the near future. Not only that, the company’s organization structure is simple and accessible to all the employees in the firm.

Departments in the company are clearly differentiated, and the responsibilities are delegated as per the norms. For every person there is a manager for any and every situation. Also, when it comes to any personal need or something which a person is hesitant to discuss with their managers, then the employee relations manager takes care of the necessities.

As they say, coming up with something innovative is hard, but growing in the same with each passing day is far harder. UnfoldLabs has a range of products that suffice a lot of everyday needs for people, but its goal is to keep producing interesting and surprising elements in them so that the audience always has something to look forward to. The company believes the binding force with the customers is this “x” factor that UnfoldLabs products have got with them and which is unusual to find.

Asokan Ashok has seen more than two decades and a few generations of technology come and go in the mobile industry, he still feels this field has so much more to explore and innovate. Love for technology and the zeal for bringing in something new into the market drives him to work harder each passing day and excel in this field.

The company designs and develops solutions with the end customer in mind which has gotten some outstanding considerations from its consumers. These kinds of appreciations keep the company going.  

UnfoldLabs has been playing an active role in creating proprietary products; some are there in the market while others are getting designed in the labs.

Asokan feels there is a need for a motivating factor or someone to look up to; and he steals some admiration from Elon Musk. His thought leadership and motivation skills provide him with enthusiasm to move ahead.

UnfoldLabs has been playing an active role in creating proprietary products; some are there in the market while others are getting designed in the labs.

Asokan says he visualizes UnfoldLabs being a 150+ employees company in the next 2-3 years. Also, he can foresee the company creating more products on innovative and revolutionary solutions in the areas of Artificial Intelligence, Predictive Analytics, Automotive, Machine Learning, Precision Agriculture and Smart Cities.

Greet the ingenuity persona: Asokan Ashok, CEO

Asokan is future-oriented and believes that the world can become a better place with the right technology products. That is why he has dedicated himself to building futuristic technology solutions and services that will facilitate people’s day to day activities.

Aside from being a tech inventor, Ashok is a well trusted strategic advisor to several companies in the San Diego area. He currently serves on the Board of Advisors at SoftClouds, Enterpret Communications, neXva, Rewind, and is also on the board of consortiums like TiE and ASEI.

Ashok has won a lot of laurels and accolades in his career, the most recent being selected as one the “10 most Innovative Business Leaders to Watch,” by Insight Success, a reputed online business journal.

“We have a lean, agile team with right balance of experience, expertise and drive for new challenges.”

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