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“We don't sell fear, we teach, consult and do research that creates intangible results,” Hakdefnet

“We don't sell fear, we teach, consult and do research that creates intangible results,” Hakdefnet

It’s an online age! Most of our activities take place in the cyberspace, right from groceries to important business transactions. But, we’ve also witnessed many cyber threats that are harming businesses and their customers as well and the number keeps increasing day by day. Today, the biggest hindrance to cybersecurity is the perpetual security risk. This risk can build up quickly over short periods of time, leaving businesses with a huge gap in resources needed to protect their data. But worry not; Hakdefnet is here to the rescue!

Hakdefnet (Hacker Defense Network) is a German security research startup that gives customers the opportunity to protect themselves more comprehensively. Its solutions are cheaper and easier than ever before, as it’s based on real research. While the company itself was established in the year 2016, the idea behind it was developed way back in 1991. Back then, it started out with an idea to bring out a BBS System that spread news and information about using the internet, security, and creating an awareness of issues and developing an interest to understand how computers worked and how applications could be improved by analyzing them.

Security delivered innovatively

Hakdefnet started off its first ever project with an aim to protect lives, especially those against terrorists and threats engaged in Hybrid Warfare. Over the past couple of years, the company has expanded and every customer has fueled and helped in increasing its offerings. “Each customer adds and helps us expand our offerings that also align with our long-term strategy of making a solution based on risk intelligence and the intelligence lifecycle that is flexible, actionable and actually works,” explains Michael Goedeker, the founder and CEO.

The company is entirely dedicated to making security understandable. It aims to make all the information that an analyst or cyber defense team need about trends, relevant threats, and risks in one platform. “Many claim they do this but we are the first that actually do,” he adds. Today, every service and product from Hakdefnet are successful in individual markets and segments, making it a profitable company since day one. “We don’t know if any other startup that can say that without additional capital (a-c rounds)!” Michael says.

Always Listening:  An integral part of Hakdefnet

An important factor that makes Hakdefnet stand apart is that the company always listens. “We actually listen to our teams and customers,” says Michael. “We learn from mistakes and improve how we deliver value.” Be it customers or employees, Hakdefnet is all ears, always. 

A research conducted by Hakdefnet has proved that servant-based leadership is more suitable for security research teams rather than classical management structures. Michael suggests to “let go of ego and use Hakdefnet’s research,” as that’s what makes teams innovative, dynamic, and flexible. And this is what actually delivers results. “If you let people work in a positive environment that wants its employees to excel, then they actually do!”

Security for today and the future

Speaking about the future of the company, Michael is keen on pushing the envelope on risk intelligence. He assures that Hakdefnet will protect critical infrastructure and provide resources to partner charity NUCC as well as train the next generation of security researchers.

The company will also be more involved in protecting people through risk intelligence and research. Hakdefnet will provide quality training and encourage more people into the workforce. As an advice to other peers out there, Michael suggests to “learn from mistakes, make them when you can, embrace them and move on. Lastly, start, support others and don’t break people, build them up, always…”

Howdy Chief!

Michael Goedeker, Founder and CEO

Michael has worked on multiple projects globally from architecture to cybersecurity, working with some of the biggest fortune 50 companies and within the top 5 consulting industry. Accenture, Avanade, Dell, FSC, HP, IBM, Microsoft, Sophos, and Symantec are some of the companies he’s worked with. As the CEO of Hakdefnet, his researches are focused on projects regarding Global Cyber Threats, International Business and Security Leadership and are aimed at making security products, processes, solutions and defense against cyber threats as easy to understand and implement as possible.

He is also the author of the chapter “Cyber Security: Future IT-Security Challenges for Tomorrow's Leaders and Businesses” and recently participated in an interview with IGI Global Promotions Coordinator Ann Lupold, elaborating on elevating issues in cybersecurity and cyber espionage, as well as the challenges that leaders and businesses face in confronting such issues. He has also written for various IT, channel and business publications and newspapers internationally.

Michael is also certified as an ISO/IEC27001:2013 Lead Auditor and is the first cybersecurity trainer to ever be the keynote speaker at Davos, which is a liaison for various law enforcement institutions (Cyber Crimes in the Finance Industry and nation-state-based hybrid warfare/propaganda).

“We help you to analyze security gaps, find stolen data including in the Darknet, and can use that information to help you become more aware of those threats and risks by that actual research.”

“We never stop learning! Every technology leads to opportunities to attack and also to defend.”

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