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We make your supplychains connected and visible: Elemica

We make your supplychains connected and visible: Elemica

In our increasingly digital world, consumers are demanding speed, convenience and accuracy. Technology has helped many businesses keep up with these demands, and in particular, the rise of the digital supply chain has increased efficiency for manufacturers.

The primary aim of the digital supply chain is to deliver insights to increase efficiency and to produce higher profits for the organization. Relatively few companies have unlocked the full potential of digital technologies spanning their extended supply chains.

We introduce you to Elemica which was originated in 2000 and is one of the top Digital Supply Network that accelerates global trade and transactions allowing trading partners to connect and make transactions with each other for the products they are buying, selling, moving, and complying with through their supply chains.

Elemica offers Elemica Buy, Sell, Move, See, and Quality. Elemica Buy leverages digital procure-to-pay process automation to manage supplier relationships so that products arrive at the right place at the right time at the right cost. Elemica Sell automates the order to cash process of thousands of orders from customers to increase customer satisfaction. Elemica Move helps companies connect to and collaborate with their logistics service providers for transportation execution, visibility, and freight cost management. Elemica recently acquired Eyefreight, a multi-modal global transportation management solution that brings transportation execution, freight spend management, transportation planning, business intelligence and control tower functionality.

Elemica Quality brings quality and operational excellence together by streamlining communication among suppliers, customers, and manufacturers to create an enterprise-wide quality and compliance-based supply chain.

Further conversation with Rich Katz, CEO gives us insight on the company.

One of the most powerful tools used by successful professionals and businesses today to achieve Business Excellence is by having a comprehensive and effective long-term strategic business plan, together with tactical initiatives and projects. Do you agree?

Absolutely. Companies that don’t align their supply chains to business strategies can’t perform well as their operations and corporate management act as silos. Supply chains are instrumental in affecting profitability, inventory, customer service, and cost reduction initiatives. By aligning the supply chain with business strategy, companies gain a competitive advantage and see their supply chains as adding value.

What’s leading your business to reach more success?

The answer is our dedicated team who strive to better our clients’ businesses every day. From the developers who are instrumental in bringing leading-edge solutions to market, to the implementation teams that work closely with clients to ensure success, to the management team that brings vision and strategies to ensure Elemica’s sustainable profitability, everyone within the corporation working together under the guidance of our investors, will lead Elemica to more growth and greater bottom-line growth.  

How are you distinct from your competitors?

Elemica’s Digital Supply Network was built from the ground up for scale and high concurrency using API-driven emerging technologies. It adds value to data exchange with trading partners by enabling standard and custom in-flight enrichment patterns.

It enhances the quality and accuracy of data by accessing 3rd party APIs in real-time.

Elemica uses Universal Business Documents (UBDs) to enable the synchronization of how businesses communicate with each other across different cultures, languages, time zones, and country-specific governance using a common method. In essence, Elemica’s Network and Solutions differ from competitors because of our patented technologies that drive easier communications, quicker on-boarding, and better collaboration among suppliers, customers, and logistics service providers.

What strategies do you apply to improve your organization’s profits?

Elemica runs lean and mean to improve profits and we don’t skimp on spending when it comes to product development, go-to-market, and our employees.

How clear-sighted are you with the industry requirements?

Supply chains of today are complex and dynamic, reaching across global borders. Companies are looking for visibility from end-to-end across these complex supply chains to drive value, mitigate risk, and improve customer experience. Elemica is leading the way to bring our clients disruptive technologies and solutions to meet these challenges, helping them to gain a competitive edge and sustain bottom-line profits. Our team understands the technologies that are disrupting the supply chain industry, including cloud computing, blockchain, machine learning, and the Internet of Things, and how our clients can use them to improve their operations.

Where do you envisage your company in the coming years?

Today and in the future, Elemica will support clients as a solid technology partner, facilitating and supporting the digital transformation of client organizations. We will continue to innovate our network and supply chain solutions, adding next-gen technologies like blockchain, machine learning, IoT and more. Elemica will continue to grow globally as we target manufacturing industries, including chemicals, pharmaceuticals, automotive, aerospace, food/beverage and consumer packaged goods.

CEO background

Rich Katz is the Chief Executive Officer of Elemica, a global SaaS-based Supply Chain Network software solution. He joined Elemica in 2009 through a merger with Rubber Network. Prior to becoming CEO, he held various leadership roles at Elemica such as President, Chief Technology Officer, Senior Vice-President of Product Management, and Vice-President of Research and Development.

Rich brings more than 20 years of relevant global industry experience in the Software and IT Services market. He has an extensive background in Enterprise Resource Planning, Supply Chain, Cloud Application Development, and Business-to-Business eCommerce. Rich’s leadership has driven significant sustainable positive impact to the company’s market position; financial results; employee motivation; and shareholder value.

Prior to Elemica, Mr. Katz was the Director of Implementation Services for ATT’s Enterprise’s Ariba Practice (formerly CoreHarbor) and has held Senior Managerpositions in Arthur Andersen’s Advanced Technology and ERP practices. He is a 1990 Electrical Engineer Graduate of Georgia Tech.

“We connect systems to automate supply chain transactions and facilitate collaboration among your network of trading partners.”

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