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We strive to deliver the most intuitive, complete and open Sales Engagement Platform that integrates content, communications and actionable insights: ClearSlide

We strive to deliver the most intuitive, complete and open Sales Engagement Platform that integrates content, communications and actionable insights: ClearSlide

ClearSlide is the Sales Engagement Platform leader. We make it easy for sales and marketing teams to find the best content, effectively communicate it whether in-person, on the phone or through email, and get insights into exactly how customers engage. At the end of the day, it helps sales and marketing teams make every interaction count and create truly amazing customer experiences. ClearSlide customers achieve higher seller productivity, increased sales management effectiveness, and stronger content ROI. Founded in 2009 and headquartered in San Francisco, ClearSlide serves over 2,000 companies with nearly 1 billion minutes of engagement from customers like Autodesk, Comcast, Expedia, Medtronic, Novartis, The Economist, Paychex, Thomson Reuters, Verizon, and more.       

For managers and leaders, ClearSlide provides engagement dashboards to improve deal visibility, coaching, and stronger forecasting. For content users and creators, ClearSlide makes it easy to organize and recommend content tailored by sales stage, with next-step interaction suggestions. For reps, ClearSlide intuitively delivers content, communications, and real-time analytics in a single, unified Sales Engagement Platform experience.

Products proffered

Email Tracking and Campaigns

ClearSlide enables Marketing and Sales teams to send and track emails with robust customer engagement analytics from your email platform of choice.

Email Templates

Easily access the ClearSlide email template library. Templates are integrated with content so you always have the right message at your fingers for any communication. Trackable emails can be created individually or via pre-existing templates. Reps can automatically update sent links when content is updated – and can control content by collecting viewer contact information, limiting forwards, restricting downloads, and setting content expirations.

Track Emails and Analyze

Sales reps receive real-time alerts of email metrics (opens, clicks, etc.) and detailed email content engagement (page-by-page analytics) to prioritize and customize follow-up. Engagement analytics provide the insights needed to scale what’s working or how to adjust messaging or target audience beyond standard email tracking – to drive results.

Mobile Productivity

ClearSlide mobile apps extend the robust capabilities of ClearSlide to nearly any device, from anywhere – to increase productivity and deliver engagement analytics across all communication channels.

ClearSlide Presenter

The most powerful mobile app for any sales professional, ClearSlide Presenter provides full access to the ClearSlide content library for in-person and remote meetings – even when offline. ClearSlide Presenter captures robust engagement data (attendees, meeting recaps, engagement rates, and content presented) for remote meetings and auto-logs back to CRM.

ClearSlide Mail

The award-winning ClearSlide Mail provides seamless access to recommended content and templates. Anywhere access to engagement alerts and analytics from any iOS device provides visibility into what content is being viewed, by whom, and for long tailored follow-ups. ClearSlide Mail integrates with all mail servers.

Solutions offered by role

Sales Teams

Salespeople want to reach and engage with more customers faster, hold better quality meetings, and deliver amazing selling experiences.

Prospect & Qualify Faster

  • Execute sales campaigns with approved email templates and recommended content
  • Real-time alerts and engagement analyticshelp sellers quickly identify buyer interest and prioritize lead follow up

More Time Selling

  • Recommended content and collections (by sales stage, product line, or geography) are easy to find and personalize
  • Emails and templates are linked to compelling content to accelerate deals

Sales Leaders

Sales Leaders are looking to increase revenue and boost sales team productivity. 

Engagement Quadrant (EQ) Dashboard

  • Improve visibility into team and opportunity performance
  • With informative Engagement Quadrant reports in CRM, leaders can drill into activity and engagement details to prioritize deals that require more resources, which ones are unlikely to close, and what deals need additional coaching across sales stages

Success stories


The stranger on the other end of the line

Today, as trends show the increase in moving outside sales teams to inside sales teams every year, sales people are now faced with the challenge of creating connections with their prospects via the Internet and phone. How do they maintain the personal approach that was once generated by in-person meetings? How do they adequately portray the importance of their product to a client sight-unseen? Nick Mandelstein, Account Executive, Strategic Accounts for SurveyMonkey Audience, faced these same challenges prior to his team’s adoption of ClearSlide.


Making warm connections in the cold world of inside sales

ClearSlide’s tool SurveyMonkey had been searching to help give it’s inside sales team the upper hand in these virtual interactions. The ClearSlide platform closed the gap created for remote selling by increasing customer engagement.

“It is a foolproof way for inside sales people to present and walk through our presentations and collateral. It has changed the way I interact with customers,” says Brent Chudoba, VP & GM, Surveymonkey audience.


Now an avid ClearSlide user, Nick has seen positive results far exceeding his increased ability to engage customers. The platform enables him to have insight into what is happening with his collateral once it leaves his hands.

“When I was first starting out I didn’t know what content would be helpful for customers, now I am able to see which sections they find to be beneficial and adjust my presentations accordingly.”

As a result, ClearSlide saves Nick time as he is now able to send out more relevant content to more prospects.

Meet the CEO: Dustin Grosse, Chief Executive Officer

Dustin became CEO in September 2015 after joining ClearSlide a year earlier as COO. Prior to ClearSlide, he served as SVP and Chief Marketing Officer of DocuSign, where he built and scaled the company’s initial marketing, business development, industry, and e-commerce teams over four years of rapid growth. Dustin spent eight years with Microsoft in various global sales and marketing roles following the acquisition of SaaS pioneer PlaceWare web conferencing. Dustin earned an MBA from the Yale School of Management and a BS in Economics the University of California.

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