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Wireless Analytics, LLC: Your Enterprise Managed Mobility Services Partner

Wireless Analytics, LLC: Your Enterprise Managed Mobility Services Partner

The world today is seeing a phenomenal growth where connected mobile devices are playing a crucial role. The mobile devices have become even more important in the corporate environment as they have proven that they can affect a company’s bottom line. But mobility comes with its own set of challenges. However, Wireless Analytics with its deep knowledge of the industry and recognized mobility solutions has it all figured out.

Wireless Analytics (WA) was founded 16 years ago in 2003. Mobility Services was only starting out back then but such has been the company’s innovation and work that it has maintained the highest customer retention rate in the industry. Its white-glove method of doing business has combined with industry-leading CLEAN PlatformTM to gain insights into a company’s actual usage and costs. The company offers speedy integrations to outsource mobility which takes as less as 3 weeks. The company is so confident with what it delivers that it offers its clients easy contract terms where they have the freedom to cancel the contract at zero cost!

Unlike many in the industry, Wireless Analytics doesn’t just focus on expense management, it goes beyond it. WA has the expertise to help small and large enterprises with mobility lifecycle management solutions.

Connectivity important for businesses

The business world has changed. In this digital age, businesses large and small rely on mobile technology and connectivity for their corporate infrastructure. Mobility though comes with its own set of challenges like lack of resources, constantly evolving technology and cost control. Hence, delivering mobility at its true potential is difficult. This is where Wireless Analytics steps in.

Wireless Analytics offers the complete mobility lifecycle management solutions which can be leveraged through their proprietary cloud-based CLEAN PlatformTM. The platform provides complete visibility into various aspects of mobility including wireless usage, expenses, assets, procurement, and policy compliance. WA also provides the much needed US-based assistance for end-users anywhere in the world. WA liberates the IT teams and resources so that they can carry on with their everyday tasks without getting harried by the details of mobility issues.

The WA Solution for Abiomed

Abiomed, a manufacturer of medical implant devices based out of Danvers, MA had been looking for a partner who would help them with mobile device management. Moreover, they expected a partner who would help them get empowered by IoT. The biotechnology company chose Wireless Analytics for this task.

Wireless Analytics began its work by procuring 350 iPad Pro’s. In addition, WA also purchased other devices from Apple and also various request accessories like VGA/HDMI adapters, Apple Pencils, and more. Then, each device was attached to Abiomed’s preferred carrier, AT&T. WA then carried on and made sure that each device was set up properly for the end-users.

Then each of these devices was registered on Abiomed’s own MDM platform. WA installed many crucial mobile apps on the devices and each device was properly configured and fitted with a heavy-duty Logitech case. Further, WA made sure that iOS was updated to the latest version.

WA also went to the company’s National Sales Meeting so that it could hand out 250 kitted devices and give the rest to those employees who operate from remote locations. WA was then expected to help in reporting the visibility and support Abiomed for the entirety of the device lifecycle.

WA’s diligent work enabled Abiomed’s sales team to focus on their daily tasks instead of having to worry about setting each device up. With WA onboard, each sales team member toady has a functional tablet and a 24-hour support service in case any issue arises. Abiomed is now working at maximum efficiency and has the infrastructure in place which makes them more productive.

Meet the luminary

Erik Eames, CEO and Founder

Mr. Eames is an experienced business leader with over 30 years of experience. His last 20 years have been solely dedicated to telecom and wireless. Prior to Wireless Analytics, he held telecom consulting positions with Infocom strategy practice at Coopers & Lybrand (PwC). He has senior management positions in many successful entrepreneurial ventures in the telecom and wireless industry. He also has experience in advertising and marketing as he spent eight years in the space.

He is on the board of directors of Enterprise Technology Management Association (ETMA) which was formerly known as TEMIA. He was inducted into the ETMA Hall of Fame last year.

He earned his BA from Hobart College and his MBA from The Tuck School, Dartmouth College.

Clients’ Speak

Thanks to their expert advice, attention to detail, and daily support, we have managed to reduce costs by over $1 million in the past two years and greatly improve our users' wireless experience.Bill Roberts, VP of Information Services, Hologic

It is rare that you see an outsourcing partner being so focused on making their customer service experience and service offering better from year to year." –Dan Mirica, Head of Global Logistics, Lonza

We’re pioneers of managed mobility services, and it shows through our ability to consistently save our customers more money.

Today, Wireless Analytics manages mobility for businesses with 100 devices to over 20,000 devices, including Android, iOS, and Windows devices.

We help enterprise organizations optimize company-wide mobility use.

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