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January Monthly Edition 2023

Meet the company helping businesses grow and thrive in the digital world – WISE Digital Partners

Meet the company helping businesses grow and thrive in the digital world – WISE Digital Partners

Websites, search engines, social media, targeted ads – let’s face it, the importance of digital marketing is increasing exponentially as the economy moves towards an online world. While we’ve always been heading in that direction, the COVID-19 pandemic fast-tracked the ride there.

That said, companies still face the challenge they always have: how to get customers in through the door. Only now, that door is a digital one.

And like the problem, the answer is still the same – marketing. Marketing is key to attracting and generating leads; that will never change. So what has? The way businesses approach those marketing needs. Gone are the days when billboards and catalogs reigned supreme. Digital marketing is here to stay, and those who don’t tap into that online power risk their business’ future.

Heading into 2023, we’ll still see the use of television, radio and print to advertise products, but forward-thinking companies will focus more of their marketing efforts on the digital side of things. Thanks to the increasing use of smartphones and more and more generations becoming internet savvy, a company’s digital presence is more important than ever.

As target audiences shift to online searches and social media, it’s now that presence and reputation that’s going to help drive organic traffic. The great thing about digital marketing is the ability to track nearly every step of the process, providing insights you don’t get with traditional marketing avenues.

When set up for success, a company can easily review key performance indicators, set realistic goals, and even allocate more funds toward the efforts that are producing the best results. With that trackable information, the odds of converting leads into sales dramatically increase.

As technology improves and the buyer landscape shifts, the scope of digital marketing changes along with it. Thus, it’s an ever-evolving industry that will only continue to grow. So how does one keep up? With help from experienced digital marketers, like those at WISE.

Based out of San Diego, California, WISE Digital Partners is just that – your digital marketing partner who has the strategies, products, and tools your business needs to thrive in an online world. But their expertise doesn’t end there. They also offer a proprietary website platform, NEST™, that features better performance and flexibility than traditional platforms that have, for the most part, remained unchanged over the years.

What do WISE clients love about NEST? Its fast web page speed, cutting-edge development tools, impressive mobile speed performance – which is massively important to Google – and review platform that helps crush the competition.

If you’re looking to expand the reach of your business and generate more revenue in this ever-changing digital world, WISE has you covered.

Recently,  CIO Bulletin got an exclusive with Patrick Dillon, the Founder and CEO of WISE Digital Partners. Here are some excerpts taken from that conversation:

Q. Why was the company built, and how has it transformed over the years?

I launched a digital agency in 2015 called Lightpost Digital, which was acquired in 2018 by a larger L.A.-based agency. In 2019, a core group of former team members and I founded WISE Digital Partners. The mission was simple — to make digital marketing less confusing and more accessible to small and mid-sized business owners. Over a few short years, we’ve been able to develop award-winning services across ten different digital disciplines and deploy proprietary marketing products like our NEST™ website platform, review platform, and more.

Q. How will you track the successful growth of your clients?

We’ve brought together the best tools, techniques, and people to help our clients really understand what we do for them and the ROI we bring their businesses. With the deployment of NEST™, we now have a proprietary solution that provides unmatched transparency into what we do for our clients and the results those efforts create. NEST™ brings together raw data from seven or eight major online platforms like Google Analytics, Search Console, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, ranking software, and more. As a result, we make it easy for business owners to understand that data and talk with their in-house strategists.

Q. How does NEST™ help solve problems in the digital marketing industry?

Digital is confusing and constantly changing. NEST™ makes it easy to understand and have a conversation. It’s also transparent. Several much larger agencies have a custom-built reporting system to curate data in a way that’s meant to paint rosy pictures but hide the real data and story. NEST™ was developed to tell the actual story, good or bad, so we can take insightful action to improve and grow our client’s businesses.

Q. Why, according to you, is brand identity important?

A brand is what others say about you. Understanding that concept is important, but it’s even more important to know how to design the strategy for your brand across multiple digital channels. The internet today is a vast ecosystem of connected publishing environments. You need to be consistent across social, search, directories, your website, blog, and more.

Tell us more about your social media ad services helping your clients stand out from the competition.

We help clients stand out and profit on social media with award-winning paid media planning, campaign management, ad copy and creative services, and extremely talented ad managers.

Q. How are your digital strategy services effective?

They’re effective because they’re led by disciplined experts in every environment. Meaning you get the head of paid media doing strategy for your Google and Facebook ads, the head of SEO doing SEO strategy, and so forth. And if we don’t have expertise in a particular area, we tell you. Honesty and transparency are key. If we’re not great at something, we never pretend to be.

Q. How do you help companies make better decisions and boost their growth?

By being straight shooters and being clear about needs, expectations, time, and budget. If you tell us how much you want your business to grow and in what timeframe, we’ll let you know what we need to accomplish that.

Helping organizations to leverage the digital marketing space and successfully grow

Patrick Dillon is the founder and CEO of WISE Digital Partners, an award-winning digital agency based in

San Diego, CA. He is a lifelong student of marketing with more than two decades of marketing and advertising practice experience. His companies, products, and services have served major U.S. media companies like NBC Universal and TIME, global consumer brands, sports franchises like the NFL, Fortune 500 companies, and more than 50,000 small and mid-sized businesses globally.

Patrick has founded ten companies ranging from local service businesses to consumer brands and software businesses. His companies have been featured in Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, Fast Company, Entrepreneur, PandoDaily, TechCrunch, and more. Several of Patrick’s companies have been acquired, including The Deal Current Network, which was praised by Entrepreneur Magazine as one of the ‘100 Most Brilliant Companies’ in 2011 and later acquired by a global media company. His first marketing agency, Lightpost Digital, franchised nationwide, had more than 700 clients and was acquired in 2018.

Patrick currently runs multiple seven-figure businesses, including WISE Digital Partners. He also contributes to the Forbes Councils, an invitation-only network of executives in successful media strategy, creative, and advertising agencies.

“Take flight with a team of digital marketing experts on your side.”

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