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An innovator delivering excellent smart device security platform that can uncover all types of unmanaged devices by scanning both the radio and network spectrum: WootCloud

An innovator delivering excellent smart device security platform that can uncover all types of unmanaged devices by scanning both the radio and network spectrum: WootCloud

WootCloud is the only device security platform that uncovers unmanaged devices on both the radio and network spectrum, uses AI/ML to analyze over 300 device parameters to discover gaps in their device and infrastructure risk posture, and the opportunity to close these gaps automatically – all at scale. A privately held company, WootCloud is headquartered in San Jose, California, with industry-leading customers, partnerships with leading security and infrastructure platforms, and top-tier investors. All types of business devices are increasingly used by your employees, contractors and visitors to facilitate collaboration and communications ranging from managed Polycom devices and Smart TVs to unmanaged personal smart phones, tablets and other RF devices. According to WootCloud Threat Labs, 70% of these devices are unmanaged and invisible to your security tools? And even more worrisome, 20% are high risk due to malware or device vulnerabilities. This complex situation can leave your business vulnerable to high mitigation costs, compliance violations, and lost reputation due to everything from data breaches, hacked teleconference calls, and network infiltration due to misconfigured access points. WootCloud is the only device security platform that can not only uncover these devices on both the radio and network spectrum, but also provides critical context about each device by analyzing over hundreds of device parameters to generate a unique device identifier & risk rating. WootCloud provides:

WootCloud Enterprise is the only agentless device security platform that delivers detection, device profiling, micro segmentation and advanced threat protection across all spectrums in any business environment at machine speed and IoT scale using advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). Organizations today have a staggering number of devices entering their networks and securing all these devices is creating a threatening risk for companies. WootCloud Enterprise uses our HyperContext® engine to provide automated, accurate device detection, profiling and software-defined micro-segmentation thereby easing the burden on your IT organization. WootCloud TrueID™ automatically, and accurately, identifies and fingerprints all devices seen in the organization beyond basic user and device identification. HyperContext® recognizes anomalous behavior at the device level and uses its sophisticated policy engine to prevent vulnerable devices from propagating into the rest of the organization. It also offers security posture trends and analytics about each device and recommends actions to mitigate identified threats. WootCloud integrates with any Security Incident Event Management (SIEM) platform. Provides enriched event context at the device level utilizing patented advanced data correlation technology.

The Promise of Business Devices

WootCloud Express is a quick way for businesses of any size to gain access to the WootCloud agentless device security platform and enjoy the benefits of device detection, profiling, and policy setting at machine speed and IoT scale. What if you could protect every device, every user, every application on your network effortlessly? That’s the power of WootCloud HyperContext® an unmatched device first solution, that provides contextualized visibility on all devices, their behavior, network access and threat intelligence, and uses this contextual intelligence to segment the network down to the device level, correlate threats and vulnerability propagation across multiple interfaces including RF and Networks, and automate access control at IoT scale. With the explosion in the number and types of connected devices, developing rich context on devices has become of critical importance to ensure security and enforce the right access control to the network. Currently device fingerprinting technologies boil down to type, category, OS, version, which is woefully inadequate, and not enough to make security decisions. To keep networks secure you need to have a deeper understanding of devices entering/exiting your network. This calls for developing device context across multiple dimensions, combining them with machine learning algorithms to generate models and signatures for each device, called HyperContext. This rich contextual device intelligence creates stronger network segmentation and access control policies because it provides the granular nuance that only HyperContext intelligence can provide.

Segmentation expertise for every use case

Relying on traditional NACs for creating and enforcing network segmentation offers only a coarse-grained segmentation that is hard to manage and easy to break. WootCloud’s approach is to use device context intelligence to dynamically create granular secure zones to segment users, workloads, devices and secure them at the device level. It is aimed at automating network security to be more adaptive, flexible, granular and secure. Using a software defined approach, micro-segmentation is implemented in a layer that is decoupled from the underlying network hardware and NAC tools. This makes the segmentation easier to deploy and manage, operate at IoT scale in an automated fashion and provide security beyond static rules and authentication mechanisms. Operations teams can tailor security settings and create dynamic access control policies that limit network and application flows between workloads based not just on authentication, traffic and application information but by a combination of a device’s physical properties, its threat and risk assessment and by dynamic properties like location and time. The WootCloud solution addresses a wide array of use cases within Healthcare, Manufacturing and Educational sectors. In every case, the WootCloud platform’s flexibility helps to reduce the risk of business disruption and minimize operating costs related to Zero Trust implementation and segmentation projects. WootCloud integrates with Next-Generation Firewalls (NGFW), network access controls (NAC), wireless access points, IT Ops Management, Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR) and Configuration Management Database (CMDB) solutions in the market.

Amit Srivastav, CEO

“WootCloud adds an additional dimension to your security technology portfolio and enables you to provide even greater service to your customers.”

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